I am a medical doctor and have not, before, run across material that has this much potential to create health. Excited about the clarity and practicality of the translated information from the Beings who called themselves Abraham, Jerry and Esther Hicks began disclosing their amazing Abraham experience to a handful of close business associates in 1986.
Recognizing the practical results being received by themselves and by those people who were asking meaningful questions regarding the application of the principles of the Law of Attraction to finances, bodily conditions, and relationships—and then successfully applying Abraham’s answers to their own situations—Jerry and Esther made a deliberate decision to allow Abraham’s teachings to become available to an ever-widening circle of seekers of answers to how to live a better life.

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But with these Abraham-Hicks words fresh in your mind, your every life experience will now be more meaningful to you. And since nothing is more imporant than feeling good, nothing is more valuable than these processes that will allow more of your natural Well-Being to flow.

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