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Rigo worked in different European tattoo-studio's: Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, Germany and currently lives and works in Sweden. Favourite style of Tattoo -"dark realism", but it works in a variety of styles: old-school, Tribals, portpers, text.
Har blivit publicerad i diverse tatueringstidningar och annan media och jobbat bade i Sverige och utomlands.
Delvoye is an artist, sculptor, designer, and tattooist with a long and controversial career. Delvoye's controversial art—he once famously created a machine that simulates the process of human digestion—has won him many admirers. Delvoye has always insisted that the pigs were extremely well cared for on the farm, known as the Art Farm.
Delvoye insisted the pigs were treated humanely and that the tattoo process itself was almost luxurious, complete with skin lotion and a massage for each pig.Some of the pigs were sold to other owners. Gianni Degryse, a spokesman of Delvoye, told the Daily Dot by email that Delvoye's Art Farm project is no longer running and hasn't been for years. An animal rights petition created this week to protest Delvoye’s practice has more than 2,000 signatories thus far. Let Belgian ‘artist’ Wim Delvoye know that tattooing pigs is not art!
Delvoye insists that the act of tattooing the pigs and showing them in museums afterwards wasn't exploitative.

Instead of rummaging through your bag for your wallet or phone, keep both protected and in place. Beharskar de flesta stilar men har specialiserat sig pa realistiska och japanska motiv i bade farg och graskala skraddarsydda efter kundens onskemal.
What if it were on the back of a pig?One controversial artist who formerly used live pigs for his most notorious canvases has come under fire for selling their pigskins—emblazoned with Disney art—for anywhere from $75,000 to a whopping $160,000 per pig. The Belgian artist, Wim Delvoye, claims he gave up the practice years ago. He’s shown his work in galleries and museums around the globe, including at the Louvre, where he displayed, among other things, a pair of bunny slippers made from actual bunny. Delvoye uses many different materials and tactile expressions for his art—everything from stainless steel to stained glass.
Pictures from the website show the pigs frolicking in lush forests and endless amounts of hay—and also occasionally being anesthetized and spread out on operating tables where they are tattooed. While he's continued to exhibit stuffed pigs like the ones shown above in the years since, his studio claims the practice ended in 2010, although Shanghaist provided photos of the pigs being tattooed as late as February 2011.However, last week a number of media outlets including the Daily Mail and Metro reported on the tattooed pig phenomenon as though it were still active, perhaps due to the recent showings of Delvoye's stuffed pigs in European exhibits. In a now-deleted museum flier for the Hamburg exhibit, he stated: “We have the same sort of skin, eat the same foods and have the same organs. Du ska forsta vad en person menar och sedan ha mojlighet att aterskapa det i ett motiv personen kan bara med sig resten av livet.
But animal lovers still aren't happy about the provocative use of pigs as art instead of bacon. But before he entered a new phase focusing on combining classical art and architecture with modern technology, he had a particular fascination with pigs.

He quickly established a base on an art farm near Yang Town, Beijing, where he raised the pigs, tattooed them, and eventually sold their skins for high prices. "We have the same sort of skin. Tattooed pigs look like tattooed people.”But that resemblance may also be the source of the outrage over the pigs.
Tattooed pigs look like tattooed people."In 2008, Shanghai banned Delvoye's pigs from its largest contemporary art fair. After all, it’s one thing to see a happy pig sporting a tattoo from The Little Mermaid while it’s alive.
And it’s not the first time protest has sprung up around Delvoye’s pigs years after the fact.
After all, Delvoye’s pigs weren't able to consent before being turned into conversation pieces about the provocative nature of art.

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