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Make sure to research until you find a tattoo artist you completely trust and feel comfortable with. This is a great solution for people who are tired of looking like the Mona Lisa, in or around water a lot, have trouble drawing in brows due to motor difficulty or even poor eyesight! If you have any questions, leave me a comment below or tweet me!~ Until next time, stay pretty… inside and out. Previous Post Sneak Peek Into A Lip Gloss Hoarder’s BagNext Post Eyeko Curvy and Skinny Mascara vs. If anyone from the San Francisco Bay Area is reading this, I highly highly recommend Shirley at Beauty Wand in Millbrae. The way to avoid the black ink turning into green over the years is to ad a bit of midnight blue ink to the black. I have been battling this decision for some time now but I think I am convinced after reading your story. Hi I am reading that a lot of you are experiencing dicolored brows this is due to the fact that when the pigment fades the largest molecule is left which is the base color blue,grey,orange and pinks this can be corrected with a modifier, however if you have had a few touch ups then you will have to have some of the pigment removed the skin is very thin and only has so much room that is why if you are just getting touch ups on it the base color keeps coming thru in 6 months or less. I am a permanent makeup artist and I am reading that a lot of you are having your colors fade to blues,greys ,pinks and oranges this is not all that unusually as what happens when pigments fade the largest molecule is left which would be your base color and these can be corrected with modifiers.
Demand for a super natural brow that is not detectable at first glance has led to a 3d feathering cosmetic tattoo technique that is desired by many today. MicroArt™ is a proprietary technology perfected by our team of electronic engineers, cosmetic biochemists, and Founder Hollywood makeup artist Tanya York.
MicroArt™ lasts up to three years so, as your skin ages and fashions change, you have the option of redesigning your eyebrows to create a more youthful or stylish look.
Permanent Makeup: A heavy and unnatural look with harsh colors that turn into blues or oranges over your lifetime. Permanent Makeup: Most Permanent make up is applied without much thought to the design and how it effects the shape of the face. Permanent Makeup: Uses tattoo equipment which is available for purchase by anyone without training.
MicroArt™: Minimal discomfort due to the equipment application techniques and local numbing creams.
Permanent Makeup: As the skin ages, people end up with thick harsh lines that stretch and separate.
MicroArt™: Natural pigments are custom blended into an unlimited palate of colors to personally enhance your appearance. Permanent Makeup: Uses limited tattoo inks which typically change color over time to orange, blue and green. MicroArt™: lasts up to 3 years, so as the skin ages and fashions change, clients have the ability to update their style. Permanent Makeup: Harsh look with side effects that can last any were from 3 months to a lifetime.
MicroArt™ conceals and corrects permanent makeup by using colors that are carefully blended to conceal old permanent makeup inks. First the makeup is designed with an erasable pencil so you see the shape before micropigmentation begins.
Then our mineral based pigment is applied in thin layers and you will be able to check the work as it is being applied, in order for you to get your desired look.
Your eyebrows will be designed based on your bone & muscle structure, shape of your eyes, nose and face as well as personal style. 2-4 weeks after your 1st session you’ll return for a touch-up appointment to review the color and shape with your technician and make adjustments if needed to ensure that you have the look that you want to achieve. You might be suffering from thin, uneven eyebrows or you may have even lost your eyebrows altogether due to aging or illness. Women in their 30–40’s are who are busy moms or have hectic work schedule who want to look good and do not have time to spend on their make up throughout the day.
Women in their 50-60’s who want to look younger and refreshed get Micro-Art for anti-aging reasons.
Women over 60 who have heath issues such as poor eyesight or arthritis and are not able to apply their own makeup, women who are allergic to traditional makeup.

Men who want to look younger and have more defined features but do not want people to be able to tell that they have had any enhancements. Although MicroArt™ might seem more expensive than some cheaper permanent makeup solutions, the benefits far outweigh the cost especially by avoiding all the permanent makeup side effects from infection, pain and bleeding to discoloration and disfigurement.
After years of researching, I had finally found the perfect tattoo artist who came referred to me by 2 separate reliable sources, and after meeting her… I knew she was the one and it was the right time.
Looks like someone took a generic eyebrow stamp and stamped her face regardless of shape, size or even color! Asians have been tattooing eyebrows and eyeliners for decades now, so many early adapters (aka moms and grandmas) are often left with strangely shaped and colored eyebrows. Her English is not great, so if you have a Korean speaking friend handy, I suggest you take her along!
I’m also glad I took the time to find the perfect tattoo artist and that I waited until I was completely comfortable with all aspects of the procedure (semi permanent, drawing method).
Ii is really cool- when you wake up in the morning and confident and know that I look good.
In Europe they call it Semi Permanent, and here in the states we call it Permanent Makeup, but it’s all the same thing. In this country we call it permanent makeup, in Europe they call it semi permanent, but it’s actually all the same thing. You can have the pigment removed either by laser or saline, the good news is if the shape is good you don’t have to have the entire brow removed just enough to make room for the modifier and new pigment. However, if your brows have been touched up several times you need to have some of the pigment removed as there is only so much room in the skin, that is why when you are getting them touched up the base color is coming thru again in less than 6 months. Fine strokes that mimic hair are usually placed along the natural hair growth along the brow line.
The goal was to develop a makeup that could last for years on the skin, looked more natural than makeup and eliminated all of the side effects of “permanent (tattoo) makeup” cosmetics.
MicroArt™ utilizes cutting-edge equipment, custom mineral-based pigments and a system designed to ensure results so natural that even men wear MicroArt™.
MicroArt is applied with a needle so fine individual hairs are drawn on for a completely natural look. MicroArt™ takes into consideration the persons muscle and bone structure, eye shape, current eyebrow thickness and personal style. Often, all eyebrow hair is shaved off and cookie cutter stencils are used instead of personalized, custom designs..
This equipment features a single acupuncture needle that gently vibrates on the outer layer of the skin inserting a custom blend of natural, non-toxic mineral-based pigments with extreme precision. Three to fourteen heavy gauge needles are used simultaneously to aggressively puncture the skin.
MicroArt™ technicians complete an intensive six month, full-time training — with annual evaluation required for licensing renewal. Self-determined tattoo skill set with no continued education or licensing required. Permanent makeup training is not regulated by the state. Permanent makeup puts a spotlight on the signs of aging and, ultimately this makes the skin look much older. Price includes: The design, the procedure, a second touch up procedure two weeks later to perfect the color and shape, and complete after care products.
Cheaper inks, equipment, unregulated training (if any) and licensing, all of which produce harsh or damaging results. Eyebrows with permanent makeup inks can now be redesigned by changing the shape and correcting the color. This will allow the color and shape to settle into the skin; changes can be made in the touch up appointment based on your desired results. Our colors are custom blended, non-toxic, they are made from natural mineral-based pigments.
Powders and pencils can help to fill in uneven brows but they are time consuming to apply and smear easily. Our clients range from celebrities, high fashion models, busy housewives, seniors, cancer survivors, people with thyroid disorders, people with busy and active lifestyles including men.

There seems to be still a lot of fear and misunderstandings of WHAT and HOW a brow tattoo should be. I was practically browless like the Mona Lisa herself, except my portrait isn’t at the Louvre and sought out by millions all around the world!
These days, tiny individual hair strands are drawn in to mimic your own brow hair, resulting in a very natural and enhanced look!
The ink used is a high-grade semi permanent ink, so the ink will fade away before it ever changes colors. I think it cost me between $250 and 300 (can’t remember the exact price), including the 2nd session. The artist you select should specialize in semi-permanent and permanent makeup, and be sure to check out their portfolio.
When you visit a salon that offers cosmetic tattooing, they usually have a book of before and after photos, demonstrating how the procedure has enhanced previously plain facial features. If you’re still looking to have your brows done, please check out my Facebook page for photos of my work! Permanent make does fade some over the years, but getting it freshened up over time is easy. Permanent makeup does fade some over time, but getting it refreshed over the years is easy.
Any way my question is if I go to another person to Tattoo my eyebrows again is there any way that they can do it to look brown?? This tattoo stuff is all new to me so with that said, does anyone know of an excellent artist in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle? I know this as I am a board certified permanent makeup artist and medical tattooist and do this work all the time with beautiful results.
The style is carefully planned out , measured and exquisitely fine strokes are placed to lift, balance and create symmetry in the brow. After five years of development, MicroArt™ has now been enjoyed by thousands of people who fly in from around the world to get the procedure done. Half of your session is spent on design as it is that critical in achieving the optimal look for our clients.
Our Equipment uses a single acupuncture needle that gently vibrates on the dermal layers of the skin depositing a mineral based pigment into the skin. MicroArt is a perfect solution when makeup is not an option during actives like swimming, yoga, skiing etc. I hope to help people who are considering getting a brow tattoo with this post, so please don’t be shy in sharing this post! I will be going back in probably in a few months to get them touched up, and I’ll be sure to share those photos as well.
Oh… and please share this post with anyone who might be considering getting a brow tattoo! I specialize it the hair stroke method for brows giving them a beautiful natural look of hair. Pigment is precisely applied in thin layers until the ideal color and shape is achieved creating a completely natural look.
Permanent makeup has come a long way over the years, check out my website, I’m happy to answer any questions you may have. She must have used two colors because there is a definite dark gray in some areas and a medium brown in others. This session is about getting a nice base started and the fine tuning takes place in the 2nd appointment. Short of a laser, does anyone have any ideas about how I can fade these caterpillars on my forehead??? Oh, and if you find an awesome one in your community, please comment below and share your experience for others to read!

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