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In Asia , particularly in China , there are found many ancient objects that contain symbols and dragon image .
Dragon , in China , is depicted in various forms , including the dragon turtle , dragon koi fish but the most popular is the form of a snake with four legs that grip.
Dragon meaning is a symbol for strength , power and profits are closely related to the water element. Dragons have been an important element of mythology for many cultures, from Europe all the way clear across to China, and even in aboriginal Australia (the great myth of the Rainbow Serpent).

Dragon has a snake-like body shape but has hard scaly skin with plenty of serrations on the back , antlers and long mustache .
In Europe , dragon is described as an animal that can spout fire and identified with chaos and crime , but instead in asia dragon even as fertility symbol associated with the element of water and sky .
In fact there is a parable that is assuming extraordinary person as a dragon , while the weak nature of the worm. You can get a great new dragon design tattoo that will show off your connection to this great mythical beast.

So, get inked up with this great cold blooded dinosaur survivor today, and show the world you’re not to be taken lightly!

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