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Shoulder tattoos can be located anywhere from the shoulder blades on the back, the top of the upper arm, to the front chest next to the pectoral muscles. Sometimes the wearer chooses a design that coordinates or complements other tattoos on the back. For men, one of the more popular images for shoulder tattoos is a memorial to a loved one, although tribal art, and especially Maori, designs are certainly the most favored. If you were born in a different country than the country where you now live, a tattoo representing the flag of your birth country, is a solid way to keep in touch with your origins.
Getting a tattoo representing the birth country of your grandparents or ancestors is a really cool way to be connected to your roots.
Flag tattoos can also be incorporated into larger tattoos and become part of a sleeve or a back piece.
Often a shoulder tattoo overlaps with other body parts and might be accurately described as a back, chest, or arm tattoo.
For instance, a woman with a sun and moon on her lower back might choose to place a sprinkling of stars across the shoulder blade on the opposite side.

Oriental art, with its fine detail, scrolling lines, and variety of colors, is also a good choice. Flag tattoos are a way to show national pride for your country of origin, your country of habitation or even the country of your ancestors – giving you a chance to honor your roots. It is a way to bring some of your ancestral culture into the present and represent your roots in a bold way on your own body. If you want the flag by itself, it is best to be placed on an appropriate canvas – shoulder blade, shoulder, or calf for example. The design of a flag can also be tattooed in a way where it is not actually a flag, but rather the design of a particular flag turned into something else – like an eagle or a guitar colored as an American flag for example.
While both men and women sport body art on the shoulders, a small image on the shoulder blade is more popular with females. Flag tattoos can represent countries you have visited, spent significant time in or had deep experiences in while traveling or living abroad. If you want the details of the flag to be visible you will have to get it large enough for the artist to accomplish this.

Flags can be rendered in all their colorful glory or represented in black and white as well. Most likely this is because the spot is rather sexy, yet it can be easily covered as necessary.
Some women select a dainty and beautiful image that peeks above the top of a dress with a low back, such as a rose or butterfly. Just as with any other tattoo placement, shoulder body art draws attention to the area so make sure that is what you want before opting for placement on the shoulder.

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