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Peep the cover, a shot from the spread and more photos of Chyna and Tyga in the gallery below. Hip-Hop Wired delivers daily hip-hop music news, videos and streaming tracks from your favorite rap artists, plus the latest political and fashion news—including the hottest sneakers to hit the street. In the video, the West Coast rap sensation brought his fantasies of two women making out to life.
Shares Lady Saw is dismissing rumors that she will be making a grand return to dancehall despite being baptized and giving her live to Christ. Shares Alkaline has stepped forward to dismiss recent rumors that his United States visa was cancelled resulting in cancelled shows. Kid Ink takes us behind the scenes of the video for the remix to his DJ Mustard-produced single “Main Chick” featuring Chris Brown and Tyga. See what your favourite rapper’s favourite rappers & friends had to say about Krept & Konan’s debut album ‘The Long Way Home’ after their exclusive album listening party.
Ahead of the release of his new album titled 'Full Speed' here is a festive release from Kid Ink, 'Ready 4 War'. But yo answer me this… do you also have tha butterfly tattooed on your face so you can look like your idol or did you realize it was wack as hell and had it recovered with dumber tats?

I swear one of these days this man’s just gonna drop a record with no lyrics, no rhymes, no nothing. Big Ups GAME CALL”EM LIKE YOU SEE THEM ,ANY RAPPER TRYING TO WIFE A HOE IS STUPIED PERIOD !
This fool in love with Game dedicated a whole rumor page to him about “ONE” song lol, reaching a bit? IF YOU GOT SERIOUS ISSUES AND STRUGGLIN WITH THAT CRE DIT HISTORY ISHH, GET RID OF ALL DAT TODAY – CALL THESE AMAZING PROS AT EIGHT77-864-1527. WHY IS IT WHEN THIS DUDE GETS QUITE FOR A MINUTE HE JUST BUST OUT AND SAY SOMETHING CRAZY TO GET ATTENTION. Vegas Cursing Out Drake For Not Giving Dancehall Enough Credit For Album SuccessMay 18, 2016 Alkaline U.S.
In fact, he was just in the studio with Tyga last night and tweeted that they just finished a 24-hour studio binge. LAX sold more than that and that album topped out at Platinum over a year of it’s release so how you think RED went Double Platinum.
This Nicca shit aint poppin, nobody is checkin for him, and every time he shouts somebody name to get publicity.

He’s not garbage, but sometimes he needs to just STFU and stop trynna pop off of controversy. Almost every mainstream hip hop act out now done outsold this dude, and Mac Miller didn’t have a label like Interscope backing him up. He’s done it with Hov,50 cent like every other month then wants to be back in the unit.
Smith” meets “2012 Bonnie and Clyde”  themed photo spread while Tyga talks about Weezy tattooing the dots on his face, his upcoming ventures and being part of the YMCMB family. Game spends more time dissing rappers and playin on twitter than making good quality music. A successful flip with the amount of hype he conjures up is about 400k-600k, he did about 200k-230k in the long run.

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