Apex: What is the main obstacle most struggle with trying to start a new Diet & Training routine? Treat meals: sushi with mayonnaise on top (like swimming in it), a special butternut squash concoction with cranberries and olive oil they make at wholefood, roasted macadamia nuts, or 2 lbs of grilled fatty salmon! Health long term: to gain as much muscle as I can now so I have lots to maintain as I get older! Pauline: Standing db presses with forced reps (push press) on the end, deadlifts and deadlifts. Apex: Do you feel it’s possible for any woman to achieve a physique like a “figure athlete” without actually lifting heavy weights? Dave was such a big help throughout my competition prep, he is extremely knowledgeable and educated in his field of expertise. I did quite a bit of searching for an online personal trainer that was credible as well as reason able in price to help guide me through my first physique competition prep. Client Transformation: Joe Whipkey I started off with no idea what to do, and decided to give Apex a try. I started working with Dave at Apex Contest Prep initially to help me peak for my last few show and photo shoots. When I started 6-7 months ago I had absolutely no clue what it really takes to transform your body. Dear Apex Contest Prep Inquiries, Before working with Apex, I felt like an average Joe in the very gym I owned! I’m a repeat client of Dave Bohr and I want to say that since I’ve been working with him he has really brought me up to the next level! I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my 4 years of weight training like many people do, and each time I have learned and improved upon my mistakes.

I’ve always been an athlete and an advocate of fitness but it seemed like no matter what I read in magazines or what supplements I took I was still out of reach of my goals. I could go on for days about how Dave is as an online personal trainer, but he goes the extra mile.
When you meet a man with Dave’s physique, almost anybody even slightly interested in personal fitness is going to want to ask questions, and ask I did. It was without a doubt that my few training sessions with Dave were extremely beneficial to my workout routine.
I would recommend Dave for competition prep or even if you are just looking for a healthy way to reach your ultimate fitness and health goals! I finally landed on Dave Bohr’s website and instantly knew this guy and his organized problem was for me.
I couldn’t seem to get it on track to burn off the fat, was really nervous about cutting out too much food for fear of losing muscle. I used to spend my time surfing the internet for everything I could know about losing weight, bodybuilding, supplements, and nutrition. I decided one summer I wanted to have a bodybuilding show physique and setup a photo shoot with a professional photographer to motivate me to achieve my goals. One decision though that I have never looked back on was hiring Dave Bohr as a trainer and consultant.
With my own knowledge of weight training and supplementing i was never able to make it over 150lbs.
I have tried implementing every diet I could find in my favorite bodybuilding magazines, Internet, even using some diet plans of the pros today.
He trained me in person at my college gym, and knew every single piece of equipment that was available and how to properly use them.

I also launched my fitness solution Live Life Lean which is built around a workout and diet app. I was on the birth control pill for a decade while I built my physique, competed in the IFBB figure pro circuit AND there was no problem for me to gain muscle. He got me excited about my goals and continued to motivate me throughout the time I was working with him. Getting the right diet for your goals is crucial; in addition, the right training routines as well! When i started training with Dave i was 135lbs and very concerned about my physical appearance.
Dave is by far the most influential, intelligent, out-going, all around good guy I’ve ever met. The common elbow pain, glute pain, lower back pain, etc = been there done that but worked it out by diligent prehab work, massage, trigger point therapy on my self and better training technique.
On a personal level I moved from Los Angeles to Miami Beach, stayed 9 months and just got back to California again.
Broken shoulder strap, every zipper is broke, every pocket is torn and I can basically put my fist through the entire bag.
The thing is women seem to rely more on growth hormone for muscle building rather than testosterone. I have to say this is one of the few things I can think of where I’m actually pleased about the fact that I wore this thing into the ground!

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