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Rose Hardy is probably the funniest person I’ve interviewed, and on top of that her work is super super rad. Auckland-based Rose Hardy is probably one of the most exciting new tattooer coming out of the New Zealand scene.
SO YOU’RE ON THE ROAD NOW, WHAT DIFFERENCES, IF ANY, DO YOU NOTICE BETWEEN TATTOOING INSIDE AND OUTSIDE OF YOUR AUCKLAND STUDIO? One day this woman came into the studio, she looked and acted kinda shifty and asked if I could cover up a scar she had, which was well below the belt, if you know what I mean. Confirmed airbrush painter, she’s also the daughter of Ed Hardy… Not the original tattoo legend though, but a kiwi homonym actually not related at all (funny isn’t it!). I told her it’s no problem and asked what kind of design she wanted, and she said “A stallion…”.
I also design for a US company called Tattooed Steel, who laser-etches my work onto jewellery. Currently on the road, she will demonstrate her talent in Melbourne’s Chapel Tattoo Studio until 17th of July, just before pursuing a European trip, from London to Stockholm. In Brisbane and Melbourne, people are pretty chilled and happy with what I want to give them.

In Auckland people seem a little more fussy and picky – which is totally fine, but it’s awesome when someone just gives you their whole chest, or arm, and say “do whatever, I love your stuff”. I’ve actually been quite surprised, it seems like a lot more people than I expected over here are familiar with my work and want to get tattooed.
Ok, my first thought is “stallions don’t have tiny erections, do they?” Anyway I’m roughing this thing out and she adds “it should also have lettering around it saying… Stallions Nut Bar”. Some work really well I think, but on the flipside there is a shitload of traditional style designs being thrown onto clothing that don’t have a lot of artistic merit. Adam left the country to tattoo in Europe and after that I apprenticed under a couple of different artists, Aaron Stradwick being the last. Then she tells me the tattoo is for her husband who left her and she’s hoping it will be healed by a certain date because she’s getting glamour shots taken for him. He quit tattooing after I was well on my way working on paying customers, it was a damn shame!
I feel really fortunate to have been taught and had the opportunity to work with the artists I have.
A couple of weeks after that she came back in and got her husband’s name tattooed under the ‘tiny erection’ (I kept it well in proportion by the way).

In Auckland, the tattoo scene is relatively small considering the population, and unfortunately there’s not that many amazing tattooers. I think it’s awesome that these days a tattooer can be taken seriously as a fine artist, to the point that they can have sell-out shows in top galleries without having the art school background.
If you manage to land an apprenticeship, you better pray to God that what your being taught isn’t going to do more harm than good.
She thanked me very much and told me the glamour shots looked great and the tattoo was a hit! Through the years 2002-2005, alongside my friend Gary, I organized quite a few group art exhibitions in Auckland, concentrating on promoting artists who weren’t formally trained. At the moment I barely have enough time to paint, so maybe in a few years I’ll pick it up again!

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