Our thought is, your desire is to do God's will as you were created. Our belief is that you are who you are supposed to be, at this moment. John believes the journeys that Catholic ADHD'ers face can be uniquely addressed by having a coach that is willing to encourage their steps of growth within the beauty and traditions of Catholicism. As a past president for the Tujunga chapter of the Lion's Club, John has been a talented and dedicated volunteer leader. Working hard to progress through the ranks of the Boy Scouts of America's advancement process, John earned the highest award offered Eagle Scout and continues with the virtues the BSA is known for. As a man of faith and family, John uses his life experience of over 35 years with ADHD to offer a distinctive approach to encourage his clients.
With a passion for music, John believes that God has blessed us all with special charisms and abilities.
Catholic ADHD Coaching offers a conceptually different approach to the process of managing ADHD.
Parent training has been identified as the most important variable in helping children with ADHD thrive. Training is open to Mental Health Professionals, ADHD Coaches, and other caregivers whose role provides the opportunity to support families touched by ADHD. Learn the essential science and latest research on how ADHD and Executive Function Deficits impact every aspect of an individual’s life.
Learn best practices and strategies to improve child behavior and performance at home, in school, and in life. Learn how to support parents in creating valuable and sustainable changes as they gain knowledge, strength, and confidence as parents. Learn the fundamental skills of the coaching process based on the Core Coaching Competencies as they are applied to Coaching Parents. Gain comfort and confidence in marketing and networking to expand your referral base and reach new clients. This course is approved for 20 hours of International Coaching Federation Continuing Education credit and 20 hours of CCE-Global Board Certified Coach Continuing Education credit.
FREE introduction to my book, "8 Keys to Parenting Children With ADHD" when you sign up today! Join our experts (listed below) as they provide in-depth knowledge, resources and strategies to help you advocate for your exceptional child.  Uncover the truth behind the misconception of “what is normal?” and gain support from experts who are parents and have walked this path.
A recent contributor to Laurie Dupar’s “Inspirational Ways to Succeed with ADHD,” Judyis working on her own book for ADHD teens due out the end of the this year. This method is all about giving children an unshakable sense of self-worth with which they can navigate their lives. This approach helps parents bring their main focus to what’s going right: on recognizing, in honest and satisfying detail, the child’s success, good choices, following of the rules and other positive behaviors. He is a certified trainer for The Nurtured Heart Approach, an intervention for children with Oppositional Defiant Disorder. As an increasing number of children are diagnosed with autism, public schools are struggling to cope with the wide range of learning challenges. I’m an adult who’s been called ADHD — or other descriptive adjectives — as long as I can remember.
I’m deeply looking forward to sharing these two approaches that have enhanced my life and the lives of my clients. Chris Fraser, MSW, LISW is the owner of Positive Path Counseling in Dublin, Ohio.  Since 1999, Mr. Learn the 1 Mistake Parents make when giving kids social advice that is making things WORSE! Carlene is a Certified ADHD Coach and parent who knows first hand both the challenges and joys of raising a child with ADHD.
Certified in Positive Psychology, Carlene coaches people to silence their inner critic and to start trusting themselves with their own answers so they can confidently do what they want to do and feel successful.

Do you get the brush-off when asking the school why your child is struggling?   Have you requested an evaluation for a learning difference, to no avail?  Sign up here to learn what your school isn’t telling you, and how to obtain the services and accommodations that will set your son or daughter up for success. Whether you are a parent or educator, this 30 minute overview will introduce you to the beginning basics of dyslexia.
Learn some tricks of the trade from a teacher in the classroom, who has invented her own strategies by interacting with her students. Did you know movement and “fidgets” actually enhances learning rather than preventing learning from taking place? Lynn has been teaching elementary school children for 35 years.  She began teaching in preschool with 2 year olds and is currently teaching second grade.
What aspects of the “change process” are practically forgotten or missing when parents are addressing change  in their kids.
How understanding self-regulation impacts ALL aspects of your child’s attentional issues-academic, social and emotional and what to do about it.
What do researchers say about your child’s ability to learn self-regulation, even if it’s delayed? Several great parent resources that can help develop your child’s personal awareness  and ‘flex self-regulation’ muscles.
After years of teaching in public schools and her ADHD diagnosis, she launched a business of her own,Your ADD Answers Coaching and Consulting. At the core, the central belief is that you are exactly the way God wanted to create you and the intricacies of your personality have a purpose. Catholic ADHD Coaching will encourage you to find ways to achieve results within the confines of a stress-filled, fast-paced, hyper-organized world. Working with the world's largest service organization, John has experience helping communities improve their conditions with integrity and energy. Initially diagnosed with ADHD at the age of nine, John has lived with the ups and downs of ADHD life. The father of three children with ADHD, John understands the relational dynamics of families with ADHD and offers sincere, practical encouragement for challenging times. Your journey will be encouraged by faith as John offers his talent, devotion, dedication and commitment in a service-oriented way founded on what the Church holds dear.
Become qualified to coach parents as they become experts in understanding and managing the challenges their children face.  Provide tools and strategies to help parents develop healthy, helpful relationships with their children and ultimately increase their children’s success at home and at school. Join a community of professionals committed to understanding, supporting, and advocating for children with ADHD and related challenges. Serving clients in Nassau County, Western Suffolk County, Long Island, and Manhattan, as well as Nationwide via our ADHD webinar workshops.
They learn to use their intensity to propel success rather than to break the rules and create chaos. Since every child with autism is unique, no one program or approach to education will be effective for every child. Sears is a Nationally-certified School Psychologist (NCSP) and the recipient of the prestigious 2012 Best Practice Award in school psychology. I have discovered through my successes and failures — as a human being, a parent, and as a  clinical social worker in private practice — many helpful realizations.
These approaches help us become more attentive and focused through the use of mindfulness skills.
Fraser has served a variety of individual clients, couples, and families in both public and private settings.  Mr.
Fraser has many years of experience and training in various forms of strategic and brief therapies, family therapy and acceptance & commitment therapy.
Fraser works with clients (children, adolescents, and adults) who have a variety of presenting problems and concerns.  Additionally, since 2004 Mr. Her compassion shows through as she speaks from the heart, parent-to-parent, while adding expert techniques.
I will help you in separating the facts from fiction about this language based learning difference.

One realization is that parents of children with an ADHD temperament often take way too much blame for their children’s struggles and also often secretly carry that unwanted guilt around with them.
They help us find ways to be more self-compassionate when we fall down as parents and how to refocus our lives back towards our valued path.
Fraser specializes in helping children and adults embrace their strengths, identify their values, and compassionately embrace their pain in the service of what truly matters to them. Mr Fraser works primarily from an authentic pairing of ACT (acceptance commitment therapy) and CFT (compassion focused therapy). Fraser has performed as an adjunct instructor at the Ohio State University College of Social Work where he teaches courses in marriage and family therapy and social work with individuals.  Mr. Parents leave her workshops armed with easy-to-apply strategies and confidence in their parenting decisions.
This diagnosis prompted her to start learning and advocating for a proper education for her son, which then led her down the road to become a Dyslexia Therapist. Parents of children with ADHD can deeply benefit from learning the self-compassion training skills found in CFT (compassion focused therapy) and the psychological liberation and flexibility that can be fostered through learning about ACT (acceptance commitment therapy). They help us hold lightly those old limiting stories we have about ourselves and our children that attempt to come between us and what’s truly important to us. Fraser has co-facilitated solution focused domestic violence groups for the court system; co-facilitated a kids in care group for parents who have had their children placed outside their home by children services. She has received Orton-Gillingham training and is a part of Southern Methodist University’s Ohio cohort. With a Bachelor of Science degree in early childhood education from Purdue University, a Master of Education degree in curriculum design plus administrative certification from Indiana Wesleyan University, she has presented at the International ADHD coaching organization and was contributing expert for Laurie Dupar’s best-selling book, “More Ways to Succeed with ADHD.” A resident of Sweetser, Indiana, she developed training for at-risk high school students moving on to college in Grant County.
Sears will reveal five secrets to successfully navigating the special education maze that every parent should know (but the schools won’t tell you). Using a combination of lecture and experiential exercises, I will teach you many of these practical skills, and you will be able to take them home and implement them immediately.
Fraser speaks locally, nationally, and internationally on innovations in using ACT with children and adolescents and how to build a private practice using the ACT model as a guide. This comes from the heart, from each tear as she witnessed her severely Learning Disabled brother struggle to read and write. Following the interview, you will receive a link to a free download, Five Insider Secrets to Successfully Navigating the Special Education Maze, which will provide additional tips and information, including the pros and cons of several educational options for children with autism. I have a strong passion to share what I have discovered over the years, and I feel so so very fortunate to have the opportunity to share them with you! Fraser has worked on an early childhood mental health initiative funded by a state grant in rural Ohio in which he facilitated parenting groups and social skills development groups for children to reduce aggression.
Family dynamics were greatly impacted.  As a teacher, she has worked with many unique and delightful children.
Beth has a private practice in Dublin, Ohio where she remediates students, consults with parents and educators, presents to groups about dyslexia and also works part time at Marburn Academy as the Early Reading Screening Coordinator.
He also created and facilitated a group for overwhelmed parents of strong willed children with the ADHD diagnosis.
There is nothing greater than seeing a child soar, once they are “on fire” and believe in themselves. I’m eager to be a partner to unwrap, reveal, and embrace the many gifts you or your child are looking to find and put to great use!

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