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You could use the picture as a base to create the shape yourself.Many network shapes a visiocafe are created that way, I think. Something we’ve heard often over the years from various clients, customers, and users is, “There’s not much in my drawing… why is the file so big?”  Of course, there can be several reasons for this but one of the most common is the concept of “unused master shapes.”  Huh? Looking at the number page views and download stats, the original Visio Crayon Network Shapes seem to be quite popular. Virgil from Endless Consulting in Queensland Australia loved Don Harris’ original Crayon Network Shapes so much that he downloaded them, improved them and added six new shapes to the set.

One nice touch that Virgil added was to remove the white block backgrounds from each shape.
If you’re designing a new network or planning modifications to an existing network, these shapes are great for visually emphasizing that you are currently in the DESIGN STAGE ONLY, or this is JUST AN IDEA and that you don’t plan on working over the weekend to implement it just yet! See the older shapes in the top of the next figure have an inelegant rectangular background? Connectors also can appear to connect more directly to the equipment instead of hovering in space.

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