A woman who bought a winning lottery ticket worth $1million with a credit card belonging to her dead mother-in-law was made to repay her entire winnings.
Christina Goodenow, 38, of White City in southern Oregon bought the ticket in Oct 2005 using the stolen credit card belonging to her boyfriend’s deceased mother.
Goodenow travelled to Oregon Lottery headquarters in Salem on Oct 12 to accept the first instalment of $33,500 from a winning payment to be spread over 20 years. Goodenow , who was earlier sentenced to a six month custodial order for violating her probation over a methamphetamine case was the first case we have come across at EuroMillions.org to be stripped of her lottery winnings.
Goodenow, maintains she bought the winning ticket with cash from her own pocket and said she plans to appeal, must spend two years on probation.
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An anonymous, generous parishioner dropped a winning scratch ticket into a collection plate on March 13, making one struggling Baltimore church $30,000 richer. The pastor will put the money toward operating expenses at the financially strapped church and hopes to give some to members of the congregation needing assistance. In an attempt to go forth and multiply, the pastor planned to take $5 from the winnings to buy Mega Millions tickets for last Friday’s $319 million jackpot.
A similarly generous lottery winner in Indiana used her $100,000 scratch ticket winnings to bring her country music hero to town and raise money for a local nonprofit. The Paris Agreement will leave activists demanding direct action on fossil fuels and energy market reform, says Sydney University research associate Rebecca Pearse. Public canteens were set up to feed people during World War One - and they proved hugely popular.

An application to start fracking at a site on the Fylde coast in Lancashire has been rejected by councillors. She pleaded no contest to theft, forgery and cheating charges and was given a further month in jail.
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After discovering the ticket among the cash in the plate, he sought help determining if the ticket was a winner.

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