When it comes to working with clients, whether or not they have ADD, a coach is the person that draws out of the person the greatness that is within. Binnen de ADHD Factory blijven we ontwikkelen en op zoek naar de beste methodes, tips en inzichten om er voor te zorgen dat het opvoeden en begeleiden van kinderen in de leeftijd van 6-18 jaar met minder strijd en meer begrip plaats vindt. Deze groep kinderen is allergisch voor autoritaire communicatie en steigeren als iets niet gaat volgens plan. Voor ouders is het een zoektocht om te ontdekken op welke manieren je je kind goed kunt begeleiden, zonder dat dit ten koste gaat van je eigen waarden & normen. Opeens lijkt het of iedereen daar een oordeel over mag hebben en alsof een ander het recht heeft om zijn mening te ventileren. We kunnen er heel luchtig over doen, maar het kan behoorlijk vermoeiend zijn als je dagelijks op je tenen loopt.
De training coach je kind stelt je in staat om je rol als ouder helder te maken, meer vertrouwen te krijgen in je eigen handelen en in de toekomst. Als ouder leer je de kennis toe te passen om stap voor stap de veranderingen  door te voeren, zodat de toekomst en zorgelozer uitziet. 1.    Als je regelmatig ruzie hebt, moe bent, gefrustreerd voelt en misschien ook wel machteloos.
Als je nu nog regelmatig toegeeft of het met de mantel der liefde bedekt, omdat je denkt dat dat het beste is. Als je vaak twijfelt of je reactie wel goed is of omdat je denkt dat het hoort of omdat je merkt dat je je schaamt voor het gedrag van je kind.
Je ontdekt wat er werkelijk gebeurt in een situatie die ontstaat door agressie, ongecontroleerde handelingen, schreeuwen, niet luisteren.
Je krijgt handvatten aangereikt om ongewenste situaties in een split second weer naar je hand te zetten!
Op het moment dat jij begrijpt waarom je kind doet wat hij doet, zal jij het negatieve patroon doorbreken.
As you keep reading, you’re going to learn 4 very important concepts in helping ADHD to become more manageable. Although the majority of us have been through grade school, we were never taught how to listen or how to communicate effectively. You Can REGISTER for this event, simply click the button below to reserve your seat, just enter your name and email address. I recently created a famous podcast where I unveiled the nuts and bolts of all the issues that we’re dealing with in the ADHD community across the globe. The pressure is building within the ADHD community and society who is on the outside looking in. Medication can help OR worsen the problem, no one knows which medication will work for each person, so it’s really a game of brain chemical Russian roulette. Parents, adults and kids – need a tried and true way of understanding, containing and redirecting the enormous brain energy that comes WITH having the traits of an ADHD Brain. What if I could clear up both sides and show you how to understand, handle, and enjoy the person with ADHD? 3.  They have read and been instructed on the ups and downs of medications and what they are really doing to the brain by taking prescriptions.
Discussing ADHD and genetics can be a daunting task, given all the technical jargon being used. From the ages of 8-16, over 8,300 people diagnosed with ADHD from England and Wales were followed and evaluated using specific ADHD monitoring tests and scales by the parents. Basically the results were that the hyperactivity measurements went down by 50% from age 8 to 16, while the inattention measurement only decreased slightly. Imagine a future where there are training seminars and conferences to edify and augment the inherent creativity, curiosity, and energy that comes with the ADD Brain.
In the same breath we can talk about the amazing things that have come from being involved with someone with ADHD.
The time has come for society to realize exactly what we’re dealing with regarding the ADHD brain. Constantly evolving The ADHD Society programs to include new research findings, alternative care models, and a genuine loving compassion for the client, that is unmatched by anyone I’ve heard of besides Dr.
Realize that the ADD brain has the ability to do things that are amazing and inspirational.
Would it make sense to you if I told you that the ADD Brain functions from the perspective – that is colored by the amount fear shame and guilt that the person is internalizing?
People with ADHD have incredible imaginations; making negative programming extremely powerful. Combine that with the newer understanding that “thoughts become things” (Mike Dooley), in addition to the power of thought to change the environment (The Intention Experiment).
Scientific fact – when your ‘fight or flight’ response is kicked in from your nervous system, ALL your senses become more enhanced. Facing your own internal notions of fear will take us into areas of our minds that we may believe are very real to us.
Here’s the disclaimer – when you begin to ask yourself about the skills that you have to complete something that you’re afraid of – and you honestly don’t have the skills – GO GET THEM. This training is not for everyone and space is limited with a maximum of six participants only.
Personalized mentor letter of recommendation written by Laurie based on your work together for you to include with your credentialing application. The Coach Mentoring for ADHD Coaches program begins with five 1? hour group mentoring sessions to get your ready to start coaching. Personalized mentor coach letter of recommendation letting assessors know you’re coaching strengths and readiness to take your exams.
Monthly ADDvance Your Coaching Business Q&A calls the 3rd Tuesday of every month*-where you can bring your business questions each month and get them answered on the spot by Laurie as she shares with you the same strategies she used for creating her sustainable, profitable and professional coaching business. Coaching for ADHD Exclusive Membership where you will get immediate access to the same tools, templates and done-for-you resources used in Laurie’s business. This mentoring program is not for everyone and participation will be based on application and best fit.
Voor deze kinderen is het nog niet gemakkelijk om consequenties in te schatten van het minder functionele gedrag. Natuurlijk zijn er veel opvoed adviezen te krijgen, maar deze gaan niet in op de specifieke behoefte die ouders hebben als er bij hun kind een diagnose is gesteld. Dit is zo frustrerend dat je aan jezelf begint te twijfelen of je wel een goede ouder bent….
Since I have chosen to live in this city I love, Richmond, then the people of this town have the opportunity to meet me face to face that other folks around the globe don’t.

This blog gives the bullet points of an incredibly insightful and thought-provoking Video Podcast that Dr. By following a specific regimented individual set of Nutrition Strategies, they have not only tamed the negative symptoms, but also have helped improve the positive traits.
The person with ADHD has gained the capacity to focus on purpose – not just when they are interested in something. Enabling the person with ADHD to be able to take responsibility for their actions – not placing blame on others. The researchers are proposing that 2 or more genes are responsible for the hyperactivity trait, while the inattention comes from ‘one single powerful gene’.
Etka’s viewpoint: I’m not even sure you can say a gene is more powerful than another, due to the fact that they aren’t even ‘turned on’ unless the cells are in the correct cellular environment for that gene to fully express itself. What we can’t always control while growing up is the environment that we are placed within.
Rethinking environmental contributions to child and adolescent psychopathology: a meta-analysis of shared environmental influences. There are several reasons for this, aside from any conspiracy theories, the simple fact that ADHD doesn’t think linearly, but more tangentially – abstract. A strength based approach to helping handle the negative aspects and improving the positive traits.
The genius moments, the inspirational work, the passionate determination, the incredible solutions to seemingly impossible problems. How many people have been abused & mistreated because they have the traits of ADHD (misunderstood)? Working with hundreds of families, I’ve observed particular things that improve ADHD in a client simply with changes in parenting.
It can be caused by many things, but predominantly there are several things that can be done to make it less of a problem. Limiting distractions helps the majority of people with ADHD. It’s mandatory to decrease screen time, encourage creativity, and connection to other human beings. Imagine for a moment that someone possessing the programming that they aren’t smart or that they “can’t do anything right”. That’s fine, I understand, but you have to understand that it’s only that way because YOU have made it that way.
Research the skills needed, then learn what’s necessary, then train on the new skills, find a way to get that skill.
The letter of recommendation is a requirement needed for credentialing purposes that Laurie is happy to provide for her students. She works with children, students, parents and adults to overcome their ADHD challenges, feel more confident in their abilities, and experience success. She is the editor and a contributor to the ADHD Awareness Book Project Series which asked over 150 ADHD colleagues – coaches, psychiatrists, teachers, etc.
Lots of professionals in the business world hire personal coaches to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and bring out the best in themselves or their business. For example, when it comes to art or music, I barely know anything except that I do know what is beautiful… So, for me to truly coach an artist, I would help them to overcome obstacles to their full incredible imagination and creativity.
It is important that this ADHD Coach has the skills and understanding to provide a strength based approach to their coaching program. Despite the urge and want to become a better version of themselves, there is almost always the burden of fear shame and guilt associated with growing up being misunderstood with ADHD. Na deze training hoef je niet meer te twijfelen, in paniek te raken of in een negatieve spiraal te belanden. What I’m talking about is communicating information to another person in a way that the other person can receive it properly and communicate back to you the correct main information. I’ve met clients who  figuratively borrow my belief in them to make it through some very hard times. Read up on Bruce Lipton’s The Biology of Belief is a groundbreaking work in the field of new biology. As we get older and more self-sufficient, mature and responsible, than we can begin to take more control of our environments. During our live presentations, when I bring this statement to the audience, I get hands up and people love talking about these experiences. In 2012, in Baltimore, MD, I told him directly, in a face to face conversation; that I would be the champion for his cause. As mature adults, it is our responsibility to rise above any negative default behaviors that we may have observed from our own parents growing up.
Encourage out-loud thinking; the ADD Brain thinks really fast and sometimes there is a need to tell people and talk about it a lot. Be sure that people who are willing to perform a task will take more responsibility for the outcome than if they are forced to perform said task.
What many people may not understand is that the ADD brain has special times during the day when it’s in “Turbo Mode”. There are many groups and communities forming daily that cater to the super creative, imaginative, fast-thinkers.
This doesn’t happen just a few times, we’re talking thousands, countless, amount of occurrences. What will happen to this person when they encounter a new experience in which they have to learn something new to accomplish a new task?
Many times it simply came down to realizing that I had the basic skill to perform the task, and I could complete them without dying.
Let me give you an example from my life (keeping in mind that I mentioned temperature earlier).
When someone who has ADD, but isnt getting help from a trained, educated, certified ADHD Coach – that can spell trouble.
That means, by understanding that ADHD can be a gift as long as the correct individual changes are made and adhered to (preferably with out drugs) the person gets their life more under control and they become much more productive and happy. SO why is it that the vast majority of parents have not had any formal training in ‘correct parenting’ that is up with the times? Most teachers, adults, and parents haven’t received training in how to cope and handle that type of thinking. The homework battles, ruined relationships, the drugs and alcohol, the countless forgetting experiences, unacceptable behavior, and distracted consciousness. Be honest with yourself and realize that you weren’t able to choose your parents, but you can choose your own behaviors now. Trying to dampen the creative imagination or behavior can have drastic consequences later in life.

Help the thoughts and reasoning process; also having them write things down in a journal is very helpful. When they aren’t performing or behaving correctly, guide them into a behavior that can be praised and recognized for. These are the most important times of the day to harness this power and handle important tasks. Remember that this brain can handle putting concepts together better than a ‘normal’ brain.
Fear keeps you from doing lots of things that you CAN do, but it can also push you to do things that you never thought possible. More often than not my ADHD and anxiety was like a phantom cloud that my mind created and once I was in front of it, it vaporized. When I settle down for the evening, depending on the temperature in my house, I will or won’t wear socks. She is a recognized leader in the field, speaking nationally and globally on coaching and ADHD.
The prospective coach should know the latest research on alcoholism and addiction rates among ADHD population. There is obviously an underground movement growing in momentum that is going to crest soon. Back then though, I had no idea I would be the one leading the charge to bring freedom to an entire group of brilliant misunderstood section of society. Discuss with them that you understand what they want to do, but set a time when that behavior may be more appropriate.
Many times, by simply allowing a slightly wider berth the situation lowers in stressfulness.
ADHD folks can be very impulsive with emotions, so it’s important to promote wait time or a ‘pause’ button. This goes for all parents, coaches, daycare providers, grandparents; anyone involved in the person’s life.
Placing the person in an environment where they will be successful with that type of brain will thrive can be monumental.
I’ve noticed clients with a dysfunctional right brain that likes to run unbridled is more of a problem. Because fear is in your mind, like anxiety, and the chemicals it produces cause all kinds of actions and reactions. Laurie is a credential Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coach Federation (ICF) who also mentors and trains ADHD coaches in business. It is extremely important that you are honest with the ADHD Coach in order for them to help you the most.
This means that having an ADHD Coach can be a way to crawl out of the despair that comes with trying and trying again and again, only to fail, again.
Open your mind to the fact that you have more control over your ADHD than you may have previously been told. Parents, adults, kids, and insightful educators are realizing that the ADD brain is an incredibly powerful asset. In this way, you’re not stopping it dead in their tracks, but giving them a place and time that they can fully explore and behave as they want to express themselves.
Check your schedules and make sure that they aren’t too busy and placing excessive strain on the person with ADHD.
Strive to simplify and organize your child’s life; talk with them and find out how they work best.
When the brain moves the body into “Turbo”, the it’s time to be outside, or exercising, running around, using the body as many healthy ways as possible during that time. As technology improves to measure the truth; I’m going to shed some light on how I’ve helped hundreds of people get control of their ADHD and anxiety.
For those educated professionals who truly understand the metabolic, neurological, and environmental issues surrounding ADHD, many of them assert that having an ADHD Coach is one of the smartest things anyone can do. His experiments, and those of other leading-edge scientists, have examined in great detail the mechanisms by which cells receive and process information. The implications of this research radically change our understanding of life. I’m sure some people might get defensive about that statement, but I’m here to help you through that.
There are negative aspects to the traits of being impulsive, distractible, and hyperactive. Being honest with yourself and determining if the stress is coming from school, community, or other family members, then be aware of that. The work we do with neurofeedback and the Myndplay company has proven invaluable to improving the emotional intelligence of clients. Asking someone to work in an environment that has too many stimuli will impact the quality and quantity of work. It shows that genes and DNA do not control our biology; that instead DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cell, including the energetic messages emanating from our positive and negative thoughts. The yin and yang of the situation is that those same negative traits have positive creativity, curiosity and enormous energy as their counterparts. This particular subject has its strength in the consistency of the parents; their own personal confidence and love.
It’s important to help the person with ADHD see this for themselves, just like we discussed above. Integrative ways of improving body awareness are very important to the success of our ADHD program. ADHD and anxiety is completely under your control (once you are aware, recognize and train yourself).
My body is so sensitive to outside stimuli that even something as small as the temperature of my feet can impact how well I sleep. Think about it from this standpoint; would you want to sit outside when it’s hot outside in a winter coat fully bundled up? Imagine for a moment that someone with autism is behaving unacceptably – how are you going to handle yourself? Gently helping them to see where their actions caused something to happen is very important.

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