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Share It !30218000Black panthers are the result of a genetic mutation in the Panthera that makes the animal all black.
This tattoo shows an infinity sign with a heart on the right side and a pair of paw prints on the left side. While the styling and color palette is traditional, this depiction of a panther is far from typical. While this tattoo is obviously influenced by traditional styling the tattooist has emphasized the panther’s teeth and made the whiskers more realistic.
This unique take on the panther and tiger motif portrays the jungle cats on the wings of a moth. Native to North America, this big cat is known as a puma, cougar, or mountain lion depending on which region of the country the animal resides. Depicted on the back of the wearer’s forearm, this panther has exaggerated brows and an odd facial expression that makes the animal look more confused than intimidating. Humanoid panthers with samurai training would surely mean the decimation of the human race. This tattoo uses traditional coloring to create a portrait of a panther surrounded by ornate patterns.
This incredible black and gray tattoo depicts a stoic panther with wings running the length of the wearer’s torso.
This life-life piece illustrates a black and gray portrait of a panther framed with swirling design.
This simplified portrait of a panther portrays a panther using traditional coloring on the wearer’s hand.
The jungle cat versus snake motif was a popular image among Navy sailors and has become prolific in modern tattoo culture.
This tattoo, shown on the wearer’s neck, depicts a side profile of a traditionally colored and styled panther next to a rose with a black rosebud. This panther is obviously concerned about the dagger pierced through his skull in this traditional piece.
The heads of an incensed tiger and panther are placed in opposition on the wearer’s hands. A fragmented panther is intertwined with a rose in this abstract piece inked on the wearer’s forearm. This tattoo deviates from the tattoos we’ve seen by depicting a circus strongman holding a globe aloft, as a panther balances atop the globe.
Another traditional portrayal of a panther is shown on the wearer’s hand, however, this piece is an exceptional example of shading. This abstract piece creates the outline of a stalking panther with a series of black lines and a pair of vibrant, green eyes. This oddly constructed tattoo portrays a creepy smiling face reminiscent of a cabbage patch kid wearing a headdress composed of panther faces. This superior tattoo is an elaborate design showing a panther’s head pierced with a dagger, coiled by a snake, and surrounded by roses.
Blue and purple watercolor smears create the body of a stalking panther on this wearer’s chest.

This tiger, depicted on the wearer’s bicep, is created using a black and gray, sketch style. These tattoos, shown on the wearer’s chest, depict a tiger and panther in black and gray ink.
This traditionally styled panther is shown ripping his claws through the wearer’s flesh. This stylized black panther is depicted knocking a bird from the sky while wearing a medallion with a heart. This tattoo shows a lotus flower with a mandala pattern potted in the head of a black panther. A black panther is embellished with splashes of red and whiskers so magnificent that nothing can be seen behind them.
The outline of a massive panther face runs the length of the wearer’s torso in this tattoo. A panther with an awkward look on its face is shown on the wearer’s calf in this tattoo.
A traditionally styled panther is depicted in black and gray and runs the entire length of the wearer’s torso. Tattoos, Piercing, Microdermal Implants, Permanent Makeup, Appointments available any day and time.
Amazing and exceptional artist who knows how to tune in to her clients on a spiritual and 'soul' level. I have gotten all but one of my tattoos at Redemption since moving to Stockton(and that one had to be fixed by an artist at Redemption.) I have had work done by two of the artist and plan on having more done. The Japanese also associate this fish with perseverance in tough conditions and determination to reach a goal. Buddhism also regards this fish as symbolic, particularly of courage, even of good fortune or luck. The sexual interpretation is, however, not as frequent as the classic connection to the Dragon Gate. Any tattoo can have more meanings, even personal meanings that perhaps do not match with the widely perceived symbolism. The gene is only carried by certain members of the Panthera family including the leopard and jaguar. The piece is worn on the wrist and most likely conveys the wearer’s eternal love of animals.
The positions of the cats create a sense of opposition and the traditional styling nods to the roots of western tattooing.
Using traditional styling and colors the artist made a cohesive piece on the wearer’s forearm. What I am sure of is the tensile strength of the beasts whiskers because they are holding the tongue aloft. Subtle details like the position of the cats ear separate this tattoo from its counterparts. The kitties blood shot eyes indicate exactly what’s in the cigarette and create a unique aesthetic.

This well done piece shows a superb use of color distribution, although, I can’t imagine the placement has made it easy for the wearer to find a romantic partner. This tattoo shows a panther fighting snake, and for some reason both animals have concernedly bulging eyes indicative of a thyroid condition.
Impeccable use of coloring and the snake coiling around the panther’s head make this tattoo a stand-out. No shading is used in the head of the panther and the disproportionately sized skulls are indicative of an inexperienced artist. The black panther has an ornate knife shoved through his head and the head of the cat is surrounded by roses. A hyper realistic panther is depicted using superb shading and color distribution on the wearer’s bicep. A typical panther portrait is depicted in the middle of the wearer’s stomach, just above the belly button. Notice how the panther isn’t a solid black, but is instead shaded around lines that make the big cat look muscular. For example, the eyes of this panther are noticeably lopsided and take away from the tattoos aesthetic. Effective use of color distribution and shading to create the snake’s scales make this piece pop.
The animals are surrounded by a striking orange pattern and look upward towards a scroll design and a key. None of the subject matter correlates except for the fact they are all done in a traditional style. This tattoo shows a panther and snake fighting and colors the piece with vibrant reds and blues. The majestic appearance of black panthers has made the animal a popular image in tattooing for decades.
The ears are pointing backwards like the predator is about to pounce, while touches of blue in the eyes, gums, and whiskers bring the piece together. I would assume it’s unnerving when your boyfriend rolls over in bed to reveal a hell-cat on the back of his head. The details of this piece show a reflection of a sunset in the sunglasses lenses, blood splattered on the teeth and gums, multicolored saliva, and a wing replaces the panther’s ear.
In this article we will be viewing some panther related tattoos and discovering what makes a panther tattoo great. The background starkly contrasts with the dark cat in the foreground to create a magnificent piece. 3do, Philips G7000, philips console, videopac, commodore plus 4, sega genesis, turboexpress, turbo express, kula world, phantasy star, golden axe warrior, ghost'n gobblins, wonderboy in monsterland, night into dreams, sega rally, die hard trilogy, maniac mansion, sould calibur, lost the vikings, tekken, rebel assault, defender 2000, amstrad GX 4000, burning rubber, gamatic, gizmondo, nec turbo exprfess, philips msx, resident evi ngc, resident evil gc, final fantasy gc, final fantasy limited edition, final fantasy ngc, zelda ngc, metal gear solid ngc, metal gear gc, gundam gc, tales of symphonia, hello kitty dreamcast, hello kitty, hello kitty gameboy, hello kitty gameboy color, hello kitty gameboy pocket, hello kitty game, hello kitty videogame, gba hello kitty, gbc hello kitty, sanrio, fc sanrio, fc hello kitty world, hello kitty magical museum, handshin tiger gamecube, gc hanshin tiger, ngc hanshin tiger, umgebauter dreamcast, ps 2 flat, ps2 us, ps2 jap, ps 2 japanese, sakuira, sakura playstation, call of duty, dead or alive, xbox limited edition, clear edition, xbox clear, transparent xbox, dead or alive controller, limited controller, limited edition controller, street fighter controller, king of fighters controller, king of fightters, neogeo snk console, neogeo cd, neogeo snk, sega gamegear, sega handheld, top guy, sega gg, coca cola edition, sega game gear coca cola, gamegear coca cola, white game gear, white gamegear, white limited edition gamegear, white gamegear tv, white gamegear case, red game gear, red gamegear, blue gamegear, blue game gear, rare game gear, rare gamegear, rarest gamegear, light blue gamegear, light blue game gear, yellow gamegear, red console, rayearth game gear, kids gear, kids gamegear, special edition game gear, game gear console, game gear system, gamegear system, game gear special limited edition, red rayearth, sega nomad, rare sega, rarest sega, nitendo gameboy, ngb, gb, special edition gameboy, limited edition gameboy, red gameboy, yellow gameboy, yellow gameboy pack, gameboy pack, red gameboy, red manue gamboy, manchester united gameboy, blue gameboy, green gameboy, transparent gameboy, clear gameboy, seethrough gameboy, pink gameboy, gameboy color, gameboy pocket, japanese gameboy, gameboy jap, rare gameboy, rarest gameboy, jusco, mario edition, mario limited edition, tamagocchi edition, tamagocchi gameboy, tamagotchi gameboy, tamagotch gameboy, ANA edition, ana edition, all nippon airways gameboy color, all nippon airways gameboy pocket, ANA gameboy pocket, ice blue gameboy color, water blue gameboy color, ice gameboy color, gameboy skeleton, gameboy color skeleton, skeleton blue, skeleton red, skeleton white, midnight blue gameboy, toyota gameboy, hello kitty gameboy, famitsu gameboy pocket, famitsu edition, rare famitsu, tsutaya gameboy color, eiden gameboy, mirinda gameboy color, mirinda gb, orange clear, clear blue, clear white, clear black, aussie gameboy color, green gameboy color, kiwi green gameboy color, lime green gameboy color, red gameboy color, purple gameboy color, gameboy color system, gameboy pocket system, gameboy color console, gameboy pocket console, gameboy console, L.E.

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