It may seem odd to some, but truly believe in the power of these mantras and daily affirmations.
So join me each morning in saying whatever it is that gets you motivated and pumped for the day! Another way that I use positive affirmations is to begin to expand my consciousness in connection with a certain goal. Beautiful and meaningful positive affirmations from Everyday Affirmations to inspire you every day.
I always think that if I was on a show like The Amazing Race and had to eat reindeer eyeballs I could just psyche myself out by repeating one of these mantras to myself. Sure they may be hokey and weird, but as long as I believe they will work they’ll work.

They are an excellent way to reprogram our subconscious mind and to focus its immense power on whatever life goals we want to achieve. These mantras, or daily affirmations, are a way to center ourselves and brush away thoughts that are limiting us. Then again, maybe that’s why Dory from Finding Nemo is my favorite character in that movie. It’s not always easy to remind myself of these, especially when my mind wants to wander to the dark side of the moon. They are a way to remind us that we are not what others say, especially when those are negative thoughts. After all, if you can’t get yourself to believe that you can do something, you won’t be able to, right?

As I become more comfortable with it, I naturally add more to it so that it more fully represents what I am trying to accomplish with my goal. When I think about this I’m always taken back to the Stuart Smalley daily affirmation skits from Saturday Night Live. Sure, they were meant to be a bit over the top, but a part of me connected with that need to reaffirm to myself that I was a pretty cool girl.

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