Our Adult Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology Fellowship Program participates in the SF Match process, under the sponsorship of the Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists. Twelve one-year fellowship positions are available each year in our ACGME Accredited Fellowship. In addition to expertise in clinical skills, the Fellowship goal is to provide learning and experience in, and Fellow contribution to, the science of cardiovascular and pulmonary biology. Fellowship teaching opportunities include experience in resident education and participation in didactic sessions and other clinical teaching. As primary anesthesiologists of adult cardiac and thoracic surgical patients, the Fellow’s initial responsibility and experience is in preoperative assessment and intraoperative and postoperative management. Evaluations by faculty, and 360° feedback by peers, surgeons, OR and ICU nurses, perfusionists, OR technicians, and program coordinator are conducted every 3 months per ACGME recommendations, in addition to regular meetings with the Fellowship Director.
His clinical experience includes work at a level II trauma center, office-based anesthesia, anesthesia in a free-standing same day surgery center, and anesthesia in a rural setting. In addition to his classroom responsibilities Professor Holzemer maintains a clinical presence in Avera McKennan and Yankton Sacred Heart Hospitals. Barry began hospital employment as an anesthesia technician while in nursing school as he obtained his BS in Nursing from South Dakota State in 1993. While in Rapid City he was first a staff CRNA and then moved to Assistant Director and later to Director of the Anesthesia Department. An Anesthesia resident interviews a patient (standardized patient) having Post-dural puncture headache in the emergency department, and subsequently performs an epidural blood patch procedure on a lumbar puncture partial task trainer.
When more than one type of simulators are used in simulation, then it is called hybrid simulation.
At the CSBL, the simulation team works closely with the Standardized Patient Program to assemble hybrid simulation scenarios.
Second-year research or clinical fellowship opportunities are available; programs are individualized to meet the goals of successful applicants. Attendance at some or all of the seminars offered by the Duke Clinical Research Institute leading to a Master’s Degree of Health Sciences in Clinical Research can be arranged.
The Fellowship is designed to develop clinical, consultant, and in-depth research expertise. The program emphasizes the importance of Fellow presentation of original research at meetings by sponsoring travel expenses.

Krogh earned her nursing degree from South Dakota State University and her Master of Science in Nurse Anesthesia from St. Krogh has been active with the certification and recertification of nurse anesthetists through her work with the National Board of Certification and Recertification of Nurse Anesthetists (NBCRNA) since 2003. The majority of his time was spent at the level II trauma center while providing anesthesia coverage at the other areas. Alfred Lupien teaches courses in anesthesia technology, professional issues, and research methods.
Lupien is a member of the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation's Scientific Evaluation Committee and he serves on the Editorial Advisory Board for the Journal of PeriAnesthesia Nursing.
Oakes graduated with her Master of Science in Nurse Anesthesia from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia.
Duties include: site visits to all clinical sites at least yearly, assigning primary placement of students and secondary enrichment rotations as well as general student support and advocacy in the clinical settings.
He then worked as a RN in the ICU and on the flight team for five years before returning to anesthesia school at Mount Marty College and graduating in 1999 with his MS degree. The common one is to combine one manikin with one standardized patient (patient actor), in order to increase the realism of simulated scenarios and add additional challenges for learners. Three letters of reference are required with your application; you may use the optional standardized recommendation letter (see below) when applying for our fellowship.
Generally, clinical experience is the focus of the first fellowship year, along with involvement in clinical research.
She currently lives in Sioux Falls, SD and is the Program Director of the Mount Marty College Nurse Anesthesia Program. Through this association, she has chaired two Task Forces charged with the development of innovative items for the National Certification Examination and development of a Non-Surgical Pain Specialty Certification program, served as an item writer and chair of committees, and held various leadership roles on the NBCRNA Board of Directors, including President from 2010-2012.
He has been in an anesthesia care team setting the majority of the time but functioned with considerable autonomy. He completed both his undergraduate nursing and nurse anesthesia education at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington DC.
He has been inducted into the American Academy of Nursing, designated as a Visionary Leader by the University of Alabama School of Nursing, and recognized by the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists as the 2013 Program Director of the Year. She instructs skills necessary for anesthesia management including airway management skills, regional anesthesia, spinals, epidurals, ultrasound, central lines and other vascular access.

Professor Holzemer earned his Bachelor's Degree in Nursing at SDSU, his Master's Degree in Nurse Anesthesia from Mount Marty College and is currently enrolled in a DNP program at St. Eventually Barry became the Administrative Director of Perioperative Services in Rapid City and stayed in that role until the move to Mount Marty in 2015. The standardized patient may portray a family member or anyone else associated with the patient (manikin).  Depending on the educational objectives, the simulated family member can be sad, anxious, angry, etc. She earned her PhD in Nursing from South Dakota State University, where her research focused on the psychometric impact of adding alternative item types to the National Certification Examination for Nurse Anesthetists.
Luke's Hospital School of Nurse Anesthesia (1975 to 1977), his Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from Moorhead State University in 1985, Master of Science in Nursing from University of North Dakota in 1989, and Research Doctorate (PhD in Nursing) from the University of Nebraska in 2007. He earned a master's degree from the University of Alabama in Birmingham, and received a PhD in educational psychology from the University of Hawaii.
She also coordinates and runs Mount Marty College's high fidelity human patient simulator in courses such as Anesthesia Crisis Resource Management (ACRM).
Prior to moving to Sioux Falls in 2011, Mary Anne was the Associate Director of the Minneapolis School of Anesthesia and a staff CRNA at North Memorial Medical Center.
Krogh is serving as Chair of the Non-Surgical Pain Management Committee and is active in helping to formulate a professional practice analysis for a new recertification program for nurse anesthetists.
A retired active duty Army Major, Lupien's military assignments included various facilities throughout the United States and Europe as well as a combat deployment in Grenada, West Indies.
Her dissertation work arose from the development of the innovative items for the certifying examination. His more than 30-year anesthesia career includes experiences as a clinician, simulation consultant, educator, and program director. Oakes also instructs didactically in courses of anesthesia principles and advanced pathophysiology.

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