Here is a transcript for this most excellent recording from the San Antonio seminar in April 2014, kindly sent to me by one of my lovely youtube subscribers.
GUEST: First of all I want to start out with how happy and grateful I am today and how appreciative I am for everything. GUEST: I have time and money and freedom, and I was able now to rise up and meet my beloved, so now I’m extremely happy which is increasing my vibration, putting me higher and higher and higher.
ABRAHAM: Oh, so, are you saying that you were wobble-free and, in your wobble-free, you vibration just naturally raised and raised and raised and raised and raised until you rendezvoused with something that you really wanted? ABRAHAM: So Esther said to us the other day, “So Abraham, you’re talking about unconditional love. ABRAHAM: Well, the reason that we’re bring it up […laughter…] is because if two people get together who only wobble on this topic, and you play it together, then you’re not giving yourself and he’s not giving himself the benefit that you could be giving yourself by staying off the topic.
ABRAHAM: But you see, here’s the thing that’s so fascinating and we love so much having this conversation with you. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Bryan Singer directed three of the first five “X-Men” movies, not counting the Wolverine or Deadpool spin-offs.
Director Bryan Singer returns for his fourth instalment in the X-franchise, following X-Men, X2 and Days Of Future Past.
X-Men: Apocalypse — the third installment in the rebooted X-Men franchise — won't open in the US until May 27. And yet, I’m sitting here and I’m focused upon the conditions of the transportation in this world… I’m focused upon the conditions of my beautiful garden. And this is something that most don’t understand, and we’re just gonna give it to you right now in a way that you can hear it clearly.

Because you’re all bright and shiny over there, and you raise your hand, and we call you over here, and you tell us how wonderful your life is, and you’re wobble-free, and then you go right to a wobbly topic. I had a magical day yesterday at the river walk, everywhere I went just one thing after another. And he, um, understands your words clearly, he’s grown up with you, and he calls me and saying how, “I’m, you know, so deep in the Vortex right now. And it’s because it feels like the problems of my life are the things that I need to address. So, what’s this business about unconditional love because these conditions are feeling really good to me?” And we said, “So, let’s call it wobble-free conditions.” In other words, let’s say you have established how you want to feel apart from conditions and now all those ideas that are flowing to you are flowing in response to your vibration, not in response to some condition. Stay off the subject that disturbs your Alignment, and everything that you are about will come into Alignment. And we say, that’s exactly the wrong approach.  When the problems of your life are what you are addressing, you are deliberately entering a wobbly zone. It’s counter-intuitive, we know, because you’ve been… find a need and fill it, find a need and fill it, find a problem and wrestle it to the ground and kill it.  We know how you humans have been approaching life for a while, but we really want you to understand that… we’re not trying to talk anyone out of anything that is medical but, if you proceed when you’re wobbling… it’s just like our friend was talking about his boss driving him crazy, and we said, “It takes two.” And so, if you go into any situation feeling that way, what are you likely to evoke from the person that you are co-creating with? That’s why teachers have been teaching you meditation for so long because when you quiet your mind, you stop resistance, and when you stop resistance, you are not living conditionally, you are in vibrational Alignment with Who-You-Are, and now you can move from there.  But because you weren’t understanding what you were doing, you jump right back into your objectivity, or sticking your nose into places where you wobble, and then you lose your balance, and then Law of Attraction responds to both vibrational aspects. And so, you intuitive know that he is wanting to sort of soothe himself before he enters into that experience.
Fortunately, in the medical equation, there are many who are so clear about what’s going on that people can come in with their problems, and the clarity of the medicine, or the clarity of the physician, or the clarity of the system can be the dominant vibration in that equation. But we want you to ask yourselves, why do you torture yourselves so much?  Our encouragement – and this is the rule of thumb that will serve you very well – find vibrational Alignment with who you are, and then… We’ve said it in a lot of different ways. Get into the Vortex, and then… Get on the high-flying Disc, and then… Create the vibrational Atmosphere, and then… Get in a good mood, and then… because if you’re in a mood of fear, and then… you’re gonna get something different than if you’re in the mood of ease, and then… We know, you bring to us the biggest topic, the one that’s the most difficult to find vibrational Alignment about.

But really, there is no situation from which you cannot return to your Alignment, but it is fair to say that you can’t get there from there if you got a vibration going on that isn’t allowing it, you see? So, if we were standing in your physical shoes, we would say, “I really want to be a soother, but I feel that I can’t soothe you on this topic. So, let’s stay off this topic, and let’s just get soothed… let’s stay off the subject and let’s get soothed… let’s stay off the topic that rattles our chains… off the topic that is upsetting to us… let’s stay off that topic and find vibrational Alignment, and then… We really want you to hear us.
That no matter where you stand, there is a clear path to where you really want to be and, when you are in Alignment, you will be guided to the ideas, to the feelings, to the impulses that will take you to where you really want to be, every single time, no exceptions, ever, you see? So, we know that it feels to you, and some of you are wondering, “Well, could I get so wobble-free that then I could address this situation?” And we say, “Yes, that’s what we’re calling step 4. That’s where you’re so stable in your knowing that you create your own reality, in your knowing that your son creates his own reality, in your expectation that he is doing a good job at creating his own reality. In other words, if we were standing in your physical shoes, we would make lists of how well his life is going in every other regard, we would shore up our knowing that he is a good deliberate creator.
But when you look at the one thing that isn’t going well in his life, and you use that as your analysis about whether he’s a good deliberate creator or not, now you’re thinking, “Oh, I want this for my son, and I cannot create for him, and he cannot do it for himself because he’s not a good deliberate creator, and now I’m all…”  This condition doesn’t allow you Alignment, so stay off the condition that doesn’t allow you Alignment, and get on the subjects that do allow you Alignment, and then tip-toe into the subjects that didn’t allow you Alignment and see if now they allow your Alignment.
Did you hear that?  Pick the subjects that allow Alignment, then tip-toe into subjects where you didn’t have Alignment before and figure out if you’ve got Alignment and, if you don’t have Alignment, then tip-toe right back out of it. Until, pretty soon, you’ve got Alignment on every subject because you not only know that you are the creator of your own reality, but you know that he does too and then, in time, you’ll know that he knows that, you see?

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