In this acting video lesson, Will Doughty at 3-2-1- Acting Studios uses a rhythm exercise to help child and teen actors memorize commercial copy in a really fun way! This rhythm exercise is so valuable because it helps teen actors get off the page and into the moment! Research shows that body language — more so than spoken language — is what forms a first impression. Commercial casting directors love to see when your eyes light up, and you are really excited about what you are saying.
A top talent agency has called, and you have your very first agent meeting to discuss the possibility of acting representation.
Research also shows that practicing confident body language can actually cause you to become a more confident person.

By doing this rhythm exercise, you start thinking less about the words you are saying, and your personality comes out. You may even want to do some physical warm ups before heading into the office; you can stretch your arms and legs out like a big, standing starfish and practice taking up as much space as possible.
Practice describing your strengths an interests in a mock “interview” style setting before going to your meeting. When you mix up the way you prepare your copy and try out fun approaches, the copy becomes more flexible for you.
This is great for kids to practice because some of the my most talented actors were very shy at first and held back. You’ve already been called in, so now, you get to win the agent over with your professionalism, body language and communication skills.

Have the words in your body, and know exactly where you are, what you want, and who your character is speaking to — so that, in the agent’s office, you can transport yourself to the imaginary world you have created and deliver a compelling performance. There are many, many agents out there to choose from, and there is one who is right just for you.

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