Our next official tournament is just around the corner, and we welcome back a contest which totally does not have anything to do with our little poll from a while back.
One year ago, we started with giving individual community members the opportunity to select beatmaps for the Monthly Ranking Charts. It looks like our game was noticed by a certain legendary video game developer, and we have some new content for you coming from various fronts of the game!
Let me give you an example from my life (keeping in mind that I mentioned temperature earlier).

There you can check the past Ranking Charts and interesting information about them: chosen maps, chart winners, selectors - all at one place!
When I settle down for the evening, depending on the temperature in my house, I will or won’t wear socks. Do you want to have more information about the charts and have ideas what could be added to the overview? Asking someone to work in an environment that has too many stimuli will impact the quality and quantity of work.

My body is so sensitive to outside stimuli that even something as small as the temperature of my feet can impact how well I sleep. Think about it from this standpoint; would you want to sit outside when it’s hot outside in a winter coat fully bundled up?

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