The impact and success of the program to date has encouraged co-hosts African Leadership Academy and The MasterCard Foundation to extend their collaboration for a further 5 years.
They call it the #AnzishaEffect, and it is the power of stories about the very youngest entrepreneurs among us to encourage others to follow in their footsteps. Each year, 12 finalists win a two-week trip to South Africa for a learning experience of a lifetime at African Leadership Academy, and share over $75,000 USD in cash funding. Your business, invention or social project can be in any field or industry (science and technology, civil society, arts and culture, sports, etc.).
Groups or teams can apply (for example, maybe you have 2 or 3 co-founders who started your business or project together), however you must choose one person to apply for the prize, on behalf of the group. Semi-finalists will be chosen on a rolling admissions basis, so get your application in early!
In September, 12 entrepreneurial minds between the ages of 15-22 were flown to Johannesburg from across Africa to attend a week of business mentorship at the African Leadership Academy (ALA) in Johannesburg. This year the Anzisha Prize team stepped up their exposure in francophone Africa, which had been lagging behind English-speaking African countries in terms of entrants in previous years. There was a notable increase in applications from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), and entrants applying from Togo and Burundi for the first time. The application process was opened on 10 February with a flood of announcements on social platforms and relevant African media. Once the top 40 were finalised, the team started conducting telephonic interviews, followed by site visits to the candidates in their respective countries. The purpose of the Anzisha Week was to provide business mentorship for finalists who face many challenges growing their African ventures as young entrepreneurs. Two of the mentors were venture manager Koovi Moodley of the business incubator Awethu Project, and Segun Olagunju who heads the entrepreneurial leadership department at ALA.
The week also aimed to help prepare the finalists for their final presentation to a panel of five judges who would select the top three winners.
There was nervous energy on the day the finalists had to present their businesses to the judges and explain why they should be awarded the grand prize. This year’s award winners were judged by respected entrepreneurs Wendy Luhabe (South Africa), Khanyi Dhlomo (South Africa), Willy Mukiny Yav (DRC), Wanjiru Waithaka (Kenya) and Mohamed Nanabhay (South Africa).
The awards evening was a glamorous occasion held at The Focus Rooms in Sunninghill, Johannesburg.
After keynote speaker Divine Ndhlukula, founder and managing director of Securico in Zimbabwe, shared her entrepreneurial tips, each finalist was awarded an Anzisha statuette.
Twenty-two year old Nteff Alain, founder of the giftedMom project in Cameroon, was announced the Grand Prize winner of US$25,000. Gabriel Kombassere (17) of Cote d’Ivoire won third place and $12,500 for his organisation Ribla Neda, a farming association seeking to reduce starvation in his region by feeding the organisation’s members. Eighteen-year-old Kenyan Tom Osborn received a special $10,000 energy prize award from Donors Circle for Africa, for his eco-fuel venture, Greenchar. The Anzisha Prize was first launched in 2011, and the 2014 finalists will join a community of Anzisha fellows from previous years. This three prong approach also contains custom adaptations based on the African environment and the latest technological advances available in the business world. Scholarship information: the oprah winfrey scholarship for african women was setup to expand the opportunities for african women. Latest news students win scholarships at national association of black accountants fete april 22, 2016. Are you a girl in grade 7 or grade 9 who is looking for an exciting new opportunity to broaden your horizons and opportunities?
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We strive to provide a nurturing educational environment for academically gifted girls who come from disadvantaged backgrounds.
Our educational programmes are designed for girls in Grades 8 to 12 who have demonstrated academic talent and leadership potential.
Each student has an individual advisor who is particularly concerned with, and aware of, her growth and progress in all aspects of school life. With its unique location, the peaceful campus provides a nurturing educational and residential environment. Our approach is to integrate the Academic and Leadership curriculums so that students experience the school day as a balanced journey of personal development.We promote pedagogical practices that provide students with an education that is critical and not assimilative. The theme of leadership and leadership development is integrated throughout the Academy in both its academic and social activities.
The Arts and Culture Department provides an after-school co-curriculum programme which focuses on creativity, opportunity and development.
During her visit with Nelson Mandela in December 2000, Oprah Winfrey pledged to build a world-class school for girls in South Africa.
The students who are invited to attend the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls have shown thatA  theyA  have the ability to excel, and to move beyond challenging circumstances.
Through exemplary service to their communities, they have demonstrated their potential to effect positive and enduring change. Every child has a right to an education, but to attend the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls will be a privilege. European Center for Peace and Development (ECPD) University for Peace Established by the United Nations - BREAKING NEWS 07. The distinguished member of the Council of the European Center for Peace and Development United Nations University for Peace, Seychelles founding President James Mancham has just been presented with the Peace Award by the United Religious Initiative (URI-Africa) which he will receive at the ceremony The presentation reception is going to be organized in his honour at the Intercontinental Hotel in Nairobi on 12 April 2016 at 6 p.m. The Anzisha Prize will be a feature of the entrepreneur landscape in Africa until 2020, and aggressively expand its activities to not only encourage young entrepreneurs, but strengthen and celebrate the ecosystem of organisations that develop young African entrepreneurial talent in this age group. Africa needs strong, innovative entrepreneurial young leaders to create jobs, solve problems and drive our economies. At a Gala Dinner, the grand prize winner is announced and receives $25,000 with which to grow their business. The Anzisha Prize is one of the most accessible and inclusive pan-African opportunities for youth from any background. The Anzisha Prize is not for great ideas or business plans – you must have already started, and be able to prove it! They are this year’s Anzisha’s fellows, handpicked by a select team of judges and industry experts after months of searching the continent for the brightest young innovators. No fewer than 339 applications were received from 32 African countries after running social media campaigns and working with various youth entrepreneurship organisations on the continent. For the first time applications were accepted in French, as well as English and Arabic, to better cater for the different languages spoken across the continent. Of the 12 finalists, a third were from francophone countries, with the first and third grand prize winners coming from Cameroon and Cote d’Ivoire respectively. Despite fewer than a third of all applications coming from women, the standard was strong with five making the cut and 21-year-old South African Thato Kgatlhanye winning the second place prize.
Two months later when entries had closed, a dedicated Anzisha team, along with some outside specialists, started considering submissions, rating them on a number of criteria such as relevance and social impact.
After weeks of deliberation and late nights of assessing candidates, the 12 were selected, contacted, and travel plans arranged to bring them together at the Anzisha Week in September. Also in attendance was 2013 finalist David Morfaw, who had not been able to attend the week the previous year. They conducted seminars around the nitty-gritty aspects of running a business (such as financial and strategic planning) to defining a social purpose and developing entrepreneurial skills (such as pitching to investors).
And after the presentations were intently listened to, they retired to a boardroom to spend time carefully debating the merits of each before coming to a decision of who the winners should be. All finalists had their own booth to showcase their ventures and allow guests and media to meet with them and ask questions.

His social venture, an e-content platform for pregnant women and newborn mothers in underserved areas, aims to help safe pregnancies and combat the lack of access to knowledge that has led to high mother and infant deaths in Cameroon. Her venture, Repurpose Schoolbags, designs schoolbags from up-cycled plastic shopping bags that are integrated with solar technology which charges up during the day, transforming into light for learners to study after dark in underprivileged areas. The project produces smokeless coal briquettes and distributes clean cook-stoves throughout Kenya. This is a life-long membership where the fellows will have access to Anzisha’s network of mentors, advisors and investors that extend across the continent. By virtue of their unique education, this generation will lead the enduring transformation of their communities and country. We equip students with the intellectual and social skills necessary to assume positions of leadership in South Africa and abroad. All full-time teachers are advisors, and some part-time teachers and administrators choose to serve as advisors. Spanning 21 hectares (52 acres), the Academya€™s 28 buildings are carefully designed to maintain the architectural integrity of the surrounding community. Twenty-one state-of-the-art classrooms and six labs - including art, science, computer and design technology - are located along the Street of Learning. By offering various classes and workshops in the creative realm, we allow students to experience hands-on learning outside the confines of the classroom. The Academy will grow by one Grade each year until it reaches full capacity in 2011, with approximately 380 students in Grades 7 through 12. Winfrey, the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy Foundation contributed more than US$40 million toward the Academy's creation. The Academy will nurture this potential, and raise the next generation ofA  transformative South African leaders.
I refer the girls who attend, as well as those who aspire to attend the Academy, to the words of Dr. It is a place where young girls will have the opportunity to improve the quality of life for their sisters, and forA  generations to come.
The Anzisha Prize is a growing social impact program entirely focused on accelerating the entry of millions of young Africans into viable and exciting entrepreneurship opportunities within high growth economic sectors. From 2015, Anzisha Fellows will be actively supported through the recently launched Youth Entrepreneur Support Unit (YES-U), based at African Leadership Academy, which is a collaboration with leading business incubators on the continent. Application forms and information are available in English, French, Portuguese and Arabic, and the Anzisha Prize Tour team will visit key hubs and engage local media in every region. The team also enlisted the assistance of past Anzisha fellows to interview prospective semi-finalists for the first time. The prize-giving was broadcast live online so families of finalists and those unable to attend could watch. Mentorship, consulting services, community gatherings and travel opportunities will now define the fellow experience as they grow their business ventures.
There are also over 25 country partner organisations who are available to assist applicants in countries where the tour does not reach. Winfrey to break ground on the site of the Academy - located in Henley on Klip in Gauteng province.
The Foundation is a Section 21A company registered in South Africa, as well as an Illinois not-for-profit corporation and a US 501(c)(3). New programs will be announced soon that focus on and invest into other areas of the youth entrepreneur value chain.

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