Resurrection of Jesus Christ is one of the most famous and also the most significant of all the phases in the Bible. A prophecy is a special message, believed to have come from the God, for the lesser beings.
The true miracle is not walking on water or walking in air, but simply walking on this earth.
The Isha Blog is the premier guide to health, wellbeing and spirituality, in Sadhguru’s own words. Sadhguru: A lot of people keep asking me, “Sadhguru, all the other gurus are claiming all kinds of miracles. As your understanding and knowing of the existence widens and expands, there is no miracle for you. The true miracle of life is not in you doing something, but in you realizing that life is already a big miracle. What is good may not please everyone – what is pleasing may not be good for everyone.
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We are sometimes too helpless that we eager for some good change that can happen instantly.
It is basically related to Roman Catholic beliefs but people believe that these things are really very scary. Faith healing is a popular belief through prayers play a substantial role in enlightening and evoking power.

This message is conveyed to the human society through some deeply pious person called prophet, claimed to be possessed with supernatural powers. The answer lies in realizing that the true miracles are in the life happening around us every day.
Yogi and mystic, Sadhguru, reminds us that the answer lies in realizing that the true miracles are in the life happening around us every day.
Why aren’t you performing any miracles?” According to them, a miracle means you must pull a rabbit out of a tissue box!
Today, with a piece of plastic and a little bit of metal, I can call and talk to someone across the ocean. After swimming we met for lunch and one of the people said, “I saw you swimming in the pool.” I said, “Were you expecting me to walk upon water?” He said, “No, but you were swimming!” I said, “Yes, I swim in the water and walk upon the earth. Follows a reporter(John Krasinski) and a animal activist(Drew Barrymore) as they try to free the whales, which becomes a huge world wide story. Prayers and rituals are foremost important in simply correcting a disease and healing person .Many researchers have found this to be an experimental form of success.
The concept and definition of prophecy varies slightly from religion to region, community to community.
If I did this a hundred years ago and told you I was talking to someone half way around the world, if you were a rationalist you would definitely think I was either bluffing or I was some kind of an idiot talking to himself.
If your understanding and experience of life is very limited, everything is a miracle for you. If you eat a banana or a piece of bread or a fish, it becomes a human being over an afternoon.

There were some inaccuracies for the sake of entertainment, but honestly, it can be overlooked. I can show you hundreds of people around me for whom not a single day passes without tears of bliss flowing from their eyes. A person mentally strong about his feelings has a faster recovery as compared to one who does not. Because people have limited themselves to just the physical and the logical – physical in experience and logical in thinking – they call anything beyond this a miracle. This is my fortune, that people around me are shedding tears of bliss around me wherever I go.
The whales are beautiful, but something lacked with building an emotional connection to them, like other animal movies.
I can show you people for whom not a single moment of irritation or agitation have come in them in many months.
If you could consciously make a banana into a human being, you are the very Creator, isn’t it? If you did not know the process and I were to tell you I am going to convert manure into a fragrant flower, would you believe me? Suppose if I were to take a lump of dung in my hands and make it into a beautiful flower, then you would call it a miracle.

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