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Use this content Stian Ytterdahl was told by friends that he'd been to keen on women and needed a tattoo.
A NORWEGIAN man has shown that his love for cheeseburgers and McFlurries goes further than most people after tattooing a McDonald's receipt on his arm. His Monday night dinner is now forever etched on his right arm, but the student says it could have been worse - the alternative was a Barbie doll on his buttocks. The student's first ever tattoo now covers most of his lower right arm, and unsurprisingly his parents are not best pleased. A spokesperson for the 39-year-old rocker told gossip website TMZ that he was pulled over by police while he was on his way to pick up his daughter in his customised Chevy in LA last Wednesday for not having a front licence plate. His car was then searched and the father-of-three was free to leave the scene with a ticket and a warning to replace his licence plate.

According to Travis, this is the second time in a year that he was incorrectly accused of being part of a gang and carrying drugs because of his appearance. Earlier this year Travis admitted he is still traumatised after surviving a horrific plane crash in 2008. Investigators from the South Carolina crash had revealed that one of the Learjet's tires blew as it sped toward takeoff. The captain - who only had 35 hours of flight time and had not been properly trained to handle such incidents - made the decision to abort, but the plane was going too fast and ended up crashing into an embankment.
Unauthorised reproduction is prohibited under the laws of Australia and by international treaty. State Government investigating alleged illegal flying fox dispersal over weekend, after pots and pans, electric saws allegedly used to shift thousands of bats.

NewsComment Hospital employee coward punched after saying ‘good morning’ All she said was "good morning" before being punched in the face From Maleny schoolgirl to policeman Cop tells of journey from female to male Dog squad and POLAIR helicopter assist in Coolum arrest Offenders caught with help from dog squad and chopper.
News23rd May 2016 9:30 PMComment Jimmy exits MasterChef, Miles survives to cook another day NIGELLA Lawson's pressure test trips up home cooks. NewsComment Residents want council process reviewed in Battle of Buderim Residents push for judicial review into Buderim aged care process.

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