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Women are one of the most beautiful creatures that the god has created on this beautiful earth. At times, I do feel that the excessive beauty that the earth radiates out in the outer space is because of all the women who live on this earth.
Just like the fact that a body art on a man makes him look more compact, solid and handsome, a body art on a woman makes her look gorgeous.
According to the legends, Phoenix is a bird that has a long life span of approximately 5-6 centuries and inevitably, they signify patience and courage.

Well in that case, at times it becomes a necessity to make a woman more beautiful so that she can look even gorgeous, flaunt her curves, etc.
Thus, Phoenix tattoo designs are also used by the women as a body art to signify that they have also gone through many things and they still have the courage to go through anything.
This is where body arts come in and play an extremely crucial role in the act of making something beautiful, more beautiful. The Phoenix tattoo designs for women are a mark of the patience that the women can show at times of crisis and the courage that they can portray on such occasions. Tattoos are one of those things that can be used effectively to increase the beauty and the smartness that a man or a woman radiates.
If the body art that you have done does not suit you, then it will surely make you look like a dumb ass.

In case of Women, another term can be added along with beauty and smartness and that is sereneness.
A graceful design on the back or the curves along the belly button area at one of the perfect area for a woman to have her body arts on!

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