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After you've come up with the signature cocktails for your reception and refined the dinner wine list, dedicate some time to thinking about nonalcoholic drinks to impress. Blackberry, cherry, and limeThis Lauren Conrad-approved mix has a pretty, faint pink hue if you mix it all and let it set in the fridge overnight. Sweet-tooth types will like this combo from the Yummy Life: Add a single sprig of rosemary and muddle very lightly before adding melon cut into cubes.
Strawberry and orangeThis mixture sounds amazing for a summer wedding—slice an orange and eight to 10 strawberries before mixing with water.
And because not everyone's into fruit (shocker, I know), consider having one slightly more adult flavor option. Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade's save-the-date video was leaked and posted by TMZ, and, guilty feelings about that aside, it's so gosh-darn adorable (it leads off with stick figures!).
I love how his kids were involved and how we get a glimpse into the intimate moments of their proposal.
Before coozies got popular, people were snagging matchboxes from restaurants and filling bowls at home. If your reception will be on the smaller side, consider upgrading to these twisted names for each setting. Put your touch on random items with stickers that aren't too specific—they're multipurpose this way. Everyone's got a different wedding vision and priorities for their budget, but in my eyes, certain things aren't really worth it. They look cute in pictures, but after a few hours, they're pointless (and in most closets, way too thick to be practical).2. Having one is super fun, but why spend extra cash on items to stock it when I guarantee you've got enough funky pieces in your real life. I love a welcome bag but feel so guilty at the end of the weekend when I don't know what to do with it. Putting a stash at a reception table with kids is genius, but don't spend more for theme books little kids won't pay a bit of attention to. Whitney Port—who’s busy planning her own wedding—has also been busy designing wedding invitations for your wedding.
That's all six invitations in the collection, which also features matching RSVP cards, thank-you notes, save-the-dates, and such. I’m really loving the horizontal one in the middle in my pic, which is also in the bottom Instagram photo. If you’re taking an extended honeymoon, you might not have room in your luggage for sexy negligees and lace teddies. The bras come in several colors, and you can change up the color of trim for contrast, or if you want something a little more sassy. If there's a wedding on your calendar for the coming weeks—and especially if it's your own—I'm sure you're already sweatin' how the summer heat is going to play into your makeup strategy for the big day. What are your favorite tricks for achieving (and maintaining) skin perfection at sweaty summer events? If you’re the type of girl who dreams about wedding dresses, anyway, these five brand-new gowns from Sarah Janks Glasshouse Collection might just put you over the edge. I guess when a guy proposes with a 14-carat engagement ring, the traditional one-year anniversary gift—paper—seems a little anticlimactic. My best friend of six years lives out of state, but we’ve maintained our friendship, so when she got engaged and asked me to be her maid of honor, I happily said yes. And then she dropped this bomb: She wanted me to tell the rest of the bridesmaids to give her money as a wedding gift—and to give it before the wedding, because she was “too broke” to afford her wedding flowers. I actually agreed to all of this and still managed to get myself kicked out of the wedding party when the bride called a week later with more wedding woes. We still have a month left of summer weddings, so to celebrate sultry hot-weather affairs, here are five wedding dresses that won’t weigh you down. If you don’t want a short wedding dress, some of these would be cute for your bachelorette party, bridal shower, or rehearsal dinner, no?
Tribal style of tattoos is common, but adding name tattoos to a tribal art can make your designs personal.

Tribal tattoos are common sight because it is among the most popular designs most preferred by both men and women. But if you’re searching for a design that means so much to you or something that is connected with you personally, you may not find the tribal design a good one and your tendency is to look for something else.
One of the best things about the tribal style is the option to hide your name within the design. Baby name tattoos are getting more popular for new parents to have a permanent reminder of their children’s birth. Whether you get it to boost and enhance your pretty image or you just want to keep the memory of something to always remember, there are certainly advantages in putting it on your foot.
As this “skin art” is spreading like wildfire among new parents, many tattoo artists have also developed creative designs, making modern moms and dads more interested in getting the names of their babies permanently inked on their skin. Slice a lime into thin disks, lightly smash a pint of raspberries, and pull the leaves of a small bunch of mint before pouring water over it all. Slice ginger root into skinny disks and mix with mint, stems included if you like the look.
I've found some amazing items that have helped with planning and others I'm bookmarking as potential wedding favors, but a simple query can return hundreds of results. If you're going with homemade items (like baked goods—yum!), they're an easy way to make the final appearance a touch more polished.
They're still an easy token to take home and something feels retro-sweet about them right now.
These are the exact sort of little touches I don't mind shelling out for—there's a better chance they'll pick these up and take them home instead of just tossing. I think guests would have fun with them, but I'd put a caveat on mine: Please keep them on places you won't see in pictures. It's a sweet nightcap to a reception and makes for a yummy favor that you know guests will love.
I can imagine slapping these on simple white paper bags to leave treats in guests' hotel rooms or securing cellophane bags with home-baked cookies for them to pick up on the way out of the reception. Check out the dollar store or look online for mask templates you can print out and bring.3. The former reality star has been working with Wedding Paper Divas on a collection of wedding stationery that perfectly capture’s Whit’s free-spirited style. Everything comes in a bunch of colors, so you can find something pretty that matches your palette.
Sure, they’re small, but I’d pack an extra pair of shoes over blink-and-you’ll-miss-it peignoirs any day. Makes sense, since I’d been wearing slightly baggy C cups or too-tight B cups my whole life.
Start with a mattifying moisturizer“The best way to combat super-shiny skin in the summer without making it look dead and completely flat is by using a moisturizer that helps to keep shine away, like Juara Sweet Black Tea & Ginger Mattefying Moisturizer," Matin syas. Finish with a skin perfector "A great product that I always use is Talika Skin Retouch," Matin says.
Don't forget to stash this in your clutch "I also recommend carrying around blotting papers in your purse. Factor in your face wash "Cleansing the skin is really important in the summer," Matin says. I ended up pricing out chairs, salons, wedding dresses, cupcakes, photographers, florists, and wedding DJs. She also expected her bridesmaids to buy personalized garters to match hers—and attend a cruise for her honeymoon. She had hired a friend of a friend to make her wedding cupcakes and a former coworker (a college student) to be here DJ.
I guess I’ll give the bride points for her DIY spirit, in regard to the bridesmaid bouquets. I love a simple gold band (it's so Kate Middleton!) and appreciate the sheer sparkle of a pave band, but I also adore seeing a bride pick something really different.
This classic band is a familiar shape, but light pink sapphires give it a warm glow you wouldn't get with diamonds.

For instance, tribal inspired name tattoos and even tribal baby name tattoos.  You can actually create a unique tribal and name tattoos out of the popular common styles.
With an intricately designed tribal tattoo, you can hide a name within by using finer lines. Popular tattoo ideas for the occasion are hearts, the word ‘love’, the name of their loved ones, cupid and more.
He freaks out over a pitcher of fruit-infused water the way I do over a bottle of good red wine, so I thought what better way to make sure guests like him (and under-21 revelers, duh) are happy and hydrated. Original tester Joanna Goddard noted that the longer you let it steep, the stronger it'll be, so maybe give this one a test run before it's wedding time.
For long-term use, omit your last names so you can keep using it after you start using your new one. They'll look good folded in a jewelry box, but they're practical too (for dabbing tears during the ceremony). Instead of a separate honeymoon boudoir wardrobe, why not pack these lacy little somethings from ThirdLove?
Well, you can still have a royally awesome wedding at any of these nine castles, all located in the United States—and all available for weddings.
Neutrogena has blotting papers without powder, or you can opt for the ones with powder like Shiseido has," Matin notes. Our phone calls quickly turned into hours-long conversations about nothing but her wedding.
She was pissed of at both of them (the DJ, for one, wasn’t returning her calls) and needed to vent. But other than that, she get’s a no (making friends call vendors) and a no (asking for money—ahead of the wedding) and a “Oh, HELL no” (telling your friends they have to join you on your honeymoon).
A wedding band is so personal and can turn a classic diamond set into something that's a statement piece on its own.
In the past, they are used in many cultures to symbolize a rite of passage and to easily distinguish the social status of a person. There are a number of ways to add your name and turn a popular tribal design into a unique one.
At first glance, the viewer wouldn’t notice that a name is hidden somewhere because it looks like an ordinary tribal tattoo. In our post today, we have collected different designs and ideas which you might like to have for Valentine’s Day. To help, I drank an extra iced coffee and dedicated myself to the search to benefit both you and me. They’re pretty enough to serve as eye candy for your new husband, and they work as your everyday honeymoon undergarments. All cater to brides and grooms looking for the “fairy-tale” wedding experience, and some go the extra royal mile, with amenities like horse-drawn carriage rides. At first, it was fun when she wanted my opinions about flowers, photographers, and cakes, and I gave them happily. I simply said, “You cannot expect professional services when you hired rookies to do the job.” That was the end of that conversation, and I didn’t hear from her for two weeks, when she called to say not only was I not her maid of honor anymore, I was kicked out the wedding party entirely.
But don't worry—there are a bunch of people lined up to keep the awesome wedding-y content coming in my absence. Hopefully, you would be able to find the design which would really suit you.If you are hesitant of getting a tattoo, since tattoos are considered to be permanent except if you remove them with laser treatments (although it may be more painful compared to getting one!), you can always opt for the temporary ones such as the henna tattoo or the sticker ones which you could buy in your favorite stores or in the internet. We don’t treat our skin enough in the summer and usually people will overcleanse, but this foaming cleanser does just enough without leaving you dry. If you are looking for an idea for your next tattoo, check out our list of 2016 Valentine’s Day Tattoo Ideas below!

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