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Some art we take at face value, while some art urges us to unearth the secrets, to search for a deeper meaning than the canvas surface of color and medium. We spend thousands upon thousands of dollars to decorate our walls with rare, originals and what do they get but s blase comment.
Is it new?”From your library to your bedroom, to your foyer walls, typography can be your new wall art.
From Target to custom and handmade, these chunky collectibles are spelling out children’s names on the wall, and even making it to storefront windows.

So instead of a meaningless glass paperweight, try on a letter or sign as a way to bring the letters of our language to life and prove to texters that yes, every letter is important and has its place in a word or sentence.2. The Poster Board.It’s edgy, its informative, and you can tell people what you believe in without even opening your mouth.
From wall width to small frames beside the toilet, these fun yet insightful typographed poster boards can turn the shallowest of brains into the Thinker.3. Your pillows saying wake up or good night, your walls marked with words of jest or reflection, you can really shake up the normal and put some flavor back into a plain white mug when black bold letters are printed all over saying, what else, but mug?So add to your collection of renowned or local art pieces of inquisitive typography.

A simple picture filled with words and letter will make us stop and ask ourselves why haven’t I seen it before?

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