3 Ground Rules to Effectively Communicate with Customers You are using an outdated browser.
More information about text formatsPlain textNo HTML tags allowed.Lines and paragraphs break automatically. So whether your business doesn’t communicate with customers via text messages or your service personnel never collect payment information — customers need to be informed about your business practices. Simply put: the ways in which you do not operate your business are just as important as the ways you do. This is particularly true for anything that may impact customers’ personal or financial information.

That way, if a vendor should ever contact your customers in any way or vendor information appears anywhere in relation to someone’s account, the customer will make the connection with your company. This avoids the potential for a customer to wonder, worry or waste time trying to figure out if the vendor is legitimate.Customers may still have questions about a vendor, but your transparency will let them know to contact you.
Unfortunately, even some large companies are guilty of vendor ignorance—and thus, aren’t always able to validate that they are associated with a certain third party. This is simply no way to do business.All three of these rules follow the simple concept that open, clear, transparent communication with customers is best. It shows customers you care about their security and that you handle your business with competence and professionalism—all of which builds customer confidence and loyalty from day one.Can you think of other ways to improve how your business communicates with customers to boost security?

Specify the channel (phone, mail, email, text) and the associated phone number or address from which your communications will originate.

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