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Fit, finish and durability are trademarks of all Keith B tattoo machines, and a near endless combination of colors and custom features can be put together for you.
Timmy B tattoos at NiteOwl Tattoo in Northampton, Massachusetts, loves red balloons, Coca-Cola and Keith B. To ensure the highest quality machine, everything from coil cores to binders are machined in-house resulting in the one of the finest running tattoo machines available. We are a small team business who specialize in providing the world with fine, hand-carved tattoo machines.

Luo's machines have a unique design, featuring traditional macabre elements such as skulls and animals. Made from pure copper, the hand-carved machines are finished using cutting-edge technology for a long-lasting finish. Due to oxidation, the machine's casing only looks better with age, and has become a staple took in the tattoo community.We must stress that we are not a big manufacturer.
When you place the wholesale order, we give you an estimated time of shipping from payment received.

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