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I’ve been looking for a perfect for the scrapbooking project I’m working on right now and I this is just perfect for my classy and elegant themed layout! In the past we’ve looked at footballer tattoos on the Tattoo Fashion blog but as the Ashes are now well under way we decided it was only fair to give tattooed cricketers a mention as well.
Although Freddie has now retired from the game we think he still deserves an honourable mention.
Australian fast bowler Johnson has several tattoos including a massive cat on the left side of his torso and a full sleeve on his right arm. Although Kevin Pieterson is originally from South Africa he plays his international cricket for England.
At Tattoo Fashion we supply a variety of temporary celebrity tattoos that will allow you to look as great as your favourite celebs if only for a short amount of time. Everyone has stories of people they know who got tattoos to mark their relationship with that special someone, but what about stories of lovers having tattoos removed to show their desire for one and other? Avid Disney enthusiast George Reiger has over 2,000 Disney tattoos marking the whole of his body including portraits of Mary Popins, Snow White and Cinderella’s Castle.
Even though Kathleen said she hated George’s tattoos the couple still managed to hit it off and are now married and planning to start a new life together in Miami. If, like George, you’re a big fan of movie inspired tattoos but would prefer to avoid the ordeal of having 2,000 tattoos applied then removed because your wife hated them; why not check out our temporary movie tattoos? Tattoos can be amazing pieces of art, but unfortunately, not all of us are as proud of our ink work now as we were when we got it. According to the Harvard Business Review, having a tattoo is no longer a problem if you want to get into industries like advertising, sales, marketing and technology.
Fashions change and someone choosing to have a tattoo based on current styles may find themselves coming up short when the fad passes and they are left with an unsightly tattoo of an Emo star with a tribal band around it. It is perfectly natural for everyone’s tastes to change throughout time and it may just be the case they have no interest in the body art they once loved. Tattoo removal technology is advancing, but it is never going to be as easy, quick and painless as removing one of our expertly made temporary tattoos no matter where you choose to place them. Tattooing is one of the oldest forms of body modification, but beyond advances in sterilisation, the industry hasn’t really taken too many technological steps forward in the last few years. Diabetics could soon have tattoos of nano-particles that glow under a special light to detect whether the sufferer needs an insulin shot, cancelling out the need to prick a finger and check the blood that way, potentially increasing the standard of living for diabetics everywhere.
A not as useful and rather daft development, LED implants are more of a body modification than a tattoo but they could soon become a way to tell the time, without having to go through the “hassle” of putting on a watch.
We wouldn’t suggest these procedures as they are currently still in development and we’re not sure the LED wristwatch would ever get our seal of approval but how about getting a tried and tested temporary tattoo or perhaps even a body tattoo? Don’t fret if you can’t make Tattoo Jam as there are loads of other tattoo events all across the country and Europe. After months and months of build up, the World Cup is just one week away from the eagerly awaited final, So far we’ve been deafened by the Vuvuzela’s, shocked at how rubbish the ball is and uncontrollably disappointed that England failed to progess past the last 16.
Even while we’ve been watching football in the office, we’re constantly on the look out for tattoos, and as our regular readers and tattoo enthusiasts across the land already know, football and dodgy tattoos go hand in hand! As there’s been so many tattoo’s on display already, we thought that some of our favourites deserved a special mention. Boateng plays his international football for Ghana, despite making 41 appearances for the German national side at youth level.
The Argentina manager has kept most of his tattoos covered up, with the help knock-off designer suits, so far this world cup. Sadly Messi and co won’t be lifting the trophy in July, but some of the residents of Buenos Aires might not be so disappointed, as now, they won’t be exposed to Maradona’s ink work (and everything else), including his famous Che Guevara and Fidel Castro tattoos. Proud Englishman Rooney has a couple of tattoos, including the famous Stereophonic’s album title ‘Just enough education to perform’ scribbled down his lower right arm. Defoe is famous for falling out of night clubs with page three girls, scoring goals for Spurs and having some pretty impressive sleeve tattoos. If you’re getting ready to play football or simply watching the World Cup on the telly, why not check out our cool football temporary tattoos to help you get psyched up for the next big game!

When most people decide they want to get a tattoo, they usually spend quite a lot of time researching different designs and tattoo artists before committing. With this in mind, you can imagine how surprised we were when we came across Ruby Dickinson, who at 3 years old is aiming to become the world’s youngest tattoo artist!
The Welsh toddler has been inspired by her dad, Blane, who runs a tattoo parlour in Penmaenmawr, Conwy. The record for the youngest tattoo artist is currently held by Canadian Emilie Darrigade, who at the tender age of five helped to tattoo a bumble bee design on her dads forearm.
When we were growing up as tattoo obsessed children, our parents used to tell us the odd tall story about how tattoos would one day be illegal, and anyone with them would have to go to prison. However, in California (which we thought was supposed to be the land of the free living?) one tattoo artist is having some serious legal problems.
When Anderson applied for a new permit in the more up market neighbourhood of Hermosa Beach, the local authorities turned down his application because local laws state that tattoo parlours are illegal in the area.
Unluckily for Anderson the judge ruled against him, so he decided to take the case to a federal court, but sadly they ruled in the cities favour too. If you live in Hermosa Beach, or anywhere else where tattoos are deemed to be illegal (even if by illegal you just mean not allowed by your mum) then have a look at our temporary tattoos. The animals are able to live out the rest their natural lives, as well as lasting a lot longer than pigs who are raised for slaughter; who usually only manage to get to six months! To celebrate the colourful festival season, we’ve decided to take a look at some of the more iconic and interesting rock star tattoos of our time. Rock wild man Axel Rose is famous for many things; including starting riots and spending 14 years and $13 million on making one album! One young man who almost certainly took inspiration from Mr Rose is Gallows front man, Frank Carter. Scottish rockers Biffy Clyro have certainly broken in to the main stream through gigs at major festivals over the last couple of summers. Amy Winehouse may have publicly fallen off the wagon on several occasions in the last couple of years, however, one thing that she can rely on sticking with her though the hard times are her famous collection of classic tattoos. If these have got you in the mood for drinking warm cider in a field somewhere this summer, why not check out our realistic temporary band tattoo designs to get in the festival spirit nice and early! I go to word.doc and try to see if I can select the font and no luck any thoughts on what I”m doing wrong?
The talented all rounder has the Three Lions along with his test match player number etched into his right arm. To Mark his pride for his adopted country Pieterson, like Flintoff, has the Three Lions marked on his upper bicep. However when he met his future wife Kathleen, bizarrely at a Disney convention, she was less than impressed with his huge collection of ink work.
To keep his new wife happy Reiger has said he will have the majority of his 2000 Disney themed tattoos removed by laser treatment. Not only are they are lot simpler to apply to your body but they are also a lot easier to remove, which is great if you end up in a similar situation to George!
Whether changes in career, social pressure or a change of lifestyle, there can be many reasons why someone may want to have a tattoo removed. Whilst we are in a relationship, we want to believe that we will be with our partner for the rest of our lives.
But nevertheless, tattoo removal might be the way forward if you’re looking to venture into a career in banking, law, accounting and to some extent the Clergy. As you get married and start to have children you might find yourself wanting to become a more traditional role model and those once admired love-hate tattoos of your teenage rocker days may not seem so cool in front of your young children. However, here are a couple quirky developments that could be making there way into the mainstream soon. This ill advised and currently illegal procedure could save you 15 seconds a day, that’s a potential saving of four days and five hours throughout your life time, by surgically implanting a watch. This compressive list on the Total Tattoo Magazine website covers the best ones; so get the dates in your diary!

His brother Jerome is also in South Africa, playing for Germany, which, if you ask us, is a little weird! To mark his name, the player has a crown tattooed on the side of his neck, as well as having both arms covered in some pretty impressive tribal designs. However, had the Argies gone on to win the competition, Maradona had promised to run through the streets of Buenos Aires butt naked to celebrate!
Wayne wears his heart on his sleeve when he plays football, and to prove he’s such a proud Englishman, the Man United ace has had the flag of St.
However, due to his great performances for Everton, stunning goals and great tattoos, Tim Cahill has become a quite the hero for the Socceroos. We need to stress at this point that you should always try and choose an artist that has created similar designs and has a lot of experience to prove they know what they are doing. Her dad said he wants his daughter to tattoo him for his 40th birthday in four years time when Ruby will be seven.
To help her practice for her future career she has enrolled in tattoo lessons with a toy kit in her dad’s shop every day after nursery. Her dad Dave was so impressed with her skills that he is already helping her to plan new pieces of work. If you’re in the same boat as us, and let’s face it if you’re not Ruby or Emile’s dads then you probably should be, you might want to check out our temporary designs. Luckily for us their threats turned out to be lies and obviously we never believed them anyway – yeah right! Johnny Anderson, owner of ‘Yer Cheat’n Heart Tattoo Parlour’, wanted to move his shop from Gardena to Hermosa Beach because his current location is a little….
Hopefully he’ll be able to open his brand new shop in new and nicer surroundings as soon as possible and get what he deserves!
On this farm he literally ‘produces’ his art by caring for the pigs and letting them stay there once they’ve finished having their tattoos – how cute! The twenty-something rock rebel is also a qualified tattoo artist, with most of his body covered in different colourful and striking designs. Sometimes it’s not that easy and having to look at the name of your ex every time you get out of the shower could make it that little bit worse. Here at Tattoo Fashion we would much rather have a real watch or look at a nice decorative timepiece.
To mark his paternal commitments, he’s had the names of his mum, gran and late brother, Jade, incorporated into his tattoos. Since normal tattoo equipment is too heavy for the 3 year-old, Mr Dickinson plans to import specialist light weight apparatus from America to make it easier for his daughter when the big day arrives.
The designs aren’t permanent, so you could even let your little ones have a go at putting them on.
Anderson then proceeded to take local legislators to court on the grounds that creating tattoos was a form of “communication and art” and therefore should be “protected by free speech laws”. Legal experts in the US believe he’s got a good chance of getting the decision overturned as they say tattooing should be considered a form of art rather than a simply a business service.
So it’s safe to say that it takes a lot to shock us; however when we stumbled across Wim Delvoye’s tattooed pigs, even we were a little taken a back!
Before the animals go under the needle they are given pain killers to help them get through the session, although it’s a shame they don’t get to choose their own designs! If, unlike Posh, you are a fan of animal tattoos, rather than tattooing animals, check out our animal tattoo designs. Angelina Jolie has had former husbands names removed or tattooed over and Pamela Anderson famously changed the tattoo on her ring finger from ‘Tommy’ to ‘Mommy’.
But don’t say we didn’t warn you if they start demanding real tattoo equipment for their next birthday present!

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