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I’ll confess, I’ve recently become hooked on so-called brain training games, which claim to be able to help you improve your cognitive ability, while also cleverly tapping into the casual mobile gaming phenomena. Enter brain training and “cognitive science” startup Memorado, which today is disclosing a $1.3 million seed round it actually closed back in March (it appears that the brain-fit company forgot to tell anybody!). Like others in the brain training space, Memorado produces a suite of mini-games, delivered via its website and app for iOS, that it says can help you improve your cognitive abilities. To that end, six months since launch, Memorado has already garnered over a million members, though it doesn’t say how many of these are paying customers.
Furthermore, the brain training space “stuck out” because it is a tech-first solution to a healthcare problem, and is truly mass market, appealing to people of all ages and from anywhere in the world. Based in Berlin, we have attracted $5M in funding from some of the best investors across Europe.
HLN have recently completed work on a new Customer Visitor Centre and Training Facility for 3M’s Automotive Aftermarket Division (AAD) in Atherstone. 3M had indentified a business need to replace their existing AAD product evaluation and training building with a new facility which satisfies and enhances all existing functions and additionally provides new high quality customer demonstration facilities expected by 3M customers such as BMW, Porsche, Jaguar and Aston Martin.

The new building provides a workshop area with a paint spray booth, paint mixing rooms and storage space. Designing the building form and system construction in a sustainable way was a prime consideration from the outset. Day lighting is introduced into the workshop area through roof lights, reducing the demand on the artificial lighting system.
There’s nothing quite like wasting away time playing games on your iPhone all in the name of better health.
Backing comes from Sunstone Capital and a number of angels, including the founders of Zalando, StylistPick, Wimdu, Fyber, and Hitfox — all Berlin-based investors. The idea is to offer a “gym for the brain,” encouraging you to visit Memorado often, like you would a gym, including a business model that features various subscription tiers and personalised programs for those that want to work-out their cognitive muscles more regularly. Its iOS app has also attained the top position in the Education category of Apple’s iOS App Store in 22 countries, including the United States, UK, Germany and France.
Problems he and his ten person-strong engineering team are tackling include personalisation so that a training program will train a user’s weakest areas hardest, ensuring brain training translates to progress in daily life, and creating an experience that is still fun after years of training. Narrowing down, we were looking for something that could positively affect the health millions of people but would not need years of drug development and would not be dependent on external parties such as health insurance,” explains Luther, when I ask him why he and co-founder Jeuck decided to focus on brain training mini-games.
We strive to significantly improve people’s quality of life around the world through brain training based on neuroscience.

Additionally, the building provides an exhibition space, conference room and viewing area allowing visitors to safely and comfortably watch demonstrations.
We have aimed to deliver a building design which is lean and efficient in its construction through its simple form and the use of wall and roof cladding systems providing high levels of insulation and air tightness. The most energy efficient equipment for use in the workshop and paint spray booth has been selected, heat recovery will recover 75% of the heat from outgoing air and renewable energy will be provided by PV panels. As I said, these type of brain training mini-games, which first became popular on the Nintendo DS, if my rapidly improving memory serves me correctly, are addictive. Our goal is to redefine how people think about mental performance and help them unlock their true potential. The Uniteka„? Self-Ligating Bracket Debonding Instrument (REF 804-170) is recommended for debonding Clarity ADVANCED Ceramic Brackets, both on- and off the archwire, since it is specifically designed to maximize the ease of debonding. To debond, position the instrument over the bracket, firmly squeeze the bracket mesial-distal, to utilize the proprietary vertical stress concentrator, and gently rock the instrument back and forth, until the bracket is off the tooth.

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