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My Healthy Green FamilySustainable, natural living.Back To The Basics: An Introduction to Fresh Lotion and a Recipe!
So, stick with small batches and all-natural ingredients, and create the highest quality body products that can be offered with fresh, safe ingredients.
In a thick-bottomed pot melt beeswax with oil just until it is melted.  Pour into a wide mouth mason jar, set aside and allow to cool until room temperature.
Store in a sealed container for up to 2 months.  Refrigeration will help prolong shelf life.
Always ensure your hands are clean when you use the lotion to prevent bacteria from entering your lotion. It is helpful to sterilize your utensils first with boiling water to help prevent bacteria from entering the lotion.
You can interchange or combine other liquid oils.  Grapeseed oil is known to be one of the least greasy of the oils. If you want to add a solid oil (for example coconut oil or cocoa butter) to your recipe make sure most of the recipe is still a liquid oil so the product doesn’t get too solid at room temperature before you have combined the water and the oil. Such a great post and I also love that you’ve included the links to where to get the ingredients from. Most baby lotions are full of chemical too, I have been making my own lotions for many years, we should be preparing lotions freshly, just as we prepare food freshly.
I would recommend light oils like sweet almond oil or apricot oil, but there are lots that would work, even olive although olive would be heavier and greasier. Anything that is water based (including aloe vera) won’t last as long as a body butter (that has no water) unless you use a preservative. To greatly extend life of your recipe, just replace the 4 ounces of water with 3oz water and 1oz of colloidal silver. If you make a lotion without water then there is no need for preservatives and will last for at least a year. Not everything that is “chemical is bad for you and not everything that is natural is good for you. Lotion bars are just the thing for thirsty skin, but you can easily spend $8-$12 a piece for them at the store. Optional: Add five or six drops of essential oil to each bar, and swirl it around with a plastic spoon. Hi Chris, you can buy empty deodorant containers on Amazon, and from just about any soap and candlemaking company. Are you looking for an easy recipe to make your own homemade tanning lotion to get that nice and sexy dark, golden tan? If you don’t have time to buy a bottle of tanning lotion or if you don’t want to spend a fortune on it, we have the perfect solution for you that will be effective and save you a few bucks. You don’t want to expose your skin to the harmful UV sun rays ?  Or you need a tan accelerator lotion or an outdoor homemade tanning lotion to use in the sun or at a salon with tanning bed ? They don’t need any UV exposure, which is known to cause irreversible damage to your skin, leading to premature aging : wrinkles, dark spots, let alone, skin cancer. The other advantage of making your own self tanner is : unlike commercial sunless products with a chemical called dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which is a bit smelly and can cause irritation for some of you who are allergic to it, your lotion won’t contain any DHA and you know exactly what is in it. You can actually use almost any lotion, it can be your favorite hydrating lotion, just try to use a white one so to be able to check the end color you want to reach. We also prefer unscented lotions as cocoa powder fragrance might not blend well with other scents.
Keep in mind you will have to apply this lotion on your skin, so you ‘d better make sure you can stand the resulting fragrance. Add more cocoa powder if you want a darker color shade and don’t worry, the lotion appears darker than it will on your skin. This homemade suntan lotion will, over time, give your skin a light « chocolate » ?? tone without the dreaded orange undertones but keep in mind, the color will be pretty mild though and won’t last as much as with traditional products with DHA (dihydroxyacetone) as cocoa powder will only « stain « lightly your skin. Of course, it is a temporary tan so if you don’t reapply the lotion, your fake tan will fade with your daily shower. Before applying your lotion and to optimize your tan, exfoliate your skin in the shower with your favorite scrub to remove any dead skin cells or dry patches, around your knees, ankles, elbows… ( For those who also asked, you can even use your microdermabrasion machine if you want for top notch exfoliation, but in that case, we recommend you to exfoliate and wait at least one day before applying your tanner to let you skin regenerate.
After your shower, pat your skin dry and apply your tanning lotion to any areas of your body that you would like to bronze such as your legs, arms.
Allow the product to dry for about 5 minutes minimum before getting dressed or reapplying a second coat depending on the level of color you would like to achieve. Once again, don’t be fooled by the lotion color which is way darker than what you will get on your skin. It is important to use black tea (not green tea) to get a nice dark natural looking tan on your skin.
Make some tea : take a big cup of water, boil it and pour into a mug with your 4 black tea bags. Black tea works as a natural dye on your skin, giving you a sexy tanned look and also brings some antioxydants that will « protect » your skin against free radicals. To get an even richer color, you can even combine our 2 recipes by adding to this tea lotion, some cocoa powder to boost the color shade. In case you don’t know which recipe to use between cocoa and tea, we advise you to go with the tea based recipe as the color will hold much longer than with cocoa powder. So if we skip the lotion, make your cup of tea with your 4 black tea bags, pour the solution in a spray bottle and spray the zones you want to color. Be careful with the spray method to avoid streaks and drips by rubbing in where necessary, that is why adding the lotion might be a more convenient method for some of you, let alone the nourishing and hydrating effect from the lotion. Another option possible : If you don’t have any spray bottle, you can use a cotton ball, dip it into the tea and gently rub the solution into your skin. If you don’t wan’t to stain your clothes, your carpet, remember to apply the lotion or the tea solution over a towel that you don’t intend to keep and do not wear clothes until your skin is dry. If you are definitely not a big fan of sunless tanning and absolutely prefer to sunbathe to get a natural tan, then here are a simple recipe that should make your day.

This sun homemade tanning lotion is a simple emulsion that is also very nourishing, and work wonders on chapped and dry skin…This is another favorite lotion for my elbows, feet and hands ?? This recipe is also way cheaper than the store bought counterpart and definitely healthier for your skin.
It helps to focus UV rays on your skin like a magnification glass which helps to stimulate the melanin production for your tan to appear. It also helps to hold moisture : drying out of the skin is one of the reason why you get sunburns, so by keeping your skin moist your risks of burning are much slimmer.
Lanolin, here, mainly acts as a natural emulsifying agent that will help to bind water and oil together to create that nice emulsion. The other advantage is that lanolin also acts as an emollient, it holds moisture like coconut oil and is often used for chapped skin. Make some tea : take ? cup of water, boil it and pour into a container with 3-4 black tea bags. Mix ? cup of coconut oil, ? cup of lanolin and ? cup of black tea (still hot) with your blender or your mixer.
This lotion will definitely help you get tanned but we strongly recommend you to start your tanning sessions gradually to let your skin have time to trigger the melanin production, which is a way for the skin to protect itself. As we told you for our previous recipes, keep in mind black tea can stain your clothes so be careful :). You can also store any unused portion in a sealed container for up to seven days in your fridge. If you happen to have some aloe vera gel, you could add some to this recipe to get a nice soothing action to decrease the risk of sunburn.
The reason why I prefer to mix the ingredients while the tea is still hot, it is because heat makes mixing the ingredients easier but I don’t want to heat all the ingredients to preserve their properties, so we take advantage of the heat from the black tea. To get a nice hand cream or foot cream, simply substitute the tea solution by pure water, or aloe vera gel…. So you know how to make your own self tanner with 3 different recipes to get a nice and sexy tan ( either sunless or with UV rays – natural or with tanning beds). Simply fill in the form below with your name and email address to subscribe to our updates and get our ebook, we won't share your email address, we promise. Another treatment lotion hits the shelves and Clinique tries to make it an Even Better Essence Lotion! The Clinique Even Better Essence Lotion is yet another Asia exclusive product for now, which pretty much gels with my earlier theory that the brands are releasing these treatment lotions in Asia first because consumers in Asia are already familiar with these sort of treatment lotions thanks to the indoctrination received from multiple Asian skincare brands. Seeing it come out from the big Western brands however makes me realise just how much attention is focused on the Asian market and just how much more they are willing to cater to Asian skincare preferences, which is always a good thing. You may be able to notice the slightly opaque and runny emulsion texture of the Essence Lotion that brings to mind barley water. As I have personally discovered myself, when my skin is dry and dehydrated, it looks lacklustre and dull and whatever freckles or pigmentation I have shows up more prominently. I use this as recommended, by dropping a few drops on my palm and then applying to my face, and follow up with my other skincare. Shaking the bottle doesn’t help very much and I always risk dispensing too much product, so I have to be quite patient and allow 2-3 drops to fall into my palm on their own accord. I can tell you however, that it does make my skin feel very comfortable and it does hydrate well. This product contains Olive Squalene and my skin tends to react to anything with olive extract in it, which means simply I can use this but only once a day and on alternate days (which works because I use Liquid Gold every alternate day) so I use it at night on non-Liquid Gold nights and it’s fine. The Clinique Even Better Essence Lotion is a treatment lotion to be used after cleansing and toning and before serum and moisturiser.
Again, SK-II is a non-starter as it breaks me out quite badly but I put it in here because it’s the most recognisable treatment lotion out there. Pitting Clinique EBEL against Estee Lauder Micro Essence is a bit of a toughie because of the different textures. This Clinique one just went on shelves and if you head down to the counters, you could be able to snag some samples and see if this works for you. Tweet8 Share2 +11 PinShares 11Disclosure: Featured product was a press sample for consideration. I love using treatment lotions and I wish more Western brands would release them here in North America!
Hey Paris ?? recently I bought this Stri-Vectin WH whitening serum which I don’t recall what is it actually called for my mother and it seems be to working for her ?? but I only dab the serum right on the dark spot only . Thanks for the rec, Leonard ?? I have tried that serum but it dried out my skin although it was fairly effective. How interesting, I haven’t come across IOPE-Korea before but then I can’t keep up with the Korean brands out there haha! Hey Paris, I am a total treatment lotion newbie, but I have been really intrigued by these releases! Hey Sunny, actually if you ask me, any treatment lotion gives ANR that boost because they all do roughly the same thing – encourage skin energy!
But I was just saying that SKII also breaks me out, and that I NEED to try that La Mer one!!
Doing so will prevent many of the skin conditions caused by dry skin such as, itchiness, redness, peeling, and acne. Is glycerin natural… I have read a few things but all say different things, It might hold the moisture more?
I tried making a lotion recipe from a violet leaf infused olive oil and while it was extremely moisturizing and kept my skin from getting wood burner dry, it was really more like a salve. Making 3-oz bars (pretty typical of most soap molds), they cost $1.41 a piece to make based on current Amazon prices.
The different kinds of homemade tanning lotion we are going to show you are super easy to make. I guess a lotion with a floral fragrance mixed with cocoa powder would not be very pleasant in terms of scent. In fact, you can even skip the lotion… I mean you don’t have to add the lotion, you can only use the tea solution on your skin, it will work perfectly fine.

It is a great tanning accelerator, rich in fatty acids that also offers natural SPF (about SPF 4). I also bought it on Amazon here, I use it for my hands mainly for winter, it is a must have as well.
For friends in the Western world, you could find this popping up at a counter near you in time to come – hopefully!
I’ve been trialing this for a month or so thanks to a preview sample from Clinique Malaysia and these have just gone on shelves too. This isn’t watery like the Estee Lauder Micro Essence and SK-II Treatment Essence, nor does it have the liquid-gel consistency of La Mer Treatment Lotion. It is for this reason (and because so many whitening products dry my skin out) that I had forsaken using whitening creams and serums and focus on keeping my skin well hydrated and have been since 2011.
It serves as both an essence and a lotion to be used after cleansing and toning and before serum and moisturiser. Any improvement in skin radiance will I believe come at a much later date because I ran into another problem.
It will most certainly offer competition and the different formulation for different skin types is also an added bonus. The purpose is to help hydrate and keep skin hydrated as well as brighten and calm skin over time. Again, manage your expectations because we will all react to skincare differently, but do let me know how you find this should you try it!
I get clarifying toners, but they dont’ have to pack it with alcohol for it to work, there are so many other better ingredients out there! Quite often, I’m totally confused as well especially when people start introducing new products to be slotted in between established routines!
I remember it was one of those little more exclusive Korean brand products but I haven’t tried many items from them. I have to say that so far, the EL one seems the most promising to me, but perhaps it is simply because I love ANR and that one is supposed to give ANR a boost! I picked up the intense moisture surge moisturizer and hydrating mask in Dec last year and have been happy with their hydrating powers.
But I used it anyway I just ran out today and need to make more so I’m trying this tomorrow instead!
If your melted ingredients are hotter than this, you’ll need to let them cool before pouring. I want to melt it and add more beeswax & cocoa butter, hoping to cut the oily feeling of the bars. I like the idea of using old deodorant containers(because of the portability and ease of use) but was wondering if anyone knows where I might buy similar containers? In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! It stains your skin as well but doesn’t hold as long as tea for me, and I don’t really like the smell of coffee. We are going to use again some black tea to give your skin that extra color boost right from the start. It is like a gel emulsion and I will tell you, will suit only those who really do have dry to very dry skin. The plus side of this shift in focus is that I ended up with better looking skin and while my pigmentation doesn’t go away, it does look less prominent and my skin looks better. It helps add moisture to skin, keep skin more hydrated and in the long run, also help to brighten skin.
I also broke out when I tried Elizabeth Arden’s ceramide capsules, which has it as the main ingredient.
For some reason, Korean brand products don’t sit well with my skin but if this is an SK2 dupe then it sounds promising! This simple tip will make your life a lot easier as well as help to keep you looking fabulous. Plus, Colloidal Silver has many of its own benefits: athletes foot, acne, anything fungal and bacterial. I don’t have empty containers and I might be concerned with the scent left in the cylinder after cleaning. I told her the recipe was on the website, but she told me she doesn’t plan to have to make them until my youngest daughter goes on to the next school. The majority of you therefore will likely go for the one for Type 3 & 4 which has a lighter texture. Too many products and routines in the market and just have to find that I can be comfortable with in the long run. Squalane is supposed to be less cloggy and is the star ingredient in HABA’s products.
I always think of vegetable shortening as sort of sitting on the skin as opposed to soaking in. Clinique has the Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector Serum for that (which is one of the more effective products I’ve used) so you would use this in tandem not as a replacement. Remember, I’d been using the La Mer Treatment Lotion before this and then followed by the Estee Lauder Micro Essence lotion.
It is affordable and useful to have in your skincare routine to boost skin hydration, if you have been thinking of using similar products.
My quibble will be with the packaging, which isn’t practical considering the texture of the product and Clinique might want to rethink that.

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