The Miracles of the Church website is devoted to the extraordinary miracles that have occurred in the Catholic Church throughout the centuries including miracles of the Eucharist, miracles through the intercession of the Saints, blood miracles, incorruptable bodies of the Saints, the crucifix of Limpias-Jesus comes alive, miracles during the appearances of the Blessed Virgin Mary and many others. What is perhaps one of the most unusual phenomenon regarding the bodies of Saints is that of the miraculous preservation of a great number of them after being interred for years in conditions that normally should have provoked their destruction according to the laws of nature, and even more so because in almost every case of incorruption in the lives of the Saints the bodies were not embalmed or preserved in any way.
Human remains decompose according to natural laws, and moisture in the body along with the environment of the tomb in which the remains are placed is the primary factors that influence the decomposition of the body.
Nevertheless, the bodies of numerous Saints have survived decomposition for decades and even centuries. There are, in fact, several hundered confirmed and documented cases of incorruption in the Catholic church. Charbel Makhlouf(sometimes spelled Sharbel) was born on May 8, 1828, in the village of Biqa-Kafra in the high mountains of Northern Lebanon. After the usual theological and secular studies, he was ordained a priest on July 23, 1859 and was assigned to the Monastery of St. In 1875 he received the permission of his superiors to live alone in a private hermitage named Saints Peter and Paul, which was not far from the monastery, and which was used by the priests during days of quiet personal retreat.
After 23 years of daily sacrifice in such a meager existence, in 1898 he suffered a seizure while saying Mass, and a priest assisting at the Holy Sacrifice was forced to pry the Holy Eucharist from his grasp. Given such a hidden existence, he would most certainly have been forgotten had not a most extraordinary phenomenon occurred at his grave in the form of an extraordinary bright light, which surrounded his tomb for forty-five nights following the interment. On the day of the exhumation, his grave was opened in the presence of the superiors of the Order, the monks of the monastery, and many villagers, the body was miraculously found in perfect condition to the amazement of everyone, even though, as the result of frequent rains which had inundated the cemetery several times since the burial, the body was found floating on mud in a flooded grave.
After being cleansed and reclothed in fresh garments, the body was reverently laid in a wooden coffin and placed in a corner of the private chapel of the monastery for the admiration and contemplation of the monks and the faithful. Additionally, a remarkable phenomenon accompanied this exhumation; from the pores of the body there exuded a liquid described as perspiration and blood, which had the distinct odor of blood.
The phenomenon is more astounding when one considers that in 1918, following a simple autopsy, the body was exposed on the terrace during the heat of summer for three months without the body decomposing and without drying up the source of the fluid. On July 24, 1927, after the body of Father Charbel was minutely examined by two physicians of the French Medical Institute at Beirut, it was clothed in sacerdotal garments and was placed in a new coffin of wood covered with zinc. Then, after it was sealed with the episcopal crest of the Commission, the coffin was placed in a new tomb especially prepared in the wall of an oratory. On February 25 of the Holy Year 1950, pilgrims to the shrine noticed a liquid seeping from a corner of the tomb and flowing onto the floor of the oratory.
And so it was for 67 years in modern times that the body of Saint Charbel remained perfectly preserved, the case itself be thoroughly documented and examined by medical professionals and described by all accounts as being supernaturally sustained during this 67 year period.
St Charabel, Please Intercede For My Moms Health, Quality Of Life, And Give Me Strength To Accept Your Will.
Please St Sharbel through your intersession let my body be cancer free and lump on back of heel be nothing serious and go away, , may my heart and blood pressure be ok and let my panic attacks when I do have to seek medical attention get better , please let me live a long life as aim grateful for everyday the lord gives me , thankful I can wake up everyday in my own bed without a hospital or operating room in my life . Please St Sharbel through your intersession let my friend Jim Quit drinking or at least slow down , may his liver and health be good and protect him . Hi Julia,I pray that through the heavenly intercession of St Charbel that Jesus may strengthen and heal Youssef, if such would be His holy will.
St Sharbel please intercede for my brother who is working overseas but with poor working conditions to be able to come back to our country to reunite to his family. Regardless of these influences, the body will begin decomposition immediately after death, and will continue to decompose in the days, weeks and months afterwards, regardless of the preservation methods (or lack thereof) that are used, although those preserved will normally decompose at a slower rate. He was given the name of Joseph at his baptism, and he was the last of the five children born to very poor but religious parents.
Maroun, where he spent sixteen years with his fellow bretheren, living a communal life of prayer and devotion to God.

Countless local townspeople saw the miraculous light and because of it and the enthusiasm of the many witnesses of this prodigy, the officials of the monastery requested permission from the ecclesiastical authorities to exhume the body four months after the saint's death.
Given that St Charbel was buried in the ground without a casket and in very wet conditions, such circumstances certainly should have expedited decompostition. As a result of this transpiration, the blood-stained clothing upon his person was changed twice a week. Various documents drawn up by the physicians, the Judge of the Ecclesiastical Commission, the Defender of the Faith, a notary and superiors of the Order, were placed in a zinc tube, which was firmly closed and placed beside the body. The coffin was placed on two stones to prevent contact with the dampness of the soil, and after being carefully sealed with masonry, the tomb was left undisturbed for twenty-three years. The father superior of the monastery, on exam¬ining the liquid and fearing damage to the contents of the tomb, had it opened in the presence of the assembled community. The body was once again found completely free of any trace of corruption and was perfectly flexible and lifelike. For reasons known only to Himself, God chose not to continue the miracle, and at the time of the beatification in 1965, the body was found to have finally complied with the laws of nature.
Obviously in your case many of the decisions that those close to you have made have been very sinful and have caused you alot of pain and suffering.And you have done well to continue to pray for these loved ones and persons in your life that have hurt you. We lose our faith by what we see and hear but we strengthen our faith by what we see and here. Charbel, through your intersession, please pray that my sister finds her way and is not swayed by the evil one. Charbel, Please pray to save my marriage, protect my wife and loved ones, and that God will grand my wife and I longevity, health, peace, strong faith in Jesus, and Grace to help others find peace and faith.
13 And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son.
Charbel,Please intercede for Mary's daughter, our family, grandchildren and all those that have asked for our prayers especially those having marriage difficulties.Thank you!
Sharbel, please intercede for my daughter, guide her, strengthen her, and give her the wisdom she needs to make good decisions about her relationships. Soften my granddaughters heart that she allows me to talk to my great grandchild Also please deliver muito daughter from drug addiction. Many are now displayed under altars in glass-fronted reliquaries, to the admiration and wonder of countless people. Nevertheless decomposition cannot normally be completely inhibited, regardless of the preservation methods used. From early childhood he showed a strong attraction to prayer and solitude, and at age 23 he left home to become a monk in the Monastery of St.
It was in this secluded sanctuary that he spent the remaining twenty-three years of his life in the practice of severe scarifices and mortification. He was buried very simply in the monastery cemetery where so many saintly monks before him had been buried.
Small pieces of this cloth soaked in this mysterious fluid are distributed as relics and these have been said to effect cures. The tomb was found dry and the coffin in the same condition as when it was placed in position, except that a reddish colored liquid was seen dripping through a crack in the foot of the casket.
The sweat of liquid and blood continued to exude from the body, and the garments were found stained with blood, the white content of the fluid having collected on the body in an almost solidified condition. Today, only his bones remain, and these are of a red color, and the discharge of the fluid has ceased.
It is hard to get by in this life with all the hateful and negative people who support abortion and look down on our Pope.

Bless my nephews to break free from drug addictiin and bless my family with faith and good health. What will be presented here is a very recent and well documented case of incorruption that occurred in modern times concerning the holy Catholic monk of the Maronite rite, St. It is recorded by his companions that he often wore a hair shirt, slept on the hard ground, and ate only one meal a day. According to monastic custom, the body, which was not embalmed, was dressed in the full habit of the Order and was placed into the ground without a coffin.
Part of the chasuble had rotted and the zinc tube containing the official documents was covered with corrosion. To answer your question, I would suggest that you contact a local priest at a Catholic church in your area.
God desires that we always forgive others, and without a doubt this can be very, very difficult. Live a sacramental life read good spiritual books scripture etc dont give up persevere my grace is suffient for you.
After being received into the novitiate, he was given the name Charbel, the name of an early martyr.
You can either call or send an email---most all Catholic churches nowadays have websites with an email address of the pastor. But we can obtain many graces from God when we forgive others out of love for Him.You feel that God is not answering your prayers.
Please help her to know that there is a better life for her than the path she is choosing, and that God has greater things in store for her.
It wasn't too many centuries ago that the tale of rocks following from the sky was ridiculed as impossible. The pastor will probaly have some suggestions and perhaps can provide you with some more information. I think I have had in my possession for almost 10 years a miracle in the form of an object which came into being shortly after the sudden death of my husband Francisco in 2001. On a higher level, a second option is that you can contact your local Diocese, again either by phone or email. You have to remember that with the free will that God has given us comes a very great responsibility to make good, moral decisions in life. Obviously your loved ones have made some very poor and sinful decisions, and you have often prayed for them that they might repent and change their sinful ways. The thing is is that we are completely unable to change someones free will and the decisions that they make. So when you pray for your loved ones, you obtain for them light from God for them to make good decisions, and also light to see their past sins and repent and seek forgiveness for them, if they choose to do so. Repeated sinfulness can spiritually blind a person, and when we pray for them we obtain light and grace from God for them, yet they are always free to choose to benefit from this light and grace, or not.So you see, God has heard all of your prayers for your loved ones, and all the desires of your heart for them, and He desires that you forgive them of all their faults and sins that they have committed against you, if you have not already. By forgiving them you will obtain many graces for them from the Heart of God, and it is very possible that it can be through your forgiveness that God will grant them the necessary graces for their salvation. Charbel hear our cries and bless in a way in which we can only say it is miracle granted from God and you St.

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