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Tingly bubble shooter game - 108game mobile, Tingly bubble shooter is a fun and colorful arcade bubble shooter game by tingly. A day ahead of the Christmas rush, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo opens in theaters today, meaning you can get a jump start on what they're calling "The Feel-Bad Movie of Christmas." Starring relative newcomer Rooney Mara as the enigmatic hacker Lisbeth Salander, with James Bond himself Daniel Craig as the journalist Mikael Blomkvist, Dragon Tattoo is unrepentantly violent and grim, but also surprisingly enjoyable-- maybe not so surprising if you're one of the 60 million people who's read Stieg Larsson's book. Craig, Mara and director David Fincher were on hand in New York this weekend to talk about the film, their efforts not to think too much about the original Swedish adaptations of the book, the various ways both actors suffered to play their characters, and why Daniel Craig wasn't allowed to ride on the back of Lisbeth Salander's motorcycle. By now Rooney Mara's arduous audition process to play Lisbeth is fairly infamous-- she went back to read for Fincher multiple times, had to act the rape revenge scene and immerse herself in the character before she even knew the part.

Mara: David had told the casting director to let me know before I went down the long road of auditioning that if I were to get the part that I would have to become a smoker and have to go off and be among myself for a year.  I would have to be butt naked, do these horrible rape scenes, ride a motorcycle, and what else was on the list?
Fincher:  Yeah, the code word was ?Hmmmph!? [laughter] So he had this thing in his hand and as I am watching the monitor I hear ?Ting! Though the movie is very measured and often very restrained, it opens with practically a primal scream, with Karen O's cover of "Immigrant Song" by Led Zeppelin, set to animated opening credits that look a little like Salander rising from molten steel.
Fincher has been very frank about the fact that the mystery of the story, in which Salander and Blomkvist solve a decades-old murder, is the last thing that interested him about Stieg Larsson's novel, even though he knows that's what a lot of people loved about it. Craig, Mara and Fincher were all happy to distance themselves from the source material and comparisons to either the Swedish films or the book. David Fincher is famous for putting his actors through many, many takes of a given scene, and that was no exception even in the violent and disturbing moments of Dragon Tattoo. As usual at a press conference, the questions were kind of all over the place, so I've tried to organize them by theme and condense as much as possible. At the press conference Fincher talked about how he cast Mara with Daniel Craig already on board, and Mara talked about the list of things she knew in advance she'd have to do if she got the part.

At the end of it, when we put her on the plane to go to Stockholm by herself for 5 weeks to learn how to ride a motorcycle and find an apartment, we knew we had the right people.
In a scene late in the film, Craig's character Blomkvist is strung up in a sort of torture device, and? well, let Fincher and Craig explain how much real pain that required the actor to go through. Fincher explained how he convinced Led Zeppelin to provide the rights to "Immigrant Song," and also what appealed to him about such a bold opening sequence. Though Fincher did pay respect to the book in an interesting way, keeping in a brief subplot in which Salander picks up another woman at a punk gay club.
Fincher talked a bit about how he chooses his actors, and Mara and Craig downplayed the challenges of doing so many takes-- unsurprising, since the director was sitting right there. Check out what they had to say about the film below, and find The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo in theaters everywhere today.

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