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Not surprisingly, Asian tattoos are wildly popular among all people and often showcased in tattoo designs such as dragons, samurais and of course the mysterious symbols that often get misinterpreted by amateurs.Here we have a picture gallery of some really cool Asian themed tattoos, which might give you some ideas for your very own Asian inspired tattoo design. The tattoos are a universal style statement with almost all continents having some historical connection with the tattoo art. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Indian Tattoos, Arabic Tattoos, Chinese Tattoos and Chinese Writing Tattoos. The cherry blossom is a popular tattoo design in Japan and China and holds deep meaning for the people. The ferocious dragon is said to possess mythical and spiritual powers and is a popular figure in Asia.
The Geisha, on the back, in bright and colorful kimono with a fan, is a symbol of peace, beauty and serenity. The great white Asian tiger is becoming extinct and this tattoo has been carved to create awareness about the animal.
This sexy piece with a dragon flatters the contours of the back and makes it look sensuous.
Japanese cherry blossom tree, carved on the rib, looks pretty and accentuates the waist curves. The Japanese symbols, carved on the chest, stand for the way of the warrior and the seven principles Bushido. The cherry blossom flowers stand for the temporary nature of human life which has come from Buddhist influence. This large red flower with its twin small replicas, resting on the forearm, have a catchy look. The samurai’s were great and valiant warriors in Japan who led a risky and unpredictable life. This colorful and lively back piece has different Asian symbols like lotus, dragon, fish and cherry blossom. The Geisha with Cherry blossom flowers symbolizes the feminine grace and charm of Japanese women.
Stamp of Chinese artists carved on both sides of the chest as a memorial tattoo for father and mother. The red cherry blossom flowers and the dove symbolize that peace must be above all else as life is too short to be wasted in fights.
The Om is the holy symbol of Hindus and when worn on wrist, it is said to wield a cool influence on the pulse rate. This is the image of a Japanese woman with flowers and petals around her, carved on the hand.
The frogs and the flowers present the fresh and lush atmosphere during the rainy season in Asian countries.

The dragon and the lettering stand for the fact that all the power is within our mind and under our control. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. The problem is, China is still only about 40% urbanized (up from about 10% in 1949 and 20% in 1980), and there is a long way to go.
On the plains of northern, eastern, and southern China, satellite maps show there is not an inch of land that is not under utilization.
The growth in China’s reserves is driven by the rapid growth of its exports, which brings in dollars, euros and other foreign currency, and by the billions of investment dollars being poured into the country. The surge in money flooding in from abroad forces the central bank to drain billions of dollars from the economy every month by selling bonds in order to reduce inflationary pressures. Stephen Green, chief economist at Standard Chartered Bank in Shanghai, calculated that last year the central bank made a $29 billion profit on its Treasury holdings after paying interest on its own bonds and other expenses.
By contrast, Singapore’s Temasek says it has averaged an 18 percent annual return since it was created in 1974. When a country sells more than it buys, and when other people make investment (gives the country a loan), the excess money ends up parked somewhere, in this case, at the central bank. In fact, why does any country end up with a huge reserve, even ones with convertible currencies? Somebody thought this chopstick font BS was the “table” for the letters of the Latin alphabet in characters? Today we are living a globalized world and the cultural exchange has blurred the boundaries between nations. There are many popular Asian tattoo designs and symbols that have become a rage in the western world for their aesthetic appeal as well as symbolic and spiritual meaning. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. Let’s keep in mind that just to get to 50% (a 10% increase) means adding the entire population of Japan to cities, and getting to 70% means adding the entire population of the US. According to this article, the central bank takes this money and invests it in US Treasury Bonds, but is looking for other investments. Some reserve for safety is understandable, but a huge reserve must mean that its people just like to save save save.
In the present times, you can easily find a person with a particular nationality sporting a tattoo that belongs to a country different from his mother land. This will take a few decades, and some will come from building new cities or new modes of living. The only reason to change the clocks instead of changing schedules is because changing schedules (and habits in general) is hard.

But it also mentions, as a separate matter, the central bank sells its own bonds (denominated in RMB, presumably) to absorb excess RMB. It gets money from the rest of the world well in excess of what would be the usual investments in the US economy, due to the status of the dollar as the world’s preferred reserve currency.
This is certainly a good symbol and another good thing is that people are learning more and more about the symbolism and motifs of various countries. Similarly, the Japanese cherry blossom tattoos, the geisha and the fan are elegant and beautiful symbols from the land of the rising sun.
But the selling of bonds is not much different from offering a time deposit account, so all that the central bank does is to encourage more savings in it. It must be because they have low risk tolerance as individuals — that makes them seek out the government as an investment fund?
So even with large deficits and lack of savings, the Federal Reserve still can do what it needs to do — and this includes handing out cheap loans to the US government and banks (and indirectly, consumers). The Asian continent is a storehouse of rich cultural heritage and holds amazing pearls of knowledge. There is much more which has been described below in this post that carries 25 Asian tattoos from the countries of this great continent.
In fact, as long as artificial lighting exists, having a non-symmetric waking schedule will always be the norm, I argue.
If so, then it only makes sense for the central bank to leverage its large funds to make risky but diversified investments to give its depositors a high return at a still tolerable risk. If daylight savings time existed year-round, people would start going to work at 9AM, and end up with no savings of daylight at all. But it’s strange that the central bank can pay its bonds and still get 3% additional return on behalf of the depositors (which it keeps).
In that case, it makes sense that China is making adjustments to its reserves investment policy away from the completely safe US Treasuries, ahead of any further loosening of RMB convertibility. Why don’t I break all my light bulbs and start getting up at 4AM and going to bed at 8PM. Why wouldn’t people just invest in US Treasury Bonds or whatever other external investments themselves?
That way, when convertibility arrives, the reserves will be competitive enough to remain large enough for the government to still have its monetary levers on the economy.

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