After one and a half year hard work for participants final module of AFC Professional Coaching Diploma the highest football coaching license ended on Thursday.
The participants in the course had already collected their AFC A licenses for more than 3 years as a pre-requisition of course participation. Ryde School is a private secondary school  located in the seaside town of Ryde, on the Isle of Wight. IFX players can choose to reside in the school’s residential boarding house at either their Bembridge or Spinnaker House, their new Upper Sixth Form boarding house in Ryde. IFX players can choose to live with a carefully selected host family for the duration of their program. Players may choose to study in the AFC Bournemouth BTEC Football Development Program as their educational track or choose a more traditional curriculum for their continued secondary high school education at Ryde School.
The Football Program is a comprehensive program covering a vast variety of sport and football related subjects. For students who are in their upper high school years and would like to stay on track towards graduating high school and eventually attending a University, Ryde School offers upper secondary education for students wishing to continue with their high school studies and traditional curriculum including courses such as Mathematics, Science, English, Literature, History, etc. For specifics on what classes are offered and further detail about the educational component of the IFX – AFC Bournemouth program, please contact us. If you're interested in becoming a coach for one of the world's best goalkeeper schools, we'd love to hear from you.

On the 23rd March 2013 Ipswich Eagles will be hosting the preseason lightning cup at Limestone Park.
The AGM will be held on Sunday the 2nd December at the Racehorse Tavern at 2.30pm in the Bistro Area. Jack Hartley has just recently turned 18 years of age, but just over a month ago at the Inaugural National U15’s Kickstart Championships, Jack was on the big stage, but not as a player but as an Indigenous Umpire. Jack has been playing football since the age of nine, and is currently a member of the Ipswich Senior football side. A serious knee injury has not stopped Chris "Fatty" Devlin from taking on the role of 2012 Reserves Coach. The course which was held for first time in Iran attracted a lot of attention in Iranian media. Taj speech on Thursday after participants were tested on theoretical and practical colaching knowledge for 6 days.
The school is recognized as a prestigious institution serving pupils both from throughout England as well as internationally.
The day will take place at Sandy Gallop Golf Course with registration at 6.30 and teeing off at 7am.
Jack has been umpiring football for the past 3 years continually improving and currently umpiring Open School boys and U16’s competitions.

Almost all top or future top Iranian coaches were included in the course names such as Iran former head coaches Amir Ghalenoei and Mohammad Mayeli Kohan, former Iran assistant trainers Afshin Peyrovani, Mohammad Ahmadzade and Human Afazeli, former B selection assistant Markar  Aghajanian, Iran Olympic assistant Amir Hossein Peyrovani, and ILP coaches or assistant coaches such as Hamid Estili, Naser Pourmehdi, Asghar Modir Roost and some other. The school aims to provide carefully structured and thorough education enabling pupils to achieve their academic and personal potential and to develop skills appropriate to the world of work and life in the twenty-first century.
The International Department carries out strict assessments and police checks to assure the suitability of the families and the welfare of the students, and provides 24 hour on call service. There were also two participants from Kuwait Mohammed Ibrahim Kuwait national team head coach and Mousa Ahmad one of Bahrain top coaches. Coaches are supposed to present their practical log books to coaches department where AFC will decide whether they are eligible to receive their Diploma after evaluating log books. Both families and students receive a profile on each other detailing any dietary medical requirements, as well as personal information to ensure a comfortable and well matched visit.

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