Affirmations are sometimes considered as “new age” psychobabble and in some circles the use of affirmations is criticized and even mocked. So, why do some people have phenomenal success using affirmations yet others can’t seem to realize any help from them?
But there are many people that ARE making changes, despite the pervasiveness of the bigger lack messages out there today. There are many tools we can utilize in our journey to a brighter and more fulfilling future.
The biggest neutralizer to the successful use of affirmation is the un-believability of your affirmation to your core belief system. Positive thinking and affirmations go hand in hand and work well together when you have the right affirmations in place. By working with affirmations regularly you create a positive mindset and you start to believe your affirmations. Most people don't get results because they fail to say the affirmations, don't say them enough, don't have affirmations that are well focused, are more negative than psitive and they're not really controlling their thoughts. By working with affirmations you eliminate the negative thoughts and you create new positive thoughts. To get results with affirmations they have to be positive, focused on what you want, in the right tense, easy to remember and you have to support them with regular positive thinking - so that you think about why you can succeed instead of why you can't.
Too may people use old affirmations from books or affirmations that are created by someone who doesn't know anything about affirmations. Your affirmations should always be in the present tense, they should be positive, they should usually be short and simple, and they should focus on what you want. When you follow these criteria you'll develop affirmations that are easy to remember, they'll work, and you'll develop positive thinking patterns that lead to even greater success. Here's an example: if you want to get a job then create an affirmation that helps you get a job. Now the important part: you have to work with the affirmations everyday, throughout the day as often as you can. The more often you say your affirmations, the more you support them with positive actions and positive thinking the sooner you'll begin to beileve them and the sooner you'll see changes in your life. I've put together a powerful Free email course that teaches you how to develop positive thinking so that you get more of what you want and less of what you don't watn. Plus when you sign up today, I'll also give you my introductory E-mail course, which gives you new tips and exercises everyday for 7-straight days. You just have to believe in yourself and get your Subconscious Mind and Inner Powers working for you. And you give them the right instructions by changing your thoughts and beliefs so that they match with what you want.
Affirmations are statements that you repeat over and over in attempt to change your unconscious beliefs. If you want to stop binge eating and find peace around food and your body, then YOU HAVE to read this book. Hypnosis and Guided Meditation DownloadsHypnosis and meditation can be a wonderful complement to any recovery program.
RecoverThis is a blog to promote the awareness of eating disorders and to receive some help and support for healing from binge eating and bulimia. Send me any questions you might have about eating disorders, recovery, therapy, binge eating or compulsive eating, body image issues, bulimia, or anything else that falls into that category. Here are 14 self-esteem affirmations you can use daily to help increase your self-confidence. You can post them as a list,  somewhere you’ll see often, and read them each time you see them. Remember, the more times during the day you repeat the affirmation, the quicker it is accepted in your mind. Lynn Pierce gives you tips and strategies to make your life after 50 an amazing adventure filled experience!
Lynn lives the life of her dreams, moving as she chooses from one beautiful resort area to another over more than 30+ years. DISCLAIMERAll articles on this site are for informational purposes only, and are educational in nature.
The Religion and Spirituality Working Group (RSWG) of Voices for a New Tomorrow is overjoyed to present "Ten Affirmations for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered (GLBT) Spirituality". There is a printable plain text copy of the affirmations here and a colorful graphic (suitable for framing) of the affirmations here or here. If your spiritual community, or a group within it, would like to join this list of endorsing communities, you can get information about how to endorse these affirmations by contacting the GLCC of Pittsburgh or PERSAD Inc.
You may also print out an endorsement form, but we first ask that you read the following letter. We worked through these and I was able to point out how this was literally causing her to be stuck between two competing beliefs.
But many people that try using affirmations later give up because they don’t feel they are helping. It may surprise many of the naysayers to learn that the use of affirmations has been around for centuries and their use is prevalent in most world cultures.

You have probably experienced the phenomena of a “trained brain” in a negative way by falling prey to your conditioned inner critic. And, why do we seem to so easily succumb to negative affirmations, yet feel so awkward and uncomfortable in using our positive affirmations? They are making these changes because there is still an innate higher wisdom in each one us and we are all provided with many opportunities in our life to listen to this “still small voice.” Once the door of new possibilities and potential opens to us, many people begin to feel renewed by the hope of breaking away from the “small” mindset of our conditioning.
Besides affirmations, you cannot discount the effectiveness of spending time in nature, meditation, prayer, journaling, exercise, artistic expression and appreciation, plus many more. Affirmations are more than mere “positive thinking”, although certainly persistent positive thoughts are always more helpful than negative, but to be powerful, you must have some oomph behind your affirmation.
In order to be very effective, your affirmation must have a sense of “truth” to it for you. If you say, “I see abundance in every part of my life”, then actually SEE abundance in every part of your life. If someone has to lose in order for you to gain, you need to re-think what you are really wanting and why.
I suggest at least two or three specifically defined times during the day you read over and recite each affirmation a couple of times.
When you're positive and you recite your affirmations frequently you're more likely to have success with your affirmations. Old affirmations are often phrased incorrectly because you simply don't speak that way anymore. This is important because positive affirmations lead to positive thinking which leads to greater success. You just have to give them the right instructions and theya€™ll bring you what you want and more. As long as I am good, kind, and hold myself with integrity, it doesn’t matter what other people think of me.
Just because someone looks perfect on the outside, doesn’t mean they have a perfect life.
If I spend too much time trying to be and look like someone else, I cease to pay attention to myself, my virtues, my path, and my journey. If people actively judge or insult me, it’s because they feel badly about themselves.
If I binge today, I can still love and accept myself, I don’t have to beat, berate and starve myself right afterwards, and I still have the very next moment to jump right back into recovery.
Restricting my food doesn’t make me a better person, being kind to myself and to others makes me a better person.
There is a guide inside of me who is wise and will always be there to help me on my journey. Body, if you can love me for who I am, I promise to love you for who you are– no one is responsible for changing anyone else. I will make peace with my body, it doesn’t do anything but keep me alive and all I do is insult it and hurt it.
If I let go of my obsession with food and my body weight, there is a whole world waiting for me to explore.
Beauty?… To me it is a word without sense because I do not know where its meaning comes from nor where it leads to.
It will give you step by step instructions and guidance on how to rewire your brain so that you can stop the cycle of binge eating.
Without a high level of self-esteem you won’t have the self-confidence to live an ageless lifestyle after 50.
They were a big hit and so many of the participants in that course found them useful, they asked if they could share them.
Whether it's having an ageless body, ageless mind, ageless spirit or lifestyle; leading to real conversations with you about all aspects of having an ageless lifestyle. Lynn specializes in helping those ready for a change to create the lifestyle that allows them to live the life of their dreams in a healthy and ageless way. Statements made here have not been evaluated by the FDA or any other medical or scientific authorities. Perhaps taking a look at affirmations in a new way, along with some powerful tips to rejuvenate your affirmation process might be helpful.
The inner critic is a rather unconscious but pervasive form of negative affirmation that habitually finds fault in many areas of our life (our looks, body image, success and failures, love life, etc.). They begin to wonder and contemplate – “Maybe I’m not (broken, stupid, sinful, ugly, unlovable)”.
The following tips should help in providing that extra juice to a powerfully effective affirmation tool. Affirming that you are wealthy, when clearly you are feeling acutely lacking, is only going to disappoint you and quite frankly might throw you into quite a depressed state when nothing ever comes from your affirmation process.
One I love and use often, especially when I am confronted with a difficult situation is, “I choose to respond with love”. Implement the use of triggers in your life to bring your affirmation to mind many times during your day. When they become a belief your subconscious mind picks up on them and creates the situations that reflect your affirmations.

And if you're struggling or not happy then you probably have more negative thoughts than positive. But if you say them only once a day you're not going to get results quickly and it will take a long, long time for you to believe them.
If you can find some of these positive body affirmations that resonate for you and really allow yourself to see them, hear them and feel them, you might find some shifts in the way you think about yourself and your body. I am going to take care of it to the best of my ability and get out of my head and into the world.
I will listen to the healthy voices that I do have, even if they are very quiet so that I can understand that I am fine. No one who feels good about themselves has the need to put someone down to elevate themselves- they have better things to do with their time. If I don’t feel grounded and whole, I can get there just by being still, breathing, listening to my intuition, and doing what I can to be kind to myself and others.
It’s important to build your awareness of how you feel about yourself, and these affirmations will help you. If you haven’t created your personal manifesto, which is the foundation document of your life and what you stand for, grab it here as my gift. Be sure to take time every day to write and speak loving affirmation about and to yourself.
Her desire to help others fall madly in love with themselves and their life lead her to create Loving Yourself University. After about a week or two, I started believing them and even felt a lightness about myself.
In all forms of repetitive phrases or words, whether you call it affirmation or prayer, the intention is to evoke a specific feeling and to help influence our thinking and the outcomes of our lives.
Throughout our lives we begin to repeat certain words or phrases about ourselves or our life conditions and ultimately these provide our frame of reference for how we see ourselves and portray ourselves to others.
In a world where lack, chaos, stress, dissension  and commercialism are promoted, it’s tough to overcome those messages to initiate powerful positive changes. Begin by choosing an affirmation that you can get your whole being behind, like “I am choosing a wealth mindset more and more every day.” Affirmations are supposed to stretch you to train your brain to your new chosen beliefs, but if they are too far apart from a long standing limitation that you are struggling with, you may want to focus on healing your limitation first. For instance, if your affirmation is about gaining a more serious or intimate relationship in your life, do not define a specific person; simply allow the affirmation to be fulfilled from the endless potential available to you. If you have negative thoughts then those thoughts would counter your affirmations and make your statements ineffective. I can choose to be good or bad and it has nothing to do with the amount of calories or carbohydrates I eat.
I made this little video so that I could get a boost of loving myself energy any time I need it and I used my new favorite loving myself song.
Our entire culture and society is based on the premise that there is always something missing from our lives. Being so specific not only limits you, but you may be arbitrarily taking something away from someone else without even knowing it. You can select powerful mantra type statements and plaster them all around your house and car, like “Breathe in peace, breathe out stress.” Your affirmation needs to be personally suitable to you, your life situations, and they should match the way you normally self-speak to yourself.
They're often too long and too far fetched so they give up on them and say they don't work.
After some digging it turns out she has some beliefs about what you must do to be successful in this company that aren’t congruent with who she truly is. Just watch television for a bit to see the persistent affirmations being recited to you: “You need a better this”, “You are missing out if you don’t have this”, “You’re sick” (or you will be soon). Affirmations that will ultimately benefit many people, like members of your family, your community, or your work friends are most powerful.
For instance, every time I turn on a light switch, I make an affirmation about being full of light and energy. Is it any wonder that if we can’t live up to the fabricated standards that our culture has chosen to put on a pedestal, (movie stars, multi-million dollar athletes, mega millionaires), that we begin to feel a sense of inadequacy or unworthiness. When I wash my hands I allow the water to run over my cupped hands and affirm the overflowing abundance of my resources. Don’t forget using sticky notes and place them everywhere, or make affirmation notations in your journal or your planner. Be creative with your triggers to help remind you to repeat, repeat, and repeat those powerful affirmations.
Even if you start from nothing, once you affirm a higher state of being, begin to live in that higher state of being. These small gestures of living in the state of being you are affirming is living “as if” it is already true, because honestly no matter what you wish to see realized in your life, there is always some of that already present in your life already. Don’t be afraid that by appreciating the lessor of what you really wish to see ultimately realized will be “settling”. It’s not – its opening the door to let more of “that” in by seeing it already present in your life.

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