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The Pisces astrological sign originates from the Pisces constellation and it is the twelfth sign of the zodiac. That’s why there are two fish in the Pisces constellation, because the two fish who helped Aphrodite and Eros escape were offered an honorific place in the sky. Those born under this zodiac sign acquire water-like characteristics, they are loving, compassionate and wise. The temporary tattoo we propose to those born under Pisces looks very unconventional and those of you who have artistic inclinations will surely love it! Since ancient times, the bull has been a symbol of strength and fertility so many civilizations worshiped this animal: the Greeks saw a constellations of Zeus disguised as a bull, after falling in love with Europa, the Israelites worshipped the Golden Calf and the Egyptians thought that a real bull was the incarnation of Osiris and so they worshipped Apis, the bull of Memphis.

This gallery options a number of the most effective tattoos from our several Aries tattoo styles. If you’re searching for the best Libra tattoo designs, you can check them out in the gallery below. The Greek legend says that monster Typhon once descended on Mount Olympus and threatened all gods and goddesses. They will help anyone in need every time they come across difficult situations, as they heart will be touched by their trouble.
The two fish are united into a tribal symmetric shape, a mysterious design that will be pleasant for anyone who wears it.

Not only that, but Leos seem to be protected by the stars and many times manage to attract this beneficial influence by their own forces.
When he approached Aphrodite and her son Eros, the two of them turned into fish in order to escape, being helped by two other fish who took them to a safe place.
This sensitive nature can, however, make them vulnerable and a subject to other people’s use, so they should be very careful at the thin line that lies between helping and being used.

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