When you let go of fear and invite unity to return, you but send out an invitation to love and say you are welcome here.
The timing of this family event, as has been the way with the timing of most every event in my life the last year or so, touches me at both a personal and a symbolic level. Tomorrow I will begin the travels that will take me to the annual Course in Miracles conference.
When I was within my love affair with ACIM, I doubt that I would have had a bit of interest in another course.
Now the ego has been separated from the personal self so that you may claim your personal self again and present to others a true representation of who you are. This entry was posted in A Course of Love and tagged A Course in Miracles conference, First Communion, invitation, outward manifestation, true representation, welcome on April 12, 2015 by Mari. When you choose love in any way you’re unconsciously connecting to your higher self, asking for love to reinterpret the situation. This September I’m launching the inaugural Spirit Junkie Master Class for trainers, teachers, coaches and healers.
I just read this lesson in Miracles Now about a week ago and it has helped me immensely, especially at work!
It’s been way too easy to choose fear lately, even ignoring the voice in my head reminding me to choose love.
What I’d love to know is how you give the voice that believes the positive, peaceful, life-affirming mantra strength over the ego and addictive patterns?
On an intellectual level know that I should use this mantra and others like it when I’m feeling sad, anxious or full of worry. I guess what I’m asking is – any tips for training yourself to believe the good things more than the bad?
Just wanted to say thank you, you’re an inspiration, and your guidance has led me through many hardships, the most recent being Stage IV cancer.

In my job i feel sometimes i’m too accepting, too forgiving and too often choose peace instead of conflict.
As the heat with the summer builds I feel life’s pressure heating up too I LOVE this and so needed this reminder! I just read your response tonight (couldn’t sleep, checking emails) and could not believe that you took the time to respond to me. The priest (one of the four priests) who officiated the event, spoke of his own First Communion, saying, “I don’t remember much about my second grade year, but I’ll never forget my First Communion.” For almost everyone I know, hearing of Henry’s First Communion brought up the distant memory of their own First Communion.
It struck me this morning that this, too, is an outward manifestation of being invited to the table.
Through the daily practice of choosing love over fear, eventually love became an involuntary response. In every given moment we have a divine spiritual assignment in front of us: Choose love or choose fear.
And yes, this affirmation is easy to apply when the issue isn’t that difficult to deal with. In an instant you will feel peace set in and you’ll intuitively know how to be happy. Learn from experts in personal growth and spirituality, establish key connections and enrich your own practice as you strengthen your brand. It is such a simple act but it is so powerful, and I feel like it immediately releases any anger, resentment, or petty thoughts. However, the critical voice or ego often seems to have more strength and overpowers my positive intentions, which is what leads to ongoing worry and ultimately depression. I can often do it, just it seems they have equal weight and power and influence in my mind – I want to take the power back!!! Getting Henry’s hair cut for the event, the barber and I had an extensive conversation about our memories.

The inner reality that is manifested visually by Communion, is having a place at the table. ACIM was such an intense read that it knocked out any desire to read anything else for two years. Of course, my fearful ego sneaks up on me often, but through perseverance the loving voice now speaks louder.
Reminding myself happiness is a choice in every moment and I can choose to see peace instead of any old pattern or new fear gives me so much comfort! I have a history of depression and it took a long time on my own to accept that I have a choice about my happiness and feel empowered to have the life of my dreams. I’m struggling with a situation right now and i have a question i hope you can help me with.
People with whom I’ve emailed for years, yet whose past religious experience I knew nothing about, have also been moved to recollect this moment of their past.
And if you should remember me this week, please join with me and all of those contributing to this Feast. How can i handle conflict with more peace and in a loving way without being worried that i’m getting pushed around?
In this way, I have been able to relate easily to ACIM readers who haven’t been drawn to A Course of Love. In fact, I am always in awe at the ways people have “stumbled upon,” been surprised by, or been “taken” (almost against their will) into the depths of A Course of Love.
You can use this book as a guide to establishing a great spiritual connection with your daughter.

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