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I have another scar on my leg but I feel like my stomach is a better candidate for covering. Every body is different, but my mom got a tattoo over a scar on her ankle, specifically to cover the scar. I have multiple self injury scars under all of my tattoos and it's affected them very little if at all. This one has quite a few severe scars underneath and you really can't even see them unless you examine my arm up-close. This is a terrible picture, but basically the slight bumps and inconsistencies that you can see if you look closely are still there, but they definitely don't jump out at you.
EDIT: In case you were wondering, the scars did hurt a lot more than my clean skin while being tattooed. Hillary, I'm really glad you posted that, because I've been planning to get my thighs tattooed to cover scars, and I wasn't sure how it would look.
Yeah- there are two very nasty lines under the microphone itself- you can see like, VERY faint inconsistencies in the shaded in parts but otherwise it's beautiful! Many artists will work with the scars, especially one like on your stomach, to help conceal them within the tattoo as well.
Oh- you can definitely still see them, Rick, but as someone who knew what they looked like before I got tattooed, it was a huge improvement that I was very pleased with. I had gotten 35% of my body burned with some severe 3rd degree burns a little over 14 years ago. Not got a clue what I'm talking about realistically but personally think there shouldn't be any trouble if you get yourself to a decent artist. Not saying you need to see Guy necessarily, but you do need to find an artist who is capable of working well with scarred skin.
Not yet, however ive been in contact with Guy Aitchison off and on and he reassured me all of my scars are tattooable. Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post seeeking advice for a cover up of an awful tattoo!
Tattoo over scar is a lasting of your part and someone who has fearless and strong only fallen returning scar tattoo art and eye-catching designs more than anything else.

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They are no longer raised and are pretty smooth, but they do wrinkle more easily than the rest of my skin and are probably thinner. Thank you for the tips about solid colors- I had planned on keeping my tattoos black and grey, so lots of detail and shading was in the works anyway when I finish those pieces and move on to more. Ive asked over a dozen tattoo artist theyre oppinion about the matter and they all gave me drastically different answers with little hope so i guess im here to get a more accurate perception of what my options are.
Many burns get tattood over with no problem, a friend of mine is having his currently done over. He did a complete sleeve on a man many years ago who was extensively burnt in a house fire.
You may not be able to have EXACTLY what you want, due to the scarring, but a great artist will create something very special for you. I was told by a few artist that if i did get a cover up it couldnt be anything even moderately detailed. Much less sometime ago females only placed a few Tattoo over scar somewhere on their own scar tattoo that may be quickly invisible. It may seem really amazing and delicate, particularly in women is not amazing that 20 percent of women with scar tattoo designs between the ages of 18 and 50 has a scar tattoo art on the over scar.
I definitely can't see anything under the microphone, but I believe you that they were severe It's great that you figured out to make your skin so beautiful after the damage of self injury.
The purpose of my tattoos was actually not to cover scars, so I think it was less important to me to 'hide' them than it is to our OP.
Im wanting to get all my burns covered with japanese style art and any advice on the matter would be great. It is now being a style declaration for females to obtain Tattoo over scar and they are not humiliated by where they are.
The advantage of the up to spine is its huge fabric so it is a primary place for a big scar tattoo art.
Every girl who likes to look attractive gets these fashionable designs on their on over scar of the system.

Tattoo over scar art designs like this does not have the type of tattoo that its style meets the parts of the scar tattoo of your tattoo over scar back. I would say that it should work just fine, as long as you have a tattooer that is comfortable doing it. I'm not completely happy with the one on my upper arm, though, and that's where the most scarring is. I have thick, not thin scarring on my body some raised and rigid other areas smooth and flat.I realise this is a much different case than normal scars like acne,cuts,minor burns etc. Guy (in a collaboration with Jon Clue, I think) used the texture of the skin in the design of the tattoos, to amazing effect.
The other advantage is always easy to protect the spine if you want the tattoo art not to demonstrate. Tattoo over scar design  always tries to keep you modified about the latest tattoo over scar products. Attractive Tattoo over scar art designs tattoo art, it is very simple and has a special significance. The trick to hiding scars, old tattoos, etc is not just putting bold colors or solid ones over it.
I definitely need to find a better artist on the east coast go to go when I finish that one. Paying attention to the demand of our visitors, I have gathered some fashionable and beautiful scar tattoos for girls on returning system. If you liked the post, bookmark on Delicious, Stumbleupon, StumbleUpon, interest, Tumblr etc to spread the word.

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