Other lawsuits had been filed against school boards in Alabama, but this suit became the umbrella suit through which more than 100 school districts in Alabama would be ordered to integrate and report to the U.S.
The case docket for this seminal and groundbreaking lawsuit has never been published until now. On March 31, 1970 (page 103 of the PDF), the oversight for many of the school districts was transferred to the Northern District. Over the next few months, all of the individual school districts were transferred out of being recorded in this docket. By August of 1970, this docket no longer reflected activity in the individual school districts, but did record activity in the trade and junior college arena, as well as activity related to the Alabama High School Athletic Association.
Orders directed at the State Department of Education also continued to be reflected in this docket.

It starts with the transfer of the individual school districts to the Northern District from the Middle District. At the point where this docket ends, each school district was given its own docket, and a few districts were assigned to each federal judge for monitoring and oversight.
The amount of activity in these cases reveals just how difficult and how resistant the power structure in Alabama was to integrating our public schools. This work by Alabama School Connection is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
The ASC is a nonprofit news organization and exists only to keep the public informed of issues as they relate to the K-12 education system in Alabama.
Macon, Tuskegee High SchoolAnthony and Henry Lee were among fourteen black students who filed a lawsuit against the Macon County Board of Education in 1963 after being denied admission to the all-white Tuskegee High School.

This docket, though it spans 41 pages, covers only a two-year period, from April 15, 1970, through August 9, 1973. In the event you feel an error has been made, please contact us immediately at the e-mail link below. The ASC does not maintain offices nor a working telephone number dedicated for the organization.

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