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The GR8 TaT2 Maker from Spin Master Toys lets tykes aspire to greatness with their own junior tattoo parlor.
He gives our friends and thier kids tattoos and they give them him a buck, he even has to sit at our tattoo chairs to do the tattoos. And you dont realy need to tell kids that tatoos hurt real bad, I had one kid that came in that wanted a tattoo of a dragon on his back , he was like 14.
For petes sake, at least this includes stencils and the kid can have fun, I remember drawing all over friends with permenant markers.
I see nothing wrong at all with any of the beging comments the meth was just a joke settle it down lol. I would like to make a comment saying that it is sad to associate the tattoo culture with meth, however I do have a sense of humor and I think this was a hilarious post.
A carnivore and a large animal capable of much ferocity, the bear is a common image in pop culture and tattoo. I need to buy another one of these for a friends kid and now I can’t find them anywhere. If a parent consents to letting their underage child to get a tat, what’s the problem? For just $14.99, little Billy and Bobby can pretend to scar themselves with an electric tattoo pen and set off on a course for a life on the edge.
Tattoos dont realy hurt that bad either unless you have a high tolerance to pain or your young .

Not only is this remark completely ignorant , it is extremely offensive and wrong on so many levels. I see more wrong with the glorified barbie dolls and all their assets, provocative clothing and make up sets than with a child’s tattooing station.
I seriously doubt it was intended to offend anyone or compare tattoo culture with drug culture.
It may be a joke to you the person that made the first comment, but there are many people that do not know anything about tattoos or it’s culture and are quite biased about it all. Many are the examples of churches, caverns, and even tombs with stars painted on the ceilings. Not much a subject of Oriental tattoo art, the bear in the West is a symbol of male strength and power, at times associated with authority. What disturbed me the most in all the other replies are the number of people getting tattooed under age. This is ridiculous one more way to teach kids its ok to tattoo one another now you’re wanting to start them out young. I have 12 different tatoos and my 6 year old cousin got this for his birthday and he thinks its a blasts.
Their place in the dark night SKY as symbols of heavenly beauty is also the source for their associations with hopes, dreams, and inspiration.
Many cultures have myths about bears—from the Greeks and the Celts to the Ainu of northern Japan and the tribes of North America, and also back in time to Neanderthal altars of bear SKULLS in caves.

You should never get a tattoo until you are 18 and know what kind of profession you will be working in. Being in this industry I see young kids scarred daily, sick w infection, spreading who knows what. They are also sometimes associated with the souls of those who have died and they figure in many ancient cultures and religions as omens of great import. Powerful, dangerous, uncontrolled, and feared, like some primal force, the bear is traditionally the symbol of brutal violence and awesome nature. They need to wait until they are old enough to make a decision as permanent as a tattoo, but for now they have fun playing tattoo artist.
I know plenty of people who are nicer and behave more that are into tattoos than those who arn’t.
The star in tattoo is done in many different styles and can be a straightforward five-pointed star with radiating beams of light or something more abstract, as if seen through rippled glass.
Your tattoo will be there for the rest of your life make sure it is done by a quality shop that’s clean not someone who tattoos kids.

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