A common complaint I hear when starting a new assignment is that everyone wants to be empowered, but very few seem to want the accountability that should come with empowerment. Wikipedia defines employee engagement as “a property of the relationship between an organization and its employees. That said, knowing from experience how frequently we lack effective communication skills, then it must be stated that engagement can therefore only come about when organizations effectively communicate to employees, who in turn identify and believe in these priorities (creating organic accountability).
Having a BA in computer science & robotics, I particularly like this diagram which incorporates the basic steps of effective communication. Or as I like to say, if engagement is a prerequisite for true accountability, then communication (conversation) is the super-glue that holds it all together. DISCLAIMER: (1) The material on this site in no way represents the opinions, views, policies or anything else to do with my past, present or future employers or clients. Ineffective communication can always occur and lead to communication breakdown as both parties fail to deliver or process the received message.
The same study that showed only 37-17% of today’s global workforce (33% in US) is actively engaged, identified as the top driver for engagement being “clarity on the organization’s priorities”.

15Five is one of the few, if not the only, system I’ve seen that focused on effective communication (conversation) first, fostering organic engagement, and accountability as a consequence of the conversation. However, I will do my utmost to ensure that the core message will always be within the integrity of the example itself. Thus, allow more accurate assess on the information and avoid any reduction in productivity.Effective communication in workplace allows members to work together effectively without any worries about being shun do to their different background or hierarchy standing. Without constant sending and feedback in communication, the parties will not be able to understand and respond appropriately to the idea of the others and thus, cannot co-operate. The sender must be able to deliver their message to the receiver and the receiver must respond to the message in order to complete a cycle of communication.
Without good communication, there will be no teamwork in the workplace and there sure to be misunderstandings and conflict. This will not only halt the effectiveness of your communication but also make you less productive and co-operative.
We interact with other people every single day in order to co-operate with them and work towards a common goal.

Everyone have their own mother tongue language as well as their own interpretation of certain words and phrases. New members should be instructed clearly  to prevent any communication mishap or confusion.
Usually, people communicate easier when the subject of matter is something that both of them are familiar with. When you assume the wrong information, it is very likely that you will make wrong decisions and conclusion.

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