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Black Heart Tattoos – Black heart tattoos are recognized to represent a very sad day in someone’s life. Broken Heart Tattoos – Broken heart tattoos are seen often now days for a reminder of a lost loved one. Celtic Heart Tattoos – Celtic heart tattoos are a beautiful way to show strength and unity.
Tribal Heart Tattoos – Tribal heart tattoos are well liked due to their great looks while displaying your personal message. Sacred Heart Tattoos – Sacred heart tattoos have a long history dating back to the 17th century in France.
Wings with Heart Tattoos –   Wings with heart tattoos can have many different meanings. Heart tattoos are generally mid to small size and can be placed just about anywhere you want or worked into existing body art. The heart tattoos depicted in this site vary greatly in their style and can go well with almost any look.
Of course it's entirely possible that rose tattoos have a completely different symbolic meaning for you, something personal and unique. One design that is not as common, but still makes a great looking piece is a black rose tattoo. A black rose was also used by the Irish as a symbol of rebellion against the British, who had a red rose as a symbol.

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But, the true popularity of the heart tattoo design didn’t really become popular until World War II. As a plus to tribal heart tattoos; there are hundreds of designs for this tattoo for you to choose from. A person may wear lock and heart tattoos to represent their love for another, symbolizing that only that person can unlock your heart.  Sisters will wear lock and heart tattoos to share their life long bond in sisterhood.
The designs can picture a stylized version of a rose (usually black) or incorporate a rose in tribal patterns. That’s when millions of service men fearful that they would never return to see their loved ones decided to have this ageless design immortalized in ink on their skin. This design can be seen for reasons ranging from the loss of a friend or relative, end of a relationship, or even a memorial after a tragic event. You can add a picture of the person or something they enjoyed in life to broken heart tattoos. The razor wire design with its dark bold sharp edge look, works well with flowers, butterflies and the name of your loved one.
They may have a cross, angel wings or a crown of thorns, but remember the sacred heart is dedicated to Jesus Christ. The sacred heart design is so personal that you need to talk with your tattoo artist and look at the galleries for that perfect sacred heart design for you.

Some ideas for wings with heart tattoos are; using tribal razor wire pattern for the wings or wrap the wings of your choice around the heart, this will give a comforting look. The 9 -11 black heart tattoos are very popular as a memorial to that dark day in the history of the United States of America.
Some of the more frequently observed heart tattoos are hearts with arrows, pierced hearts, the Sacred Heart and heart with wings. Although each heart variation is characterized by the presence of specific symbols, colors and elements, these are not rigid, and can be combined in any way one wants.
Heart tattoos can also come with many other symbols, like birds, butterflies, flowers, barbed wires, stars and flames.
The blood dripping from the heart signifies passion and the sword penetrating the center of it represents the delightful, yet almost always painful sting of love. Alternately, you could pierce the heart with arrows or daggers, which are another common variation on the theme. But, no matter how the heart tattoo design is portrayed it’s a beautiful and sentimental addition to any collection of body art.

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