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For the design I was thinking of a single word, but in braille not in conventional lettering. I can't see the picture (my work blocks hotlinks), but I'm going to assume it's similar to the placement of my hummingbird.
The funny thing is "my" shop is right off the campus of a major state college that specializes in engineering and science. I'm just a bit up the road from University of Michigan, which is a pretty ethnically diverse college (big time believers in affirmative action, they are!), but there's also lots of tattoo shops IN Ann Arbor.
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Now braille doesn't have any special significance for me, I just think it would be nice to have something a little different. But like I've always said, I get a tattoo for me & no one else, but if it's in a visable place, youre bound to have a conversation silmilar to this at some point: "what is that?
I'm not a huge fan of getting tattoos in other languages (or ciphers) that mean nothing to you.
They have a ton of students from all over Asia, so they could easily have some random kid translate Chinese, Japanese, or Korean for them. One of her co-workers had a tattoo on his leg of a character that was supposed to mean "warrior" or something along those lines.
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You could even do it like on top of your shoulder (like the flat part that your neck connects to) and make it look pretty cool there and that is pretty easily hidden as long as you don't go way close to your neck.

I have a tattoo in French on my back, but I took French for 6 years and was a member of the collegiate honor society.
One day another co-worker (who spoke fluent Mandarin) said "Hey, you have dirt on your leg".
I handed Mark (my tattooist) the phrase I wanted in French and told him to "make it pretty".
He made it look like a ribbon and it was way better than anything I could've come up with on my own.
Believe me, out of all of the tattoos I have, the one most asked about by people is the one on my arm.

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