Ben jij topsporter en loop je geregeld vast op ‘een vol hoofd’, structuur of juist de vrijheid die beiden met je carriere samengaan? Heb je hulp nodig tot presteren te komen zonder chaos in je hoofd maar ook zonder medicatie? Neem contact op als je belangstelling hebt (Richard begeleid alleen op niveau van sporters met een A-status of daar naartoe werkend). If this resonates with you, your life, your winds, or your seas, allow me to coach you along the way. Tweet Life Coaching from Nehemiah Visionary people see the opposite of what most people see.
Tweet Sometimes we create the negative, the pushing away of our dreams, because the action is too scary. Tweet In Your Frugality, Do Not Sin Are you so frugal that you cannot say YES to your dreams? As a parent of a young adult with ADHD, I know just how much most parents must be involved in their ADHDer’s life to help them succeed.
However, despite your ADHDer’s desire to make her own decisions, she is not transformed into a good decision-maker, organizer or time manager overnight. Strategy #2: Declare (and demonstrate) your intent to encourage and respect her independence. Being a parent has its challenges, but being the parent of an adult with ADHD can make it even more challenging.
If your relationship is strained because you don’t see eye to eye, it may be time to bring in an ADHD-trained neutral third party, leaving you to play a (perhaps more comfortable) supportive role in her quest for autonomy.  The reward, and your ultimate objective (the objective of every parent), is for your child to have a happy life doing something they love.
If instead, when you get lost you react like your GPS does, and “recalculate”, that is, allow your “mistake” or missed goal to become an opportunity to learn and to readjust how you do things, you need never feel that shame again.
In response to much demand, European adults with ADHD will finally be able to enjoy the benefits of The Maximum Productivity Makeover for Creative Geniuses, a program tailor-made for adults with ADHD. This is a program that has shown amazing results for ADHD adults in many parts of the world, but has always been particularly challenging for people in Europe because of the inconveniences of time zones.
Previously, group sessions took place at 7 pm EST, which for most Europeans, meant attending sessions in the middle of the night.
We are offering a Maximum Productivity Makeover group session at an hour that is entirely reasonable for almost everyone in Europe! We knew it was time to offer more options for more people everywhere when the last group we launched completely sold out.
The program combines training and self-awareness building exercises with the accountability and planning the makes coaching so effective for adults with ADHD. Group coaching for ADHDers has the added, and really amazing benefit (one of the best of all, many participants swear) of letting you connect with people who totally get you! Our own Rick Green, writer, comedian, actor and star of the hit documentary, “ADHD and Loving It!?” liked it so much, he’s enrolled in the The Maximum Productivity Makeover for Creative Geniuses Group Coaching program that the book is based on. I was committed to writing a book that would both inspire and guide my readers, and after months of writing and countless edits, I had it tested by several readers with ADHD or entrepreneurial ADD.
If you think a money management course will put you to sleep, let me assure you that ADHD Money Management 101 is not a snore-fest of investment advice or directions for creating the perfect budget. Sometimes, I feel like an ambulance driver; I seem to meet my clients for the first time in a crisis situation. Considering how un-ADHD-friendly modern life can be, with the constant interruptions of cell phones, text messages, emails and less-than-monk-like cubicle farm neighbors, I’m not surprised most ADHD adults struggle to stay focused on one thing long enough to make any headway. Take extreme self-care – exercise every day, get 7 to 8 hours of shut-eye; you’ll need plenty of sleep to stay energized and focused. Strategically “schedule” your interruptions; protect your high-energy periods to ensure peak performance. Schedule the right types of tasks at the right time of the day to ensure you optimize your time and stay energized.
Create systems to deal with repetitive but complicated activities that tend to cause crises. Take a 20 to 30-minute rejuvenation break when it will do you the most good, when you are mentally and physically wiped. Schedule activities or appointments to force you to get out of the office at the end of the work day. The strategies are simple, but like most simple things, they aren’t always easy to implement. It’s fun to go to the gym with a buddy, so you’re more likely to show up, but you know they’ll let you off easy so you don’t always get the maximum benefit from your investment. Group coaching combined with training allows you to get all the benefit of the buddy system, except on a bigger scale, because you work with a small group of people who share similar challenges, develop friendships that last long after the class ends, and who encourage each other, but you also have an expert who guides you every step of the way, and pushes you to do just a little bit extra so you get the maximum benefit from your investment. Of course, in all cases, the results depend entirely on the investment (time, effort and money) you’re willing to make, but if you’re tired of being tired, sick of living on the precipice looking into the abyss of a total loss of control in your life, make changes now.

The Maximum Productivity Makeover is a highly effective group coaching and training program in one. You don’t have to have ADHD to be scared; all creative geniuses have experienced a fear of failure. However, if “failing” at something new means that you might look foolish or that someone could laugh at you, you can easily bounce back. Finally, after you realize that you can bounce back from whatever outcome you fear, and so, you realize “failure” really won’t be all that bad, especially compared to how much better life could be if you succeed, take your fear out for a drive… but keep it in the passenger seat. If fear is stopping you from achieving your greatest dreams, the Maximum Productivity Makeover starts in January 2012. Following the call for ADHD Heroes at the end of March, a group of volunteers stepped forward, inspired to help make a difference in the lives of people with ADHD and their families. The ADHD Heroes project’s mission is to inspire and to help foster hope and courage for people living with Attention Deficit Disorder.
I’ve been so inspired by the courage these heroes show when they “come out” and reveal their ADHD to the world, given the unwarranted stigma still surrounding ADHD. Marc Asselin, one of our heroes, is leading the charge on the ADHD Heroes Web site, so we will soon be able to sharing their stores with you as well. Superman wore a red, white and blue outfit (and tights, but somehow he made them look dangerous!) and had a secret identity as newspaper reporter, Clark Kent. Even if you’re not a branding expert or a graphic artist, we are still looking for more ADHD Heroes who are willing to help us with interviews, videotaping of interviews (and possibly a seamstress, depending on how the debate about the cape turns out!), or if you’re an ADHDer who has experienced success in one or more areas of your life, because of or in spite of your ADHD, and you’d be willing to share your experience and pass along to a struggling ADHDer (someone who is now where you’ve been) what it took to achieve success. We’ve already got promises of media attention around our launch, so we’d love to move even faster than we are, and we’d really love to have your help with this wonderful project. The objectives of this project are to inspire, give hope and courage to teens and adults with ADHD.
In their financial lives, they are 4 times more likely to struggle with serious financial problems.
They spend so much of their lives trying to recover from failures and feeling defective that they don’t have time, energy or the belief in themselves to transform their lives and reach their full potential.
As a result, not only does this impacts their family, their colleagues, the companies they work for, but we, as a society, lose the contribution these Creative Geniuses could make in the world. I believe that everyone has a contribution to make in this world and when even one person can’t reach his or her full potential, the world misses out on possibly an important contribution.
If ADHD in adults continues to be stigmatized, more people will continue to hide their problem, keeping them from getting the help they need and never reaching their full potential.
I’m in search of adults and families with ADHD who would like to contribute to this project and make a difference.
If you would like to join me in this project, let me know what skill set or strengths you bring and the role you’d like to play in the form below. I want you to imagine it’s the end of the workday and you’re getting ready to head home to begin the second (and maybe best!) part of your day.
You are smiling because, not only are you finishing on time and are about to spend a few hours with your loved ones, but you also have energy to really enjoy your evening. You feel satisfied with your day since you managed to complete the things you had planned to do with ease and you were able to meet your commitments to your team, your clients, your boss and most importantly, to yourself. As you hear these comments, you push out your chest with pride, realizing you have definitely come a long way, baby. No frame of reference for determining how long it will take to do some task or get somewhere. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a neurobiological (brain) condition that affects children and adults. En hij wil zo graag….en mijn brein denkt het merendeel van de tijd in ‘hoe kan dit wel’ in plaats van ‘dit kan niet’. Ik ben nog geen tel thuis, mag blij zijn als ik uberhaupt mijn jas uit kan doen, voordat ik bestormd wordt met vragen en verhalen. Niet onhandig in de zin dat ik struikelde, dingen stuk maakte of niet goed oplette in de klas. Als kleuter trok ik in elk geval al enorm naar de volwassenen toe, die begreep ik denk ik beter dan leeftijdsgenoten. Ik miste dat niet echt maar als ik het wel gemist had, dan zou ik geen benul hebben gehad hoe ik vriendschappen zou moeten sluiten. Het tweede boek van Cathelijne Wildervanck is voor velen dan ook een mooi vervolg op het boek ADHD: Hoe haal je het uit je hoofd. You’ll need to choose when and how to change your tack, adjust your sails, and modify your course. Do you have mental blocks to what all God could do THROUGH YOU, your husband, your children, or your church because you are getting stuck on frugality?
Throughout childhood and adolescence, your ADHD son or daughter has had to lean on you to make decisions, get organized and manage life’s complications.

Be available to discuss things with her if she needs to, and when you are discussing things, also understand that you are NOT always right. When she does come to you for help making decisions, don’t step in to make the decision for them, don’t even try to influence their decision.  Ask questions that allow her to notice blind spots she may have in her thinking. Speaking of empowerment, give your ADHD adult the information she needs and encourage her to make her own calls for appointments, make her own requests for accommodations and so on.
Celebrate each step toward independence, each happy result, each effort made toward her goals.
Remember that regardless the direction she takes in life, you want to come out the other side of this period of transition with your relationship intact, changed, yes, but strong and loving. Ha!), your To-Do list is longer than when you started and tasks you scheduled but never had a chance to complete because of the constant interruptions are now added to the pile of last-minute crises that will ensure this situation will repeat next week, next month and next year! Starting an exercise program is always easier if you have an incentive and you can use some of the same effective techniques to implement your anti-burnout strategies; partner with a buddy, join a class or hire a personal trainer. Having worked alongside them, I realize that they are also ADHD Heroes and it’s been a privilege to spend time with them. As the wife and mother of ADHDers and an ADHD Coach for more than 6 years, I know how devastating ADHD can be when you don’t know how to manage it. We need to recognize that adults with ADHD have strengths – such as creativity, a stronger tolerance to risk, etc. Admin., is a certified ADHD Coach who helps adults with ADHD overcome the special challenges of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD) they encounter at home and in the workplace.
Sadly, only 15% of adults have been formally diagnosed and treated.That means 85% of the adults with ADHD are unaware of their ADHD, undiagnosed, and untreated.
Daarna ging hij zijn eigen weg weer, waarbij zijn affiniteit met de topsport en mentale processen daarin altijd belangrijk zijn gebleven. Dus ik heb heel wat tijd onopvallend opgesteld gestaan bij glijbanen en op andere plekken waar een van de kinderen iets wilde wat eigenlijk net een bruggetje te ver was. Of hoe je moet vragen of je op het schoolplein mee mag spelen, of hoe je een speelafspraak maakt. Overigens ook voor wie geen last heeft van depressie maar wel meer wil weten over de werking van het brein & stemming is dit boek de moeite waard om te lezen. Your journey in a safe and non-judgmental setting, exploring your options, setting course, and getting there with an encouraging first mate alongside.
She will!) as she learns to think for herself, or worse, rather than thinking for herself, she’ll seek “help” with her decisions, so that rather than thinking for herself, she’ll resort to the wrong help and potentially jeopardize her chances of success at school, at work, in life. Linda Anderson, a Master Certified ADHD Coach and the Past-President of ADDA (Attention Deficit Disorder Association) loved it!
The behaviors must be excessive, pervasive and negatively impact at least two areas of the person’s life.What do we know about Adult ADHD? En toen stond daar die eerste topsporter die vond dat medicatie zijn presteren in de weg stond.
David Giwerc, President of ADDCA (ADD Coach Academy), an ADHDer himself, and a leader in the field of adults with ADHD and one of the founders of ADHD Awareness Week in the U.S. I sat down in January 2010 and began to write the book that had been waiting to be written. These models of success can become ADHD Heroes, inspiring teens and adults with ADHD to come out of the shadows and provide the hope and encouragement for ADHDers to believe they are capable of having a full and powerful life. It is now accepted that this is a neurobiological condition that many learn to compensate for as they get older, but people do not "outgrow" ADHD. Als voormalig top- en subtopcoach en gezien zijn kennis van ADHD was het logisch Richard te vragen weer voor ons aan de slag te gaan.
I’ve been working on it for over a year, and I packed it full of valuable, practical, difference-making advice for adults with ADHD taken right from the trenches of my own life with a husband and adult daughter with ADHD, and proven time after time in real life with my ADHD clients.
Information, perspective, and methodologies about Adult ADHD are constantly being discovered, giving us greater insights into how to treat it.ADHD is a paradox of incredible strengths and incredible weaknesses. Because people with ADHD are seen as very bright and capable in certain situations, their poor performance in other areas is interpreted as due to lack of motivation or willpower. Frequently puts foot in mouth.Irritated waiting for children or other slow people to complete something.
If you are one of these people, it is important to be aware of your unique combination of characteristics and not the preconception of what ADHD is or merely the diagnostic symptoms.

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