A lot of time management resources are geared towards office workers — specifically, the self-employed and the cubicle dwellers of the world. We all (not just moms) have a tendency to underestimate how much time a given activity will take, which is a big part of the reason we feel like we’re running behind most of the time. Run all of your downtown errands on a single morning every week rather than spreading them out.
Teaming up with other moms and dads can be a great way to free up some more time in your day. Oftentimes the advice isn’t much help to moms, whose time-sucking activities tend to involve screaming children rather than meetings that drag on too long.

But you’ll be much better off if you go ahead and plan for the¬†unpleasant possibility that she may in fact be under the weather tomorrow, just in case. Be realistic, not optimistic, about how much time things will take when you map out your days. Check email and Facebook just once or twice a day, at set times, rather than repeatedly popping in and out. Being a mom is all about multitasking to some extent — but when you can avoid it, do.
Nonetheless, things will run smoother if you can take just 5 or 10 minutes the night before and sketch out a rough outline of how you’d like the following day to go, and the two or three big things you want to be sure to fit in.

Prep all of your veggies immediately after returning from the food store rather than doing it throughout the week. We lose a lot of time not so much in the tasks we do, but in transitioning between tasks — so doing things in batches is an effective strategy for saving time. And multitasking invariably leads to those stressful, time-wasting moments when you realize you have no idea where you put down your keys, or when you can’t remember if you turned the oven off before you left the house.

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