My daughter is in preschool and we have noticed that she is having some trouble with a few of her letters. Little Bitty Mousie by Jim Aylesworth: This story is about a little mouse that explores a kitchen. Nicole shares some great ideas for making these ABC books so check our her site for more information. We draw cousin names among my children and all their cousins… they have a few little cousins that would LOVE this… so excited to get my kids to start on these! We have several alphabet books in our collection, but I thought it would be nice to branch out.

This book uses alliteration to tell about different sea creatures using every letter of the alphabet. There are always deals available including the current FREE photo book deal from VistaPrint. My 7 year old son really enjoyed this book because at the end of the book it included more in-depth information about each of the sea creatures in the book. The meat of the book is illustrations of the letters and some words that start with those letters. My daughter really liked it because each page has the letter included throughout the illustrations.

In addition to teaching the alphabet, there is a real story line with George getting into some of his usual antics.

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