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Five white stars with a black border stretch across this woman’s stomach, connected by stretching thin black tentacles. Old school tattoos usually feature big and bold designs with heavy black outlines that are filled with solid and vivid colors.
If  you love the cool and exotic look of tattoos but aren’t sure you are ready to have a permanent symbol inked into your skin, then applying a custom temporary tattoo might be a viable option for you to consider. One of the major concerns many people have when they first think about having a tattoo done is, are tattoos safe?  Yes, tattoos are generally safe.
She leans against the board in a provocative position wearing nothing but a lei and swim shorts. Common old school tattoos include such images as mermaids, anchors, eagles, snakes, sparrows and daggers.

These days it seems as if virtually everyone has some kind of tattoo from the smallest ankle rose to the full body tattoo that those brave enough to have done sport on their skin. This can be a serious personal statement, or simply a way to celebrate something important. This is because of the industry standards that have been put in place and the state and local regulations that are being enforced currently.  The most serious potential complication of getting a tattoo is the risk of contracting blood borne infections such as HIV or hepatitis from a contaminated needle. Back in the old days, tattoo machines were rather primitive and the ink that was used didn’t include many of the colors that are available today and the skill of the artist was minimal.
Actually, these risks should fundamentally be zero provided you choose a highly reputable tattoo parlor. Temporary tattoos are available in a font of colors and eclectic designs and look as authentic as many that are permanent and last for a lifetime.

Where Old School Tattoos Originated Norman Collins, also known as Sailor Jerry, is considered the father of old school tattoos.
Before heading out to the nearest tattoo shop, consider what to expect and the safety considerations.

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