Change your microwave and car to save yourself a few seconds of panic before church or any other Sunday morning committments. With the UK clocks changing back an hour this weekend, I wanted to offer some tips on how you can help your little ones to adjust.
It is easy to get into a muddle when the clocks change, even though it is just one hour, but I wanted to try to make this really simple for you.
My recommendation is to immediately switch to the new time rather than try adjusting the schedule gradually. If your child’s bedtime is normally 7pm, on Saturday night try to keep your child up for an extra hour and make 8pm bedtime for that one night only. If you split the difference, you put your child to bed at 7.30pm rather than stretching out to 8pm.
The other option you may have heard about is the gradual approach where you move the child’s bedtime in 15 minute increments over the four days preceding the clock change.
Many children are not affected by a small difference in time so it is simpler and perhaps easier to make a quick adjustment by doing the immediate shift.
Do yourself a favor: Change your microwave and car to save yourself a few seconds of panic before church or any other Sunday morning commitments.

All rights reserved (About Us).The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of PennLive LLC. When the clocks change in the night, you gain an hour, so ideally your child will wake at their usual time (i.e 7am) by the new clock time, and still have had his usual amount of sleep. The difficulty might come if your child struggles to make it through to 8pm on the Saturday night without becoming too over-tired and grumpy and then that could lead to night wakings or an unusually early start!
He may wake a little early by the new clock time but will get back into rhythm very quickly as you will return to a 7pm bedtime on Sunday night by the new clock time.
This works well for some people but I think it can become quite confusing and not necessarily be of much benefit to the child. You know your child best and you will know what will work for you but to avoid a horribly early wake up call on Sunday morning, I do suggest you have a plan in place.
After years of focusing on the needs of others as a wife and mother, Anderson devoted a year to rediscovering herself and reinvigorating her dreams. The questions she asked herself and the insights she gained became the core of the popular weekend workshops Anderson developed to help women figure out how—after being all things to all people—they can finally become what they need to be for themselves.
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