Established in 2007 we are the first and only court accepted program to offer live video group sessions. Those Judges that are familiar with us know how our classes work and the participation level required to complete them,  that is why we are able to provide our programs in 99% of the cities on those lists below. Register Here for Anger Management Courses Enrollments have no additional registration fees. Court Ordered Classes is a registered member of Mental Health America (MHA) as an organization. Court Ordered Classes is an agency member of the California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals (CCAAPP).
Our New Anger Management Webinar is a perfect match for those who want to take the class from the comfort of their home. If you miss a class you will be able to catch up by listening to the recorded lesson saved on our archives. How many times do you lose control over your emotions and act in a way, which you will regret later on?
You may be inclined to start an argument by saying or doing something you don't mean, and regret later.
Anger management classes will help you understand your inner process, the emotional triggers that lead to angry reactions, and teach you coping skills to more effectively deal with stressful circumstances. Adult Anger Management Classes - Where adults will learn how to manage stress, anger, improve communication and gain emotional intelligence skills (these classes can be self-referred or court mandated). Adolescent Anger Management Classes - Classes specially designed for teens and delivered according to their age. Executive Coaching - For those who want privacy and individual attention with an exclusive schedule, we offer Executive Coaching.
New Anger Management Teleclass - You can attend classes over the phone from the comfort of your home. In a moment of despair and anxiety over a failing marriage of 40 years I found Cristina on the web and contacted her concerning anger management.
We are the only program to offer court programs for domestic violence, anger management, batterers intervention, deferred entry of judgment, criminal behavior modification, drug and alcohol awareness, theft prevention classes, shoplifting, juvenile betterment, divorce and parenting classes and assessments all online from the comfort of home and with no registration fees.
Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington Washington D.C. Satisfy your Batterers Intervention Program court order using our advanced, self paced professional, Probation Approved Duluth Method program. Court Ordered Classes, member of (IACFP) International Association for Correctional Forensic Psychology. Court Ordered Classes is a member of Alcohol and Other Drug Education and Prevention Professionals. Shoplifting, anti-theft, and theft awareness court orders can all be satisfied with these Theft Prevention Courses. Working with Juvenile Courts accross the nation, these classes allow children between the ages of 13-18 to learn tools to better themselves. New Delhi, Brad Pitt was so weary of Angelina Jolie throwing knives at him, whenever she's angry, that he bought anger management classes for her.
Pitt, who was terrified that Jolie's knife throwing could get out of control, hopes that the gift will help her calm down and enable her to control her temper, reports the China Daily.
Is ANGER destroying your life?Anger Solutions Atlanta has one of the few Georgia Certified Anger Management programs that has been designed specifically to help individuals recognize and manage anger and stress. Is STRESS making it hard to focus?We help you to learn important coping skills and understand the techniques necessary to handle anger, stress and other emotions and feelings.
Our programs will help you to develop enhanced skills and listening techniques and gain a better understanding of how “everybody” is affected by the way we communicate.

Eliminate your ANGER & STRESS today!Our Atlanta Georgia based Anger Management Classes are designed to help you to regain control of your life by helping you to understand the cause of your anger, stress, and emotional triggers. So, regardless of if you live in the city or out in the suburbs, if you are Caucasian, Latino or African-American, if you are Jewish or Mormon, if you are Straight or Gay, your culture and your surroundings have affected you. We facilitate the Anderson & Anderson curriculum of communication, anger management, stress management, and emotional intelligence.
Court Referrals, Employees, Managers, Probation, Students, Corporate Training Workshops, and Self-referrals. An individual’s dedication and participation to Anger Solutions Atlanta’s curriculum will ensure that they recognize their role of individual responsibility in changing their “maladaptive” behaviors. While anger management courses are not typically very expensive, finding truly free courses can be a challenge. Some no-cost anger management courses are offered as introductory tools designed to give you a peek at a longer program, such as the free introduction provided by Dr. Fight for Kids, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping kids through helping parents, offers a no-cost online anger management course. While anyone can take the complete class at no cost, there is a fee to receive official certification. There may be no-cost courses in your local area, but you might need to do some digging in order to locate them. Each state has an agency tasked with maintaining the best interests of its youngest residents. Local National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) chapters in communities throughout the U.S. Local Exchange Club chapters are another possible resource for locating anger management courses in your community. The resources listed here can provide a starting point for looking for free anger management training. That is the same reason that the judges, officers or social workers that have reviewed us do not consider our Anger Management Program as on-line classes but as classroom classes. We will meet for 10 consecutive weeks online, and as in our regular classes, you will learn skills to reduce stress and manage anger productively.
How many times do you promise yourself you will no longer lose control over a very stressful situation? This is a powerful training that will improve your stress management, anger management, communication and emotional intelligence skills.
By learning anger management strategies, employees and managers can improve their communication skills and gain emotional intelligence, reducing the overall level of stress in the workplace.
These classes are only for self-referred adults who want to learn how to improve stress management, anger management, communication and emotional intelligence skills. These programs are an excellent method for team building, improving relationships, and increasing interpersonal skills.
We will help you learn how to deal with each of them in a positive way creating life transforming changes that you can be proud of! Culture influences your views, your values, your humor, your hopes, your loyalties, and your worries and fears.
By understanding your cultural influences we will understand how to better control the anger and stress created by our environment. There are a few free courses available online, and you may also be able to locate no-cost options in your community. There are a few complete online anger management classes that you can take for free, but there are costs associated with receiving certification.
The course is structured in an online classroom format that provides for interaction with trained facilitators, class discussion and a final exam.

The child welfare agency in your state may offer anger management workshops near where you live, or be aware of other organizations that make this type of training available at no cost. Chapters often provide a variety of community-based mental health services at no cost, including support groups, classes and other services. As with NAMI, chapter activities and offerings vary, but all of the activities concentrate on the organization's three focus areas of family, community and country.
Even if you can't find no-cost in-person local training options, the two full online courses listed here are a good starting point.
Be sure to seek help from a licensed professional who can recommend the best course of action in your specific situation. The instructor will be lecturing through her webcam, but it is up to you whether you want to use a webcam, a microphone, or just use our instant message system. Anger management classes will teach you skills that will help you become aware of your emotions, and will help you navigate difficult and stressful situations in a peaceful way. They will learn to develop and maintain relationships as well as to manage their emotional intelligence and communication skills, which are very important in building a foundation for their future.
Learning how to communicate our needs to our partners will help us to change patterns of passive, aggressive, and passive-aggressive communication into an assertive communication, which will lead to a more stable and rewarding relationship. We are currently in our 9th year with now over 2,200 clients who have successfully completed and satisfied their court orders through our program.
Our Counselors have proven to be the best nationwide at determining the level of treatment you may or may not need. Our program has proved to be the best nationwide at making you partners in raising and parenting your children for the rest of your lives. One of our goals may be to identify cultural influences which negatively impact your life and remove them.
Whether you're looking for training for yourself or for a friend or family member, that there are at least a few helpful options that you can try without having to spend any money.
You can complete the first part of the course for free, but you'll need to register for the full-ten week version, which costs just under $70, in order to complete the course. If you're seeking training for your own personal development, a certificate it isn't essential. The curriculum includes a variety of topics, starting with basic concepts and covering recognizing cues and trigger, developing anger control plans, conflict management skills and much more.
For example, The Exchange Club chapter in Mobile, Alabama operates the Family Center, which provides a wide variety of free courses beneficial to parents, including anger management.
Often it is difficult to attend court ordered anger management classes due to travel distances, busy schedules, and most other life commitments.
However, if you are seeking this type of training to satisfy a court or employer requirement, the certificate is something that you will need to purchase. Even if your local NAMI chapter doesn't offer this specific course, the organization's Board of Directors may be able to suggest other resources. Our Anger Management Courses are all in a Classroom Environment from the comfort of your home.
We provide, Domestic Violence, Anger Management, Batterers Intervention, Deferred Entry of Judgment (DEJ), Diversion, Drug and Alcohol Awareness, Theft Prevention, Shoplifting, Criminal Behavior Modification Classes, Juvenile Betterment Program, Divorce, High-Conflict Divorce, Parenting, Co-Parenting and High-Conflict Parenting Classes all in a Classroom Environment from the comfort of your home.

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