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1 Comment   I wanted to start off my last blog with the a picture of where I spent the last ten weeks. 1 Comment   Sorry for the delay, we are now in Puerto Escondido and the internet access is very slow, making it really difficult to upload all of these pictures. 1 Comment   This week was Dia de los Muertos, a holiday in Mexico that is more popular than christmas. You see, my house is located just below the big auditorium tent, which can be seen anywhere in the city. When we weren't off on a brigade or in class learning, we were in a cafe working on our group and personal essays, but we did find time early in the morning to escape on this water adventure.
Anyway, here is a picture of our 9 hour trip in a charter but through the mountains in order to get to the coast. So since I can't spend this special day with her and my family, I thought I would spread the word so that everyone knows it's her birthday.
It was kind of a cool experience to be able to tell people that I live under it and I was always able to find my way home when I was lost.
We started off the week going to the beach, but returning in the evening to hear a lecture on domestic violence in Mexico. We did our best to integrate ourselves into that tradition in order to fully experience this wonderful holiday. We did the same thing on Tuesday but also spent time preparing for our presentation to high school students which we were set to give the next day. Since I have been in college and moved out of my house, I have had a different picture of my sister and I as my desktop picture each year. This hospital, unlike Hospital Civil, is private and only available for government workers.
I kid but this is a huge milestone in life and I am so proud of my mom and all she has done for me and my family. I love my mom with all my heart and I am sorry I can't be there to celebrate this special day with her. Also, because of the limited number of patients, the halls weren't clustered and the general environment was much more relaxed and calm. In Hospital Civil there were patients everywhere and all the medical staff was around everywhere to help as many patients as possible. You taught me how important family is and you have given me more support than I can ever ask for. We went to the mercado to buy the cane stalks, some rope, and the wooden boxes pictured above.
Because it is so hard to display the experience through picture, here is a video that helps clarify what I am saying. For those of you that haven't heard this story, my little sister pushed the camera timer and then ran to join the rest of us.
She sat down so fast, trying to beat the flash of the camera, that bumped my face with her head. It was sort of an ironic thanksgiving in that we couldn't find any turkey to cook, but then saw a turkey roaming the streets near our house the next day. I then jerked back and bumped my brother Justin's face and the chain reaction continued down the line. It was still amazing though because we had chicken, mashed potatoes, stuffing, deviled eggs, gravy, rolls, and everything else related to this hungry holiday.
Unfortunately for us, when the tour guide said yes he was referring to a later time because at that time there were jelly fish everywhere.
This picture is of us frantically climbing back on the boat after being stung a few times haha.

I spent most of the time helping others, because I have gone surfing several times, but then I caught some good rides at the end. You see, when Ryan (the first child) was born, you taught him to be a kind, loving, and hard working person who takes pride in what he does and always puts his family first. Puerto Escondido is world know for its surfing and it will even be hosting an international surf competition in two weeks.
I was forced to participate in a team event and grow my mustache, or gross peach fuzz, out but it didn't stop her from hanging around me. These are the future doctors of America and I am confident they will all be great doctors because of what we learned throughout this program.
Finally, when nicole was born, we all passed on these characteristics to her and look where it has gotten us!!!!!
We now try to pass these characteristic onto other people in our lives and the new relationships that we are starting, further dispersing the chain reaction. I had that slicked-back greaser hair from 1st grade all the way till the beginning of high school. She was a great asset to our learning experience and helped shape us in the better medical providers for the future.
This session was on the beach and this picture was taking ten minutes after the workout, when everyone was excited to be done and go eat haha. I remember getting off the school bus at the end of the day in elementary school and seeing my mom standing there with rollerblades on.
You can see some of the guys holding up our guys logo for the trip, three fingers down for and "M" and two fingers up for a "V".
There is nothing like the comfort of returning home after a long day, but it isn't home without my family there. For those that haven't followed my blog, this sign stands for, "Man Van", which was a saying we used when the guys of the trip were together.
For those of you that haven't heard about these, they are TEMPORARY (don't worry) and only last for about two week.
It's like they say, "home is where the heart is." As corny as that statement is, it is very true. We went to the beach, went roller bladding, ate junk food and even recorded a 3 song album with me on guitar and her on recorder haha.
For some reason a game started to see who could get the most ridiculous tattoos out of the group.
Seeing my mom when I got off the bus is more my home than my own apartment in Davis, because my heart is with my family and there is no home without you there. We spend monday and tuesday learning everything about that topic and then go on field trips, called brigades, to experience what we have been learning in the community. The last altar was by far the best, but it went against some of the strict traditional aspects of the area. Mornings are some of the best times to really talk because the burdens of the day haven't clouded your mind yet. We learned about all the different types of contraceptives and other parts of family planning. We spent Monday and Tuesday learning all about the different vectors, mosquitos and chinches, that transmit tropical diseases like Malaria, Dengue, and Chagas. On Wednesday we went to a nearby town called Chula, where these diseases were a big threat.
She also told us that, back in the day, boys would cost more te deliver because they were considered more valuable in society. I thought it was cool because it shows two of the tallest peaks in Mexico and the two peaks are contrasted.

At this corner there were several tide pools, caves, and tunnels that we wanted to see for ourselves. The peak that is far off in the distance is the opposite, with snow covering the top of the mountain. It is a picture of Maria Sabina, half living and half dead, with a crown of mushrooms on her head. The entomologist work very closely with the local clinics in order to prevent an outbreak of tropical diseases. One of the coolest things I got to experience in life was having my mom work at my high school. It's funny because there are so many tv shows and movies displaying this type of situation as embarrassing or a horrible experience, but it was the complete opposite for me. I loved those days when I would receive a text during break saying, "come see me" from my mom. Being away for 11 weeks never is easy but with a lot of support and understanding we made it through the time with no difficulties. A couple of times she would even hear girls gossiping (don't worry, it was always good gossip) about me and my brothers and then she would tell us when she got home haha. She has been a huge support in my quest to become a doctor and it is her and my family that give me the strength to set my goals high and pursue them. Thank you to all those who have kept me in your hearts and minds while I was gone on this adventure. Every year, christmas is the best day of the year, not just because we all get presents, but also because of the tradition of waking up in the morning, jumping in mom and dad's bed, and spending the day with my family. My mom has always been really good at picking out nice clothes for me to wear to special occasions. Even though I did sit in front of a mirror for about an hour working on it, the result did end up looking pretty manly haha. In fact, she still, to this day, picks out all the men's outfits in the family when we are going to a formal event haha. I didn't note what they were called but they were very big and looked like small pterodactyls when they flew. They involved a marching band that would play music and you would march around downtown drinking mezcal and dancing.
It is hard to see but we are actually holding up a "M" with our top hand and a "V" with our bottom hand.
But in all seriousness, my goal of becoming a doctor is not an easy task but I, as well as my brothers and little sister, set high goals because of my mom and dad. You see, every time we got in the van to go on a brigade or to give a presentation we took the opportunity to have a van full of men.
Then, when the girls walked by to get in the van we would all yell MAN VAN and shut the door. It may sound mean, but some very valuable and memorable things were shared on these man trips haha. They told us that people will travel from all over the world to visit their dead relatives on this day. Please comment and stay tuned for the blog on my last week in Puerto Escondido later this week.

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