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Before you begin to design your website you need to show what th style of your website will be. Engagement: Save your customers time by providing them an easy way to get information on your business. 2010 will be a call to action to those business owners who used the build -it-and-forget it policy for their websites to wake up and get the online marketing and brand engine going. As 2009 comes to an end and small businesses look to 2010, and an online presence will become important. With the enormous variety of web site tools available for small business, it may be easy to start a web presence for almost no money at all.
Security is increasingly a concern and the importance to establish credibility will continue to be important. You should make sure you add your website to the web master tools of Google, Bing and Yahoo. Widgets showing collaboration between your website and other properties will become expected for websites.
In 2010 using websites like BlogTalk Radio businesses will show their thought leadership through podcasts and even their own live TV show using web sites like Livestream. In summary if you are a small business owner you should be prepared in 2010 to show personality in your business by using your website and multi media tools to tell your story to your customers and prospects. Do you think we will see an increased amount of easy-to-use web site tools like Tumblr and Posterous, helping you to create a simple lifestream?
Until we come up with a simple solution to help the busy already overworked ma and pa business owner= we are just walking around talking to each other…not offering THEM the solution they need YESTERDAY.
My thoughts, and yea if your interested in helping me find the answer to this question email me cause I am working on it.
I agree that many businesses can get going either free or relatively cheap and I love the goals set for your website in 2010. Unfortunately I can think of how a client could do the last goal of Service with out using some more sophisticated think and technical solution that could only come from a professional graphic design studio. The first 3 goals would help achieve immediate business goals, but if you can give great customer service by providing your clients tools, you will have a better chance of these customers returning.
I would also like to know your thoughts on increased video for small businesses and if they would fit in your list of 2010 web design trends.
If you are in need of a website design and creation team for a makeup artist website, contact us and we’ll be more than glad to help you bring your business online! It is also essential for a business strategy to ensure its brand, location and products are ¬†found in search engine listings. Businesses had the choice of do-it-yourself website builder’ tools or open source software like WordPress etc. If you don’t believe me, search Google for your competition or look how your customers are reviewing you on social sites like Yelp.
Highly competitive businesses use technology like websites, online marketing tools etc to succeed (Small Business Success Index June 2009). Hosting providers offering free websites tools, blogging software providers like Blogger, WordPress etc also let you start a web presence easily.

Even if they are not online businesses in 2010 these businesses will pay attention and update the content of their websites more frequently.
Giving them a personalized experience based on their interests will make them WOW your business. Visitors will look for security seals, ssl certificates, secure forms (using https:) and also validation seals. Websites will focus on using web analytics tools to learn which content is more popular, who is visiting and from where. Some examples of using widgets is adding your latest Twitter comments, best selling products, most popular articles.
Small business will use cheaper and convenient options like FLIP HD cameras to tell the behind the scenes stories of their business and products. Links between websites and other local community websites, events, news will be part of the website content strategy.
Keeping an ear to the ground to learn about the conversations about your business like product reviews etc will become very important.
Ioften talk to small business and get their take on the benefit from blogging for their business. We’ll make sure that we keep these things in mind as we make updates to our site early this year. It tells me whether or not the company pays attention to their website at all or if they just set it up and let it be. On the point that smallbiz need to show that they are real, they should add a free KikScore seal onto a website.
Good Luck with your new company and heres to having a lot of small business users for thefree KikScore seal onto a website. Georgia Reyes, tagged as every woman’s fairy godmother, is a makeup artist in Lipa City, Batangas.
As a web design and creation team, it’s a must for us to understand the nature of the business and to collaborate professionally with our clients. The open source software may require some initial setup help unless the business owner is technically savvy.
Users with an extensive choice of information on the internet will give their blessings to simply designed sites with easy to find information.
With over 47% of small business not online 2010 will be an important year to get their business online and have a web site.
Small businesses could try these free tools to experiment and then advance to a customized hosted option.
Websites that quickly provide the information without too many flashy promotions will get more visitors. No longer just limited to sites alike Amazon, show visitors what they looked at and recommend products they may like or content that is related. This will extend to the ability to share the content using widgets like Share This, Add this allowing the website content to be shared by the visitors to their own networks. This will also be an important analytical tool so as to track where the lead came from by using different incoming phone numbers.

Uploading them to video sites like YouTube, etc for videos, and Flickr for Photos and embedding them in their own website and will have the advantage of being seen in both the website and the photo or video network. Media rooms i.e sections of the website where small business owners can showcase coverage of their business will be an essential part of the website.
You may get media and press attention by exposure of your business in social media channels. And with this, it’s good to know that Georgia is currently getting new clients online through his website. In 2009 ready-to-use templates also got more sophisticated in the appearance of the finished product, i.e, the published web site, and at the same time got easier to use for the end user.
A hosted option with your own domain name would be more credible and more brand friendly for your business. An added bonus is that these businesses have a better chance to be in search engine results as blogs are updated more frequently and search engines like blogs.
Earlier, these tools were only affordable by large corporations in 2010 these tools will become affordable by more small businesses.
Any effort in 2010 you invest in your website will be highways to your getting more traffic customers and a better bottom line. Shashi is a regular contributor to the Washington Business Journal, DC Examiner and other tech blogs like Smallbiztechnology and Techcocktail. The purpose is to drive target customers to your site…both these efforts must be in sync. Social media integration will help websites spread their information far and wide and savvy website owners will use analytics to continuously tweak their websites based on visitor behavior. Customers will like this as they get a chance to comment and also get to know the business in a very friendly and conversational way. More website owners will start using ¬†Skype , Google Voice or several commercially available options. Shashi has been in the list of Top 100 Small Business Influencer Champions list for 2011 and 2012. He has told me that very often guests come up and tell him that they read his blog while searching on Google for the restaurant. Had the small business who made the video been in the Washington DC area I would have called them at once.
Entry pages, bounce rate, click paths will become easier lingo to follow and use for business purposes. Blogs may not be for all but if folks are doing marketing they could try out a blog and see if it makes a difference to their marketing efforts.

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